Feather Work:

This post is just a couple of pictures about what is now happening to my feathers:

Here is the latest crop of Feather Earrings:

DSCN4449 (800 x 993)

Normally I make some quite involved Prayer Feathers like these:

But for these I just wanted to keep it simple. They just have to find someone who loves and uses them.

The Large one is from “Vulture Woman”

Then there is a Raven. Of course it is dressed in white Deer leather, because of the Siberian story, that in the Beginning the Raven was white….

Have I told that legend?

The Owl feathers and the Hawk are some of the ones I brought back – see last post….



We are in the midst of the Market and Craft Show season and we both are trying to keep up with making Jewellery for our booth and of course I am having some of my Shaman Art there as well. 

Here are 2 Rattles .

They are painted rawhide and Deer leather  and of course some feathers:DSCN4459


Pecke’s Feathers:

A few weeks ago we lost one of our 2 resident Hairy Woodpeckers. I wrote about it here:


Today I kept my promise and made the first pairs of earrings from his feathers.

Here they are:

Hairy Woodpeckers have mostly spotted flight and tail feathers. Just one pair of tail feathers are different: the ones the Bird uses as “struts” to balance and stabilize his body while he is pecking into tree trunks. The tiny red feathers are from the back of his head.











.I still miss him 😦

A friend of mine has a very special spiritual connection to Woodpeckers.

She will receive one of these pairs.