Musician’s Pouch



CD PouchWell, here is the little pouch that should accompany the Steer Horn Rattle (see previous post) and will hold the CD, that inspired me to attempt this project:

I used European Wild Boar leather and Deer leather as these would have been skins that the Ancients had available to them through hunting. The thread is smoked sinew. Then there are a few bone beads and a smoky quartz crystal.

The Spirit in the centre might have been carved from bone of the very same wild Steer/ Ourochs that the Horn Rattle was created from. And sure, I added a little bone Bear, for the protection that the ancient Bear Mother affords us all.

Feathers are Red Tailed Hawk and Raven



Fox Medicine Pouch

Well, Nepal will have to wait a little,  here is the large Fox Medicine Pouch I created for the Full Moon just past:

It is Deer leather and Fox fur


Fox pouch

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Ancestor Drawings from Finland, Siberia and Canada

For the last couple of months I have – on and of – communicated with Dalva Lamminmäki, a shamanic practitioner from Finland, who is now coming to Canada to visit and teach for a month.

Dalva’s Blog:

Her visit here has inspired me to reminisce about my own stay in Finland soooo many years ago >> see:

It also encouraged me to create a special shamanic piece to commemorate Dalva’s stay here, the similarities of the rupestrian art (petroglyphs and pictograms) in her home land, my ancestral homeland, Siberia, and our chosen homeland Canada. Not only do we share similar – if not identical rock art / Medicine drawings, we also share a vision – as shamans always have.

Our stories and legends may be slightly different and now is the time to compare them and rejoice.

The shamanic piece that created itself through my hands is a Medicine Pouch in honour of the ancestors:

Finnish Siberian side

This is the Finnish/ Siberian site 🙂

Ontario Petroglyph site small pic

and here is the Canadian site 🙂

Medicine Pouch


of the Ancestors”

Deer-leather: Shishkeshkeshi, the Deer stands for Morning, East, Future, Love-magic, sexual attraction, poise and non-violent means of defence. Deer is grace, swiftness and gentleness  It lives in the dawn of morning.
The Celts see the Doe quite similar as female allure and beauty
Reindeer and the mythical antlered Doe travelling the sky of Northern Europe and Siberia is a bringer of fertility and prosperity
Read more about it here:

Deer antler with Sterling silver petroglyph design of Misquadey-she, Mother Earth the Turtle – from Peterborough Petroglyph Provincial Park
Bone carving of Migizze, the Eagle
Wolf fur – recycled from a fur coat given to me Maheengun the wolf stands for endurance, survival skills and family values
For the early hunter/ gatherers in Northern Europe and Siberia, the Wolf was the symbol of powerful Magic, strengths and the teacher of the hunt. From my Siberian indigenous Father’s side I am a member of the Wolf clan.
Rabbit -fur   in honor of Nanabush/Nananbhozhou, the Rabbit-Man and trickster-creator of the Anishenabec People
In Celtic lore the Rabbit is seen as the familiar od Ostara, the Spring Goddess that comes forth on the spring Equinox, bringing fresh flowers, painted eggs and baby Chickens
In Siberia Kaltes is our Spring moon Goddess and awakens the frozen Earth to new life. She is always shown either as a Rabbit or with a Rabbit. Deer and also Rabbit is one of the main food sources for Wolves.


Seagull – messenger of water spirits

Ruffed Grouse = drumming, chanting, ceremony

Hawk – East, morning, future, discernment, vision

Mallard Duck = Family values – In Finish creation legends the Duck laid eggs onto the knee of the primordial Mother of the Waters. One of them fell into the water and out of it the Universe was created

Crow = the sentinel, keeper of the sacred law of balance

Gichi Mooshka, the Heron -stands for order and patience, the pragmatist, leader of the Medicine Circle


Now a closer look at the materials used and close- ups of the 2 panels:

Finnish Siberian panel

Top and bottom row: Mnemonics customarily drawn onto Sami and Finish drums

Moose: Sakatschi-Aljan, Siberia – showing ribs, innerts and life giving spiral/circle Energy

Pipi”of Alta, Norway = female shaman with hanging breasts = after childbirth and braids, holding her wisdom

male with antler boats = Birch-bark scroll, Ojibwa

Hotah the Moose – gentleness and strength united within one person

Moose and boat – Lake Onega, Karelia, Russia – across the arbitrary border with Finland. Prehistoric Fino-Ugric boat glyphs often clearly show a large antlered Moose or Deer steering the boat.

Bear with Heartline – Bossecop, Alta, Norway

Elder of Astuvansalmi, Finland

and here is the Canadian site 🙂

side 2 sm pic

Top row: OjibwayBirch bark song scroll mnemonics: Latice grit = trance, Binese’e’ wok, the Thunderbird, Wolf Clan healer, Spiral of Life

Bottom row: Village, Gineebik, the Snake, shaman with drum, Mide’ leader, gathering place, People of the Pine =Haudenosaunee, Mohawk = 3 feathers, Sun, lightning bolt – Power

main panel:

Upper world- Middle World Lower World Shaman = Stone relief Tübingen, Germany (yes, 🙂 they had them as well!)

