026 himalaya

Kathmandu airport is – rickety…. Bumpy gravelly access pothole affair for a main road and parking, but it works like any modern airport does. It had been raining for days and there had been no flights to the other villages and towns, because of no visibility. – and that during the Dashain festival, when everyone has to go home to their families to receive Blessings from the parents…..
there also were no sight seeing flights to the mountains….
BUT: Today the weather was perfect and EVERYONE wanted to fly!
Us too. And soon we were sitting, 40 passengers in a small Yeti airline prop plane and off into the blue sky to see the magnificent Himalayas lined up north of Kathmandu.
Everest was dressed up in a wispy thin pinkish cloud, like a coy girl.
I can only put a few of our pictures. It is too majestic to describe!


045 himalaya

067 mt. everest