A Fossil for me!

I always tell my my patients, they have to exercise, move their bodies regularly, so once a day I have to follow my own advice and “go, move!”

When early this afternoon it stopped raining and the Sun came out, Peter and I donned our Mosquito jackets, grabbed camera gear and went off, on a little outing down”Wolf Poooop Trail” a narrow gravel track aptly named for…. Yes, you guessed it 🙂

Within a short while we had all kinds of interesting fellow Beings to admire.

For Peter this time of year it is all about spotting and photographing Dragonflies Damselflies and Butterflies – apart from -of course snapping pictures of all kinds of other noteworthy things. Bee in Margarite

So I was the spotter: ”Look, there, on that Flower! A small Bee!

” Peter comes running and – Bee gone… 😦

“Come quick, here, a small Boreal Bluet (Damselfly)”

….. that would not sit still either….

But the next one did.


Oh, Peter, loooook, a Calico Pennant (Skimmer Dragonfly)!!

Calico Pennant female

” Snap/ klick! “Great!” 🙂

Oh loooook over there up on the dead Tree!!!”

A Grackle!

And not to forget the intermittent squeaky calls of a young Raptor:

young kestrel

“Mom!! Dad! I am hungry!!! I am heeeere!! Feed me!!”

Yes indeed, there he was, up on another dead Tree directly above us:

A Young Kestrel.

As we arrived at the Beaver pond all was awash in fresh green. How beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

!! Flump!!”

A loud sound told us, that the Beaver was not really all too happy about our arrival and showed his displeasure with a loud slap of his tail. All we got to see from him was a steadily widening circle of ripples in the otherwise still Water.

For a while we sat down and enjoyed the scenery. Then Peter wanted to turn back. I could not.

Something “called” me to go on, further along the trail to the beginning of the rather steep hill. “Something” was there, for me.

On other walks here alone and with my students we had found quite some treasures in this area. The road bed was stabilized with rather large gravel that was  intermixed with quite a few pieces of greyish shale-like rock. The odd one of these contained small fossils.:)

Remembering that, I quickened my step and arriving at the incline of the track way stretched out my left hand. No, it was not here, it was further on.

No, not in this shady part either, only bloodsucking bugs here, waiting for me. A little further, yes, here, this one. I picked it up. A regular booring rock.

BUT, on the other side, a perfect little fossil of a shell – just for me. 🙂

It was the very first rock, I picked up.

I tried a few others… and a few more further along – nothing.

I KNEW there was nothing more to find right now, because the subtle Energy I had felt was now coming from my own pocket. rock with fossil 2

Time to turn around and go home.