Hello world!

My name is Mi-Shell!

I am probably best known as a shaman / healer in Muskoka and Southern Ontario.

I am a Registered Nurse and a Jungian Therapist by training, but, first and foremost, I am following in the footsteps of my Siberian ancestors, who were Tofalar people, a small tribe in what is today Tuva in Siberia. My great grandmother was the the healer-shaman of our people. My grandma Aniani and  my father (Ada) followed a shamanistic worldview and in it I was raised and followed it ever since.

From my mother’s side I am Manoush Gypsy.

My maternal grandmother, Elizza, was a ‘shuvihana’ = healer for Animals and people and she also read the crystal ball and Tarot from about 1896 to 1945.

She had among other cards, an original Soprafino deck

But basically I am a mutt – like most of us!

I read and use Tarot in my work with my clients and as a way of honoring my Manoush side and use daily card draws for personal reflections and meditation.

I have practiced, taught and used shamanism and shamanic healing pathways with my patients, clients, in schools, Pow Wows and the health care  system.
I lead circles and gatherings that focus on teaching, healing, ritual, drums and drumming, human growth and well-being.

My personal interests are – guess what – shamanism, cards, drums and drumming, nature, wildlife, and – most of all – people. 🙂


This is the first blog I ever set up – or tried to….

Here I want to post about some of my work as a shamanic healer, my visions, my poems, my shamanic artwork but first and foremost this site will be about my explorations of the world of Tarot and how shamanism and Tarot cross-pollinate each other. I hope you will enjoy this crazzzzzy ride! 🙂