Following the Dots

The thing with Earth magnetic fields:

In trance, as well as in dreams, when I “become” Owl or Wolf, I very often see flirrrrry wavering wavy lines, flowing in front of me. Several times I described them as “tram lines” going of into the distance, where I am supposed to follow….

Spirit pathway

Now on a radio program about the latest scientific discoveries, there was a fascinating segment about Foxes:

Scientists found out, that Foxes always jump after their prey in a straight

North alignment with Earth magnetic fields.


Foxes can see/ sense the lines of the Earth magnetic field and they make out their prey as a blurry spot / deviance in the lines….

It helps them to locate something they hear beneath grass or snow but can not visually see as we do.

Scientists say, that Foxes, Dogs and Wolves can see earth Magnetic lines, but not see in colour.

I think that is wrong. They see more and different colours than we can make out. Their vision is set up differently then ours. I think most Animal’s is.

I can see colour when I am Wolf. However the colours are different!

More like the picture of the Australian Aborigine dot art I post here, most often in shades of blue  (Wolf) and yellow (Owl) but other times also in more shades of colours.

Wolf walk

This makes this a painting from the Wolf’s point of view!


Earth magnetic fields: According to scientists, Robins can see them with their right eye but with their left they are supposedly seeing regular stuffff “- like objects in their environment ???

…like how we would see them..

But not only Robins; Owls too!

In trance I can see the Spirit Lines my Owl Guardian follows. I also can “see”, where a Mouse ran and the track-lines of other Animals, Humans – where they have been and also follow them backward to where a specific incident happened or where they have been and lost something- like a house-key…..

So how are these lines related to the Earth magnetic lines?

stream of light

Most humans can not sense the Earth magnetic fields, but others are very sensitive to ley lines and other Energy lines.

This reminds me about the dousing course I did with a strange guy called Barry Fell….and him saying, that crossing the Energy lines are dangerous….

Then how come we evolved with and among them?

That does not make sense to me. Ifff they were in any way harmful to humans and we do need crystals or copper rods or whatever to divert them away from our home/ property, we just simply would not be here, living together with the Animals, who use them daily.

On to the net I go, to find out more:

Animals including birds and turtles can detect the Earth’s magnetic field, and use the field to navigate during migration. Cows and wild deer tend to align their bodies north-south while relaxing, but not when the animals are under high voltage power lines, leading researchers to believe magnetism is responsible.

Migratory birds may use two electromagnetic tools to find their destinations: one that is entirely innate and another that relies on experience. A young bird on its first migration flies in the correct direction according to the Earth’s magnetic field, but does not know how far the journey will be. It does this through a radical pair mechanism whereby chemical reactions in special photo pigments sensitive to long wavelengths are affected by the field ( The chain of reactions is initiated by a blue light photon,) Note, that although this only works during daylight hours, it does not use the position of the sun in any way. At this stage the bird is similar to a boy scout with a compass but no map, until it grows accustomed to the journey and can put its other facilities to use. With experience they learn various landmarks and this “mapping” is done by magnetites in the trigeminal system, which tell the bird how strong the field is. Because birds migrate between northern and southern regions, the magnetic field strengths at different latitudes let it interpret the radical pair mechanism more accurately and let it know when it has reached its destination. More recent research has found a neural connection between the eye and “Cluster N”, the part of the fore-brain that is active during migration orientation, suggesting that birds may actually be able to see the magnetic field of the earth.

Everyone in one Box

That is exactly how it felt, when I opened the “Wild Unknown” and flipped through the first few cards of this, my newest Tarot deck. My whole family in in there! My Spiritual family that is.

OK: First up, the Fool, the Chick – obviously me!

Chicken!” It pieped 😉

Well, at least this deck solved the everlasting conundrum of who was first – the Chicken or the Egg!


The very next image confronted me head on with Ee’ren Omsür. The proverbial shaman trickster Spirit of my Ancestor Clans. I have written about Ee’ren Omsür here:

“Spirit of Snow” about Snow Leopards in our Clan

..and you will agree, he makes a great Magician 🙂

Having not seen many cards beforehand, my jaw dropped, when next I was confronted with – my Great Grandmother Ulali – or, to be more precise, her personal Guardian, the Tigress:

Tigers have since the times of old been the powerful Spirit Protectors of the ancestral homeland of my Ada – now called Tuva and the circular Tiger is its main emblem still today. Tiger

In many journeys I have been confronted face on with the Powerful Tigress into which Ulaly at times turns to teach me a hard lesson. Many of these lessons have been about having to overcome paralysing fear and terror and force me into action.

What however I find so very auspicious with the depiction of the High Priestess Tigress in the Wild Unknown is the fact, that she also much reminds me of my other Gran – Eliza, who worked as a Tarot and Crystal Ball reader with several travelling circuses of her time. Also being the one, who was in charge of the health of the Animals the circus featured, she had to deal with sick Tigers, Horses, Brown Bears and Lions and there are stories of her having to pull an abscessed tooth of one of the Tigresses, that was so sick, she refused to nurse her small cubs…..( The story involved ice and copious amounts of hot rum and a large pair of pliers….)

Now here, on the image, the Roman No ll is situated above the head of the Tigress – indicating – for me – both of my Granys…..

Dare I go on to the Empress and the Emperor?

Trees both! What a relief!

The Empress reminds me of the Maple and the here and now: The Maples outside my house in their fiery red Autumn dress and also the fact, that the Maple to the Haudenosaunee is the “leader of the Trees”, providing the sweet Maple syrup in Spring

The Emperor, an enormous Pine, Stands right outside my house, rising 38meters above theNorth West corner, its mighty trunk just 4 inches away from our roof line. I live in its protection, sleep beneath its branches.

The People of the Longhous see the mighty Pine as their Tree of Peace: It was beneath a Pine like this, that the warring chiefs buried all their weapons and covered the hole with a huge rock. It is this pine and the tradition of the Peace it stands for, that the Rohanis, the chiefs, protect with their lives and that is their sacred emblem:

Longhouse emblem

An Eagle alights in the uppermost branches of the Tree of Peace, reminding everyone of the sacred intention of the Creator Spirit, while all the Clan Guardians surround it.

Well, E’eren Karakoruk, the “Black caller” sits on my Pine Tree,outside and here we have the Hierophant of the Wild Unknown. Not only is he in charge of the proper conduct during ordinary daily life, he protects the hearth Fire and also tells/ teaches the legends. He also is the one who knows almost everything that happens in the Middle World and is very good at finding lost things and has “the goods” on anyone that broke a taboo and so drew an illness to him/ herself or loved ones….

To the shaman he is an indispensable informant.

Karakoruk and the Horses

But back to the Lovers – here depicted by 2 Canada Geese. Their Creator – given duty is, to remind us, to never loose our way home, not on the roads of daily life, nor on the roads of Spirit = keeping us from getting lost – in more than one way.

 The next card is all about movement, speed, action and confidence:

The Chariot with the galloping Horse: I see the personification of “Windhorse Energy” Life Energy or Höümoorhüh, as we would call it.

And when I draw the 4 of Cups I can well see, what it looks like, when Windhorse Energy is lacking. When I look at this Horse, I am also reminded of a gray Horse. In Buriatia, Tuva and Mongolia gray Horses are the preferred ones for a ritual sacrifice….. 😦

Well, I could go on and on here; from card to card…..

…Mother Earth the Turtle appears  as the Hermit. Hermit

The 7 of Swords – the Fox, Ee’ren Dilgi the spy…. sooooo reminds me of Ada, my father…..Dilgi

Read world lore about Fox here:




I will now give a quick look at the Court cards, who present themselves as Animal families:

The Pentacle courts are shown as Deer.

I just recently wrote about Deer – here:

the Deer Family

The Cups are all Swans – and for a person from Siberia all the lore and legends of the Swan Maidens, Daughters of Umai Ee’ne flood into my mind…

The Swan Court

The Wand Court is represented by Snakes, bringing us the Power of the imagination and a person’s creativity to transform adversity and grow out of limitations as well as the venom, that may be a part of the cure.

The Snake court

Last is the suit of Swords,who’s Courts feature 4 different Owls. Combining wisdom and vision into other realms with needle sharp talons for executing change, they are a personal favourite of mine.

Read here, why:

Owls for my Heart


Oh yes, in case you wondered; I painted the cards 🙂

Strange encounter on the road

WHAT are YOU guys doing HERE???

