Hawk: Soar forever

Coopers in flight

We do not know, why it happened 😦

But there he was, on the road to Huntsville, a magnificent Cooper’s Hawk

He must have lived a looooong good life, but by the shape his feet – and his talons were in – and the fact, that he was kind of emaciated and had little breast fat – he was an older Hawk.

Maybe the harsh breezes caught him off guard.

Maybe he was just tiered…

We will never know…

We took him home.

I sang and drummed for him. There is a special “spiralling drum rhythm”

It sends the spirit home….

I drummed, until I “saw him rise up and out” and of into the trees behind the house….

Then it was OK, to make use of his feathers – to the very BEST of my ability.

Feathers are carefully sorted and cleaned. Putting them into the freezer for a few days will take care of anything still living on or in them.

Wings have to be spread out, to dry, the bone needs to be cleaned up and sealed up.

Talons also need to be cleaned up, then carefully spread out and pinned onto a sturdy board – then left in a save insect free place for several month.

Then, on a New Moon, it is time to start the work

Set the wing into a sturdy piece of wood and then dress it up with accompanying feathers, fur and beads to create a smudging fan or dance fan.

For one of them I used white Fox fur, for the other Wolf fur:

with white Fox furwith Wolf fur

Ad some bone carvings and a few “tail feathers” from other birds and then it is time to smudge and invocate them.












For a Spirit invocation ceremony check this post: