Everyone in one Box

That is exactly how it felt, when I opened the “Wild Unknown” and flipped through the first few cards of this, my newest Tarot deck. My whole family in in there! My Spiritual family that is.

OK: First up, the Fool, the Chick – obviously me!

Chicken!” It pieped 😉

Well, at least this deck solved the everlasting conundrum of who was first – the Chicken or the Egg!


The very next image confronted me head on with Ee’ren Omsür. The proverbial shaman trickster Spirit of my Ancestor Clans. I have written about Ee’ren Omsür here:

“Spirit of Snow” about Snow Leopards in our Clan


..and you will agree, he makes a great Magician 🙂

Having not seen many cards beforehand, my jaw dropped, when next I was confronted with – my Great Grandmother Ulali – or, to be more precise, her personal Guardian, the Tigress:

Tigers have since the times of old been the powerful Spirit Protectors of the ancestral homeland of my Ada – now called Tuva and the circular Tiger is its main emblem still today. Tiger

In many journeys I have been confronted face on with the Powerful Tigress into which Ulaly at times turns to teach me a hard lesson. Many of these lessons have been about having to overcome paralysing fear and terror and force me into action.

What however I find so very auspicious with the depiction of the High Priestess Tigress in the Wild Unknown is the fact, that she also much reminds me of my other Gran – Eliza, who worked as a Tarot and Crystal Ball reader with several travelling circuses of her time. Also being the one, who was in charge of the health of the Animals the circus featured, she had to deal with sick Tigers, Horses, Brown Bears and Lions and there are stories of her having to pull an abscessed tooth of one of the Tigresses, that was so sick, she refused to nurse her small cubs…..( The story involved ice and copious amounts of hot rum and a large pair of pliers….)

Now here, on the image, the Roman No ll is situated above the head of the Tigress – indicating – for me – both of my Granys…..

Dare I go on to the Empress and the Emperor?

Trees both! What a relief!

The Empress reminds me of the Maple and the here and now: The Maples outside my house in their fiery red Autumn dress and also the fact, that the Maple to the Haudenosaunee is the “leader of the Trees”, providing the sweet Maple syrup in Spring

The Emperor, an enormous Pine, Stands right outside my house, rising 38meters above theNorth West corner, its mighty trunk just 4 inches away from our roof line. I live in its protection, sleep beneath its branches.

The People of the Longhous see the mighty Pine as their Tree of Peace: It was beneath a Pine like this, that the warring chiefs buried all their weapons and covered the hole with a huge rock. It is this pine and the tradition of the Peace it stands for, that the Rohanis, the chiefs, protect with their lives and that is their sacred emblem:

Longhouse emblem

An Eagle alights in the uppermost branches of the Tree of Peace, reminding everyone of the sacred intention of the Creator Spirit, while all the Clan Guardians surround it.

Well, E’eren Karakoruk, the “Black caller” sits on my Pine Tree,outside and here we have the Hierophant of the Wild Unknown. Not only is he in charge of the proper conduct during ordinary daily life, he protects the hearth Fire and also tells/ teaches the legends. He also is the one who knows almost everything that happens in the Middle World and is very good at finding lost things and has “the goods” on anyone that broke a taboo and so drew an illness to him/ herself or loved ones….

To the shaman he is an indispensable informant.

Karakoruk and the Horses

But back to the Lovers – here depicted by 2 Canada Geese. Their Creator – given duty is, to remind us, to never loose our way home, not on the roads of daily life, nor on the roads of Spirit = keeping us from getting lost – in more than one way.

 The next card is all about movement, speed, action and confidence:

The Chariot with the galloping Horse: I see the personification of “Windhorse Energy” Life Energy or Höümoorhüh, as we would call it.

And when I draw the 4 of Cups I can well see, what it looks like, when Windhorse Energy is lacking. When I look at this Horse, I am also reminded of a gray Horse. In Buriatia, Tuva and Mongolia gray Horses are the preferred ones for a ritual sacrifice….. 😦

Well, I could go on and on here; from card to card…..

…Mother Earth the Turtle appears  as the Hermit. Hermit

The 7 of Swords – the Fox, Ee’ren Dilgi the spy…. sooooo reminds me of Ada, my father…..Dilgi

Read world lore about Fox here:





I will now give a quick look at the Court cards, who present themselves as Animal families:

The Pentacle courts are shown as Deer.

I just recently wrote about Deer – here:


the Deer Family

The Cups are all Swans – and for a person from Siberia all the lore and legends of the Swan Maidens, Daughters of Umai Ee’ne flood into my mind…

The Swan Court

The Wand Court is represented by Snakes, bringing us the Power of the imagination and a person’s creativity to transform adversity and grow out of limitations as well as the venom, that may be a part of the cure.