Yesterday early evening I was on my way into town for our weekly drum circle.

We live quite a ways out in “the bush” on a narrow winding country road.

It is Bear and Moose and Wolf country out here.

It was a few years back, that we began to see wild Turkeys by the road again. They were reintroduced by the MNR = Ministry of Natural Resources as a species that used to be indigenous to Southern Ontario. Now however, with us having warmer climates with milder winters they- and many other species of Wildlife moved north and in recent years we have seen a proliferation of Wild Turkeys, but also rather exotic migrants like Opossums – not to speak about all the new arrivals in the Snake and Insect department….

So here I was, tufffffing down the windy road, hopping in and our of potholes when just over the next bump in the road I see a large Bird standing in the middle of the “pavement” and 2 more appeared out of the bush.

Wild Turkeys” I thought .

Well, strange thing, they have on their head – strange plumage too: Blue white and gray….

One more dip in the road and I would be right upon them.

Turkeys usually run- or fly of and one has to be careful, that they do not fly into the windshield.

Wuump – over the next bump I come and RIGHT before me the road is blocked. 2 Huuuuuuge Birds, caleidoscopic colored tail feathers spread wide, are blocking the road of, side to side. And not only that, they shake these wide rusteling colorful feather wheels at me as if to scare the car away.

Well, the car is not scarred , but me!?????????

I have hit the break and come to a full stop.

Car-wise and mind-wise too.

These are NO Turkeys!!!!!!!!

These are Peakocks!!!!!!!!!

WHAT are they doing here???????

This is Ontario! – Or did I miss a turn somewhere??

They are not budging either and now I recognize the 3 other Birds I first saw from a distance as Peahens, with the little crown of feathers on their heads. They are of to the side in the bushes.

I wish I had a camera. Nobody will believe that.

I honk the horn. The first Bird folds his feathers and struts of, the other one follows.

Where are they going?


Oh yes, what is the Fox thinking about this?

I will probably see him tomorrow, when he comes to see me for a consultation to find out ifff he has hallucinations….. 😉

The Fox and me

need therapy:

There’s something really strange we see:

It’s colorful and big and and loud

and shakes his bum feathers around.

We both wonder, can we cope?

Do we need pills, did we eat dope?

Should we ignore it’s strutting gate ?

– or but it on our dinner plate?

Fox Medicine

This is the first post, that came into being because of a request from a reader!

Thank you, for allowing me to introduce you to the Fox:

For my people in Siberia the Fox is “Dilgi” the “Golden Tailed One! Dilgi = or Ee’ren Dilgiczek  is a Spirit of the East, of the sunrise, when Yölle just comes over the horizon. Dilgi is ever vigilant and ever playful. He however will alarm the Kham – the shaman, my great grandma, when there is danger lurking in the near future. See, we have the notion, that all unknown and all dangerous spirits reside in the East, in the future, just waiting for us to make a silly mistake and so give them a chance to come out and cause trouble. Most of these spirits are just nasty, they make you loose your sheep shear – or  in the more modern world of today – your car keys…. these tricksters are called Albys…. Dilgi warns us when one is coming out of hiding. there are other “not sooooo nice spirits in the East, but I may talk about them later. When we lay out an ULUG Chorum, a Medicine Circle, Dilgi – among others is honored with a place in the East.

In German speaking Europe Fox has a fable name: Reineke – or in French Renard.

He is sly, secretive  and may steal your chickens….

Here is a huuuuge wiki page about him -in German 😦

In the ancient city of Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey and 500 miles away from Istanbul which was inhabited about 12 000 years ago Fox was one of their main guardians. He protected against Mice, and rats, who carried diseases an ate the first corn the people grew.They had reliefs of foxes at the entrances to town.

Here is Fox lore and legends from around the world.

The Persistence and Gentleness of the Fox
Just as the badger was seen to represent what could be called a diminutive expression of the bear principle, the fox resembled the larger Wolf. The Fox was considered to be persistent, yet was gentler and less aggressive than the Wolf. This is undoubtedly the reason the Wolf Society was predominantly a war society, while the Kit Fox Society (Takala) was one of the Akicita or policing societies whose duties centered less on warfare and more on camp life and hunting activities.
According to Standing Bear:
The Fox had knowledge of underground things hidden from human eyes, and this he shared with the dreamer, telling him of roots and herbs that were healing and curing; then he shared his powers of swiftness and cleverness as well as gentleness.
In this gentleness, there was strength and courage, as indicated by one of the songs of the Fox Society: “1 am a Fox. I am supposed to die. If there is anything difficult, if there is anything dangerous, that is mine to do.

A Miwok tale credits the Silver Fox and Coyote with the creation of the universe. In the time of mists, in the time before time began, there was nothing but water and a single Fox. Feeling lonely, the Fox began to sing:

‘I want to meet someone.’ Coyote appeared. The two walked together, and Fox suggested that they create the world. Coyote asked, ‘How?’

‘We shall sing it into being,’ Fox said, and she thought of a lump of clay. It materialized in her hands. She threw it to the ground, and Coyote and Fox sang the mountains, the valleys, rivers and lakes. They danced until the Earth grew around them, and that is how the world began.

Further East, Fox was linked with warriors. Typical policing societies of the Plains included the Kit Fox Society of the Lakota, the Dog soldiers of the Cheyenne, and the Fox Society of the Crow. The members of the latter group strove amongst themselves to strike the first blow against the enemy. The leaders carried a staff which, when they dismounted, they planted and refused to move from that spot, even when other members of the tribe retreated.

Fox shares many characteristics with ferret, in its ability to move unseen and its cunning. Other common attributes include: camouflage, swiftness, shapeshifting, invisibility – all important abilities for the warrior.

The Inuit recognized the ‘magic’ of Foxes and feared them. After a kill, the Fox was hamstrung so that the spirit could not re-animate the body, for if it were to walk again it might take revenge on the hunter.

The Kit Fox was revered all across the Plains. It remains an important animal to this day. In 1800, the Kit Fox Society was one of the great warrior societies of Oglala Sioux. They were also used as internal ‘police’ or marshals of the camp. Therefore, they were guardians of the tribe.

The members of the Kit Fox Society painted their bodies, faces and arms yellow. If the leader was to be handling sacred things, such as during the Sun Dance, his hands would be painted red. A yellow fox skin suspended from the right hand was a badge of membership. An Eagle feather attached to the fur was the mark of a leader. Red bird plumes and a war club indicated readiness for battle.

The warriors, or Foxes, were stake-holders whose duty it was to defend the helpless unto death in case the village was attacked. It was after the death of four of these warrior-foxes, all stake-holders and sons of the chief, that their grieving father sought a vision. He was told of two children who needed him. He sought and found these two abandoned children, a boy and a girl, and raised them as his own. Before his death, he held a feast and told his people that if one’s heart was good towards another, they should become as one family. Thus, one of the seven important rites, the Hunka (adoption) ceremony of the Lakota, was born from the sacrifice made by Kit Fox warriors.
A person did not ask to join the Kit Fox Society, but was nominated and then invited to join. The ceremony was complex. Once a member, it was believed that the man could not lie. If later the warrior was wounded, it was thought that he must have done something wrong or broken his vows. Otherwise, he would have remained invincible. .
And the women of the Oglala also have a Kit Fox Society. For man or woman, Kit Fox imparts the laudable qualities of constancy, courage and integrity. These women are stern defenders of their families. As an animal, Kit Fox is a good parent; therefore, women who are endowed with Kit Fox medicine are conscientious mothers.

Medicine and Powers:
Cunning, dexterity, speed, agility, invisibility subtlety, wisdom, trickery and guile; (depending on tribe and species): protection, family, maternal instinct, camouflage, healing, invisible presence.

The Hopi used Fox furs for healing and in shamans’ robes. The healing action took place by the holy man placing the fur on the affected part and drawing the sickness away.

