In Flight

over Uzbekistan

Desert below

Ripples of ridges, beige, brown, endless…

like an ancient lake bed.

The death bed of an ocean.

Mountains to the south-west!

Then again lakes, like teardrop shaped pock marks in the beige brown matrix.

Swallowed up by the vapour stream of jet exhaust

Flying into the setting sun – flying with it – hour for hour…

Delhi, Lahore, Peshawar, Samarkand, high desert

Turbulence, clouds and haze…

The plane turns, just a little…

It changes the view into a permanent rainbow!

Water vapour and jet fuel in the evening sun:)


Then a mighty river! The Amu Darya!

Roads, then a large town: Nukus.

The mighty snaking River is being swallowed by the rainbow.

Then the plane turns again, just a tiny fraction of a degree….

Sandy brown scragggggly mountains,

ridges rippling into the distance

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ somewhat like this…..

Falling into the Caspian Sea

Blue stretches below

the plane bows down, Russian air space demands it.

From 12.500 m to 11277m

from 800km/h ground speed down to 778km/h

Grosnjy, here we come!

Mother Russia is coy!

Hiding beneath a blanket of clouds.

Up here – turbulences dipped in sunset gold!

Gold dripping into grey

then into darkness

just wing tip lights blinking

distance to London: 4000km >> distance to Delhi: 2742km

Time for dinner and a movie…….