The Snake court

Last is the suit of Swords,who’s Courts feature 4 different Owls. Combining wisdom and vision into other realms with needle sharp talons for executing change, they are a personal favourite of mine.

Read here, why:


Owls for my Heart


Oh yes, in case you wondered; I painted the cards 🙂

Paper Paper everywhere:

Seasons Greetings

Well, it is X-Mas 🙂

all over the world and in the more affluent West under most all the Trees (that took 5 to 15 years to grow and will so soon be tossed out 😦 ) there are mountains – or at least a few – parcels.

All of them lovingly – or hecticly packed in cheerful colorful wrapping paper. And X- Mas eve – or morning all these papers will be eagerly ripped off to reveal the treasure below.

Do you remember WHY we wrap presents?

Not to hide them from view or to enhance a surprise… It was, in the beginning, to keep a precious item save on a journey undertaken in the old days on Horse back or carriage or on a boat, or just across the fields in inclement weather.

The wrapping also distinguished the fact, that the present was something special – a special gift and not just an ordinary item we would bring, in order to share. Presents were personal acknowledgments pointing to special relationships. And the wrapping then also became an expression of that.

The wrapping expressed the love and care one took with the gift. It was “wrapped in LOVE”

And so the wrapping, representing this love, was treated with the same care and respect as the present itself. The wrapping was kept in a save place to be re-used – again and again and in each turn it was seen to accumulate more and more love from all the people who so lovingly used it to wrap a gift.

In some families – like my husbands, there are still wrapping papers and silks like that, from his grandmother, paper with cute little Penguins and Bears from the time when he was an infant. They are creased and a little crumbly, sometimes get ironed out carefully, but they get used again and again and have Cris-crossed the globe many times: From the island of Sylt to Canada, from Canada to India, from India to Kampala in Uganda, from Uganda back to Sylt and from there to Canada or Berlin or Hamburg or to Skopie……. Did I mention that his family lives “all over”?

So, how about the paper YOUR presents are wrapped in?

Do they represent the love of generations?

Or does your family do the modern thing and uses the green alternative = beautiful fabric drawstring bags of printed cotton, brocade, velvet, silk, or the many that are knitted from re-used wool, or created from grandma’s old apron or grandpa’s first school trousers?

Or is it all cheap pseudo paper = meaning plastic foil?

Will it all be ripped of and tossed aside in a matter of minutes?

Or will this post inspire you to revive an old tradition by creating a new tradition in your circle of loved ones?

Blessings to you and all your gifts!

A Totem is a Clan Guardian, NOT a personal Spirit guide!!!!

I try my very best to teach people the important differences of a

Clan Guardian or Totem Animal and a personal Spirit Guide.

Here I will try to explain:

The Guardian of you family Clan is your Clan Totem:

If you are a person from a traditional =indigenous culture, in all likelihood you and all your family members have a Clan Guardian, a spiritual entity independent of your personal Guardians and Guides.

If your family is patrilineal all kids have dad’s Clan, mom however has a different Clan.

All the different Clans have a long history, certain rites, maybe ceremonies and also certain responsibilities towards the other Clans in the web of the tribal community. As a member of the Clan these responsibilities are your’s as well.

You can not marry a person from the same Clan as your own = dad’s Clan. In some tribes, you can not marry a person of your mother’s Clan either.

That taboo also goes for a person from a Clan that is of a different people but has the same Clan Totem = Animal or Plant Guardian.

For example: I am a member of the Wolf Clan of our Siberian tribe. BUT ALL members of all Wolf Clans everywhere are my family members and so I could not marry another member of the Wolf Clan of the Haudenosaunee or any other Wolf Clan anywhere on Mother Earth.

The Haudenosaunee Clan system is matrilineal but still!!!!

From my maternal Grandmother and her female ancestors I am an Usari = Bear Clan so I sit with the Bear Clan people of the Longhouse, because they are matrilineal.

Bear is their Totem = another word in Algonquin language for Clan Guardian.

BUT iffff then a none First Nation person comes and tells anyone of us about their Wolf – or Bear or Mouse Totem – or whatever they feel their “Totem” is or has appeared to them, we all get offended. It is NOT their Totem, unless they are Wolf -or Mouse Clan!

It is maybe their – or your personal Guide or Guardian Animal –

But for them – or you to use the word Totem is wrong and insensitive. For some people it is even quite insulting. People using the word totem indiscriminately are becoming “bad weather” right then and there!!!