Many Native American tribes wore a Fox skin or held ceremonies to invoke its power. It was believed that, worn on the head, the skin imparted fox’s intelligence to the individual. Meanwhile the tail of the fox often graced the medicine man’s spirit poles (the Plains’ equivalent to northwestern totem poles, or the Celtic wand or wizard’s staff).
Fox teaches subtlety and imparts the ability to run like the wind.
These are warrior traits. Fox is decisive and sure-footed in the physical world. It is swiftness of thought in the intellectual.
World mythology:
GODDESSES Innari, KuzunoHa Oapan)
GODS Enki (Sumerian), Indari Oapan)

Fox was one of the primary gods for the Inca. The Inca of Peru were a fatalistic people who worshiped the stars. They named the constellations we know as Pleiades after the Fox. This constellation marked the eastern sky at the place where the sun rose during the winter solstice. Fox was one of the first characters in their creation myth. Like many major cultures, the Inca had a flood story; in it, fox clung to the top of the mountain with the rest of the animals. The poor creature was jostled from his perch and almost fell into the water. Only his tail touched the water; that is why the Fox’s tail is black. This legend reflects an actual event in the night sky, dating back to AD 200 when the Pleiades dipped below the horizon. This astronomical phenomenon heralded a civil war within the Inca culture which lasted some 800 years.

Fox was sacred to the Celts, who held a ritual hunt. The Fox’s pelt contained great magic. The animal represented cunning, but without many of the negative associations later linked with it. Fox was regarded to be the master of diplomacy and wise council. Therefore, Fox could be invoked as advisor.
The Fox was equated with the devil during the Middle Ages. In bestiaries of the period it was said that Fox catches Birds by playing dead. This wily creature allegedly smeared its body with red Earth, lay on the ground and held its breath. When Birds lighted upon Fox – presumably for a quick snack – they were killed. In the allegories and parables of christian tradition, the predator is always the devil and his prey the human sinner. Under the title Vulpis, Greimas wrote: Those who want to practice his works, they need to be fattened with his [Satan’s] meats which are: adulteries, fornications, idolatries, poisonings, murders, theft, lies and such like.
Fox carried his reputation for cunning through to Victorian times.
Heraldry said that the Fox was full of wiles and subtlety. It represented those who have done signal service to their prince and country in embassies, where there is more use for wit and dexterity than strength or vallour.
Besides possibly Wolf and Swan, no other animal is so often comemmorated in folk tales, almost always in the same context, as the elemental trickster, as one who can persuade even a mother Bird to release its chicks to Fox’s less-than-tender ministrations. Occasionally Fox appears as hero of the tale, but this is rare.
The Welsh have held on to some of the Celtic views of Fox. They believe that to see a lone Fox is good luck, but a pack bodes bad fortune.
Fox was associated with the Sumerian god, Enki, but seems to have been missed by the Egyptians altogether, although some authorities have wondered whether the god Anubis, rather than a Jackal, was a Fox; others think he might have represented Dog.
Fox can move unseen; it often remains hidden in the background, observing what’s around it. Thus, it teaches that knowledge is best gained by not calling attention to oneself. Fox represents camouflage and invisibility. Several authors recommend that if a person wishes to remain unseen in a crowded room, he or she should invoke Fox.
Fox is much more adaptable than the larger Wolf. So, fox represents integration – of thought and behavior, of the emotional and physical realms. Fox blends the medicine of Cat and Dog. Solitary like Cat, supple like cat, but very much a canine creature.
Fox Medicine is also ‘women’s Medicine’. It is the protector of the family unit. Fox is always concerned with the safety of its fellows. Different elements of Fox yield different results. Fox can be warrior energy, like Wolf; it is stealth, like Ferret. In some Native American cultures there’s a Fox society that is exclusively for women, and one specifically for men. Therefore, Fox bridges the gap between male and female energies, providing mutual understanding.
If secrets are about, call Fox. It allows an individual to counter subterfuge with subterfuge. Fox Medicine can be used for either the frontal attack or for strategic retreat into the background.
Sometimes, Fox appears as a warning of trickery.
Fox Medicine brings the gift to move from place to place with ease and without being noticed. It aids one in developing independence of thought and confidence. Fox can be summoned when it is time to break out of social conditioning. It facilitates the recovery of authority.
The Kit Fox had none of the negative associations of the Red Fox. It is intelligent, but not identified with trickery or guile. If Red Fox spoke with a forked tongue, then Kit Fox spoke straight and true. Kit Fox imparts stealth, but this was good Medicine to have . Kit Fox Medicine is not exclusively a man’s domain, at least not now, for the women of the Oglala also have a Kit Fox Society. For man or woman, Kit Fox imparts the laudable qualities of constancy, courage and integrity. These women are stern defenders of their families. As an animal, Kit Fox is a good parent; therefore, women who are endowed with Kit Fox Medicine are conscientious mothers.