Water Flier

Water Flier:
6 of Cups
That is supposed to be the angel Uriel – love of god. Why -for the love of god – does he have these hideous claws?
I have to admit, through the Angels and Wings discussions here on the blog and at AT I have learned a lot! About the view others have of angels, of their origin and how come they are depicted the way they are. It also reminded me to take note of a well known warning sign I know in me: When I do take certain things literally,  what I see – on angels and crosses and a few other things……
I do not do that normally with other images!
I have to be especially aware, when I feel that certain gut aversion.
I have in the past discovered, that I did that to distance myself from these subjects. Like in “They do not work, so they are christian nonsense” and then dismiss the whole notion of people believing in angels…
Avoidance tactics – that is what it is called in psychology terms.
Avoidance tactics create and then re-enforce blinders and blind spots.
I have to do my very best to clear them up and out wherever I find them, to keep my practice and my visions clear and clean in order to be of service to others.

Well, back to the 6 of cups:
Because, with just the image as such I am quite OK.
Only the book tells me, that this is another angel….
If I would see a Spirit in trance, that looks just like this one on the card, I would not for a second question, that he can fly through water with these huuuuge wings. I would not question his lobster claw hands. I however would want to keep this Spirit away from my clients – less he pinches them….:(
But- on the other side: Could he pinch out of them the kind of deep seated dysfunctional stuff that holds them down? (I need pinching there, to re-examine and update my fixed ideas about angels 😉
I neeeed to do that because shedding light into these dark corners of my smaller self and dust it out on a regular basis, keeps me from mixing up “my stuff” from the needs fears and miss-conceptions of my patients and clients. It keeps my vision as clear and current as possible lets me see with fresh eyes and prevents me from becoming rigid and habitual.

I am putting the Hanged Man card next to the Water Spirit Flier

One dives deep into the subconscious and lets the loooong hair hang down even further to allow all the unconscious hang-up stuff rise up and be re-examined. Is this seeker is a gender-less person? Or is it a middle-aged women – like me?
She anchored in the vines of the Tree of Life – with that I do not mean the Kabbalah tree but the shamanic Tree of my ancestral teachings. The hands of this person are not hands anymore. There are fiery red dots in them. Are they at this moment transforming into the lobster claws of Water Flier?
After being suspended in the murky unconscious for a while, boiled in the bubbles of wisdom – eventually one has to come up again.
Up for air.
Up into tangible reality.
Up where in this middle world people are waiting to be touched by bubbles of wisdom, healing hands and feathers that encourage Spirit flight.
Uriel / Water flier was transformed down there,
even his/her sex – maybe….
Now it is time to come up and work with what gifts
s/he brought back.

Hung up

Minchiate Fiorentine:

Card XII

The Traitor or, as we later will get to know it: The Hanged Man

In the 15th and 16th century, Traitors were hanged upside down onto a Tree.

For a time, so they could be hazed by the passers by?

Pelted with stones, manure and rotten eggs, peed at and taunted….

Or sometimes they were to hang there until death – or the wrath of the public finished them. Often they were decked out with symbolic objects that told of the traitorous act committed. Here the Minchi- Traitor is holding up 2 bags: One yellow – probably coins. One blue, maybe a stand -in for truth? Or is that purely my personal interpretation of the color blue?

I had to deal with a traitor quite recently: The pagan community here is quite small and everyone knows everyone else – and often also their problems and vices. Sadly there is also at least one person, who on more than one occasion, has used this knowledge and – instead of keeping it to herself, could not resist to become the bearer of a juicy gossip story. 😦

I forgive her. She is lonely,at home, does not work, has limited contact, but a huuuuge circle of acquaintances. To “talk” and also to tattle tale puts her into the center of attention, into the limelight – for the shortest of moments. An addictive process for some people..

But this eventually hurts someone… and then again…..

Breaking trust, because whoever gossssips about others will also gosssssip about you…..

I had to make a decision: Simply stay away from that person.

This incidentally is in good keeping with the fundamental ethics of the Haudenosaunee Longhouse, of which I am a member: Do ignore and stay away from idle talk.

What this card is talking to me about today:

All the “gold of the moment” is not worth loosing the trust of a friend.