Coming home from last night’s Haudenosaunee Harvest Social there was a freshly killed Snowshoe Hare in the middle of the Road. Dinner for our Raccoon family? It was still warm and so we decided, that the Raccoons would have to share with us. So this morning I first sang a “Soul returning Home” chant and then butchered the Rabbit. There was lots of goodies for the coons; head, lower legs, rib cage and innards, but we do not much like bloody smeary messes on our upper deck, so I brought these out to our organic composting place.

Something was rattling inside the large black bin.

I carefully opened the lid, expecting one of our Coons, but a little baby Bear jumped out, right at me and then scampered of into the bush.

I knew, what THAT meant:


Me and Bear 3

And sure enough a large black hulk appeared between the low bushes, huffed at me and proceeded to chase me halfway back to the house…..


I ran!


This was NOT Windwalker, the Lady Bear who knows me/ us, but one of her now adult daughters, now a mother herself, probably for the first time.

Best, to teach her in no uncertain ways, that she ALWAYS will have the “right of way” here on our land and that we are not a thread to her and her cub.

This will assure us, that later, she will simply ignore us when we accidentally meet up somewhere in the bush.


Soooo – I think, it is time for a little update as to what I am up to the days.

Well, busy for sure. Now in late October whenever the weather is halfway decent Peter and me are working hard – getting winter wood ready. Recent storms have brought down some huuuuge Maples, that we cut and carry out of the bush, section by section…..

Then there are a couple of craft shows coming up and while it is raining Cats, Dogs and Howler Monkeys – or rather Chipmunks, Weasels and caterwauling Catamounts we are making jewellery, lots of little things, that are fit for small budgets. Many of them are inspired by the recent trip to Bon Echo and Algonquin Park:DSC_5927

Spirit Boat petroglyph:


 I am also making a few nice Medicine Pieces.

Like this Rattle for example:

Shamans Rattle 1

here is another view

SR 2

While sitting on working on pieces like this, I again think back on the “Vision-Teachings I received at Bon Echo and I yet again find myself drawing the pictographs seen on the face of the rocks = or their counterparts shimmering in the water onto the leather of my Medicine items.

The sonorous voice of a long-time enspirited Medicine Person reaches from the beyond into my ear – or rather my soul:

They call it Bon Echo.

But not for the voices reflecting back from the rock walls.

The bon echo is the one coming of the Medicine Spirits as they dance in the Water and teach the People!”

I reflect about these reflections……..

Bon Echo indeed!

_DSC0753 (2)

Bad Boy


2 years ago Windwalker’s daughter proudly paraded by our house showing off her 3 tiny cubs, black fur balls stumbling behind their first outing to the blueberry patches in the back of our property. Now – 2 years later, these 3 tiny fur balls are all strapping sub-adult Bears and their mother has decided, it is time for them to get going on their own and chased them away. So, where is a young homeless Bear to go?


Looking for an easy meal……

I am trying to be a nice Bear


…. That hummingbird feeder over at Mi-Shell’s sure smells sweet……

…. and there are a few bird feeders with Sunflower seeds!

…. and – let’s steal the Raccoon food!

The culprit

You never know, maybe Peter forgot to lock the sliding door of the upper deck and I could get into the living room – and the kitchen! :)…….

push up

Smear dirty sandy paw prints all over the glass and poooooooop onto the deck, so they sure know, I have arrived…..”

Bear smear on sliding door upstairs 2

What? You are yelling at me?


I am soooooooooooo hungry and there is NOTHING to eat anywhere yet!”

Why are you yelling at me



Can I have just a teensy weensy little bit of Coon food?

Then I will go away!

I promise!”

dressing down




Well, I did NOT promise not to come back a few days later…….


….. and rip down the line with the hummingbird feeder and scratch a few decorative grooves onto the wall of the workshop and then curl up and go to sleep in the corner of the upper deck.

When Mi-Shell late at night came out to drum in the moonlight, she first thought I was a black blanket someone forgot and sat down on the chair next to me!

I gave her quite a scare!”


I swear I would have sung with her – for her friend Leslee, who is very sick and for the little Coon babies in the hollow Maple next to the house…….”


Smart Bear

… Just some pictures…

It is “crunch time” for us – like every year at this time. We have several large craft shows coming upand so are busy with making jewellery like crazzzzzy.

I have a lot of clients coming to the house, looking for help or input… It is summer, they have time, they want me to drum with their kids, introduce me to their friend, who could do with some advice…….

Sometimes I do not even get out of the house. 😦

Yesterday evening, I suggested to – just go for a little walk… I needed that.

Peter took his camera and managed to get some nice shots of our resident Cormorant_DSC2501

– and a some Cedar Waxwings



Cedar WaxwingsSurprisingly, they let us come quite close ~~6 feet

from the small Pine, that seems to be their preferred lookout.

I am always so very thankful, when after such a busy day I see some of my wild Brothers and Sisters 🙂