Loooook into the Flame!

Flame open eye meditation/ trance:

Back in our ritual room, were instructed to sit still in front of our small flame, fed by sesame oil,

– to look into the flame.

– Un-blinking

– Focus!

The very air surrounding us and moving the flame is the air our Ancestors were breathing. There is no other.

– Focus!

– NO blinking,

– Even when tears start to flow……

I have no idea, if tears started to flow.

At some point the flickering light became the central fire in the large Clan Tzartan of my Ancestors……

.On the wide open Reindeer pastures of North Western Tuva……

stood at the fire.

I stood on my braids, which were sooooo long, they reached the floor.

Through them I was rooted to the land of my Ancestors.

One of the female Elders, Moon Child’s Auntie, was drumming right behind me.

There was a pot of Reindeer stew hanging on the wooden tripod over the flames. I was offered a plate and Es’ lahi fed me with a horn spoon…..

Tears of joy and happiness flowed down my cheeks!

I was HOME!

I was SOOOOO happy!

Then at the same time there was movement in the ritual room – and singing drifting in and out of the vision… Bhola and the group….

In and out…

I was at 2 places at the same time……


What is your Credo?

What is your Credo?

This morning I took a step back and thought:
” Why am I doing this?

What is “in it “ for me?”
Of course, it is FUN!!!!
I loooove to do this….
It is – like teaching, just doing it together with friends. And then it “clicked” in my Bird brain:

It is my credo, that I am following, when I am doing this!
And: My credo is still “right on”.
That however I find very important!
See, I also have this journal, for small daily entries of what is going on and “every day life” that my husband and me fill out every day.
> The Sacred journey – Daily journal for your Soul< ,
In the front of it however it asks the user to write:
My Credo:
My Heart calling:
My path of service:
Building my Circle:
My Giveaway to others and myself:
along with
Goals for the coming year specified in to
-Spiritual, relationships, finances, health, personal growth, creative expressions, travel and play and several other headings….

But it all starts with your credo as the foundation , the basis upon which your life stands….
For the last 11 years my credo has not changed and it is good to feel it freshly affirmed.
My Credo has 3 parts:

I am a part of the Universe and the Universe is a part of me.
We are all part of this living Universe.
Everything is alive!
Everything has a story…..

I am standing beneath a Teaching Tree
who’s vast branches stretch towards the Light
I can not see the outer parts of these branches,
because the Tree is forever growing.
So am I.

My life fulfilling truth
is a philosophy,
for which many others have no frame of reference.
By walking my path
I can change that.

…………………………… ……………………………………….
What is your credo?