From Peterborough Petroglyph Provincial Park:

Birthing Woman, chiselled over a crack in the rock as if giving birth from it with water flowing from her yoni in early spring

Gichi Manitou – Great Spirit/ Great Mystery with enlightened Sun circle and Megis shell sign in head

Spirit Boat: Gichi Manitou and a shaman/ pupil are going on a trance journey (down the River of Life = arrow down) to find a cure to bring back to the peolpe

Nanabush/ Nananboujou, the Rabbit Man and culture heroe of the Anishenabe people

Ma-Qua, the Bear – strengths, goodness, self knowledge and healing with herbs. Circumpolar the Bear was highly regarded as the bringer of healing and herbal Medicines

Shaman with Otter Medicine bag (first year Midewewin teachings) Bloodvein River, NW Ontario.

Clearly seen on this petroglyph panel are the Spirit Boat beneath the shaman – looking identical to all the ones in Siberia, Finland and Karelia. Also again, Gineebik, the Snake – and a Porcupine, with needles were used for wound stitching and – decorating the Medicine Bags…

Bloodvein Otter shaman

Bloodvein Otter shaman

When 18 years ago I did a shamanic journey to the shaman depicted on this panel, I learned a lot about the Ancestral spirits of the Land and was given a specific chant to sing, when needing to contact Gineebik. in her capacity as Guardian of the Land. It then to me were “strange words”

Only when I sang them to a hereditary Chief of the Anishenabe from Curve Lake reserve, he told me, that this was Ojibwa, what it means and that it was a Sacred song, that was old and very special, had been lost for a long time and I was not to sing it in “ordinary context“, just to my students and when doing “Medicine Work” He then asked me, if I would allow him, to “bring this song home to his people. Sure I said and taught it to him.

He then gave me a Tobacco Bundle with Eagle down in exchange.


Another Medicine Pouch

Medicine Pouch

in honor of

Dhiivi, the Mink


Yölle, the Midwinter Sun

Pouch for Yölle, the Sun

It was  back in late fall, when I started to work on this pouch. I had found the fur – in the form of a rather bedraggled looking Mink jacket – in our local charity shop. At the time I was reading a book about Siberian legends and the one about the Mink and Yölle, the Sun came to mind.
My Ada had known and told that one to me when I was little. But in his version of the legend it was not the Mink but the noble Zobel -Sable, that provided Yölle with his pelt, so she could go outside and put an end to a gruelling Winter storm…. 🙂
This gave me the idea, to create 2 pouches – one featuring the Sable and one the Mink…  The first one of them is this one.  While the Sable is a Spirit of Siberia only the Mink is an inhabitant of all circumpolar forests and here in Ontario he is known as Sha qua sho, the mediator between the Water and the Land Spirits.Further west and especially among the West Coast People Mink is known as somewhat of a trickster.


Materials used:
Mink fur – recycled
Bone carving of Yölle, the Sun (bleached bone from Moose)
hand crafted bone beads
split skin Deer hide bleached white

Sea Gull  – messenger of the Water Spirits
White Swan – Woman Power
                   -good fortune is always bestowed by the Swan Maidens of Siberia, the Daughters of
                  Umai,the Earth Goddess. The Swan Maidens live in the Pleiades….
Snow Goose – to find your way back home after a long Winter
Snowy Owl – Guide to the Kham = Shaman
Snow Pheasant – pride in your own heritage
Great Horned Owl – Wisdom of Night, dreams and visions – guide to the shaman who heals and knows
                              how to traverse into the land of the dead to call back a lost Soul
Hawk – East, discernment, overview


Bear Medicine Pouch

Bear medicine Pouch:

I made this pouch, in honor of the Summer Solstice 2012 and the Healing Bear Spirit with whom I work on my clients.
It is also inspired by the many trance journeys I undertake in order to help my patients who are then laying on the mighty Bear fur in my treatment area here in my home.

This pouch is small and is meant to be worn around the neck, while meditating on healing or doing healing work.
It is Deer leather, gemstones, bone and wooden beads. I added Black Bear fur and a claw as well as a hand cut mighty She-Bear, from Bear bone, and a hand cut bone Eagle. Wolf and Rabbit fur are attached to the strap.
The fur, bone and claw originate from a Bear that was unfortunately killed last year in the fall hunt.

As it costs upwards of $ 2000.00 to cure and preserve a Bear fur this fur, head and paws were dumped into the trash of the local garbage dump. I rescued it from there, (..a smelly affair), had it professionally cured and now am attempting to give it a new live and purpose through my art.

Bear is and has always been, since the earliest human culture one of the most important Guardians and guides for a shaman. In Chauvet Cave in France altars with Cave Bear skulls were found. they predate the arrival of homo sapience and bear evidence of a Bear cult among the Neanderthal People. The first humans then added drawings of Bears in red ocher.
since these ancient times Bear gives strength, wisdom , reflection, introspection and – since Bear digs up roots, the power to heal with roots and herbs and plants. Among the Ainu, in Siberia, in Northern Europe and North America, just to name a few, evidence of this worldview is still prevalent and practiced widely.

For our tribe, the Uryanchai in Tuva, Siberia, the Bear, always called “revered Elder Bear“and is a Guardian and protector of the East of the “Wheel of Life”

The Celts revered Art, the Bear as the Primal Power, Sovereignty, deep instinct.
Art is the clan animal of King Arthur, the name coming from the Greek word Artos = Bear…..

Native American people recognize the Power of Bear as strength, goodness and knowledge of Self. Most tribal lore speaks of Bear bringing the powers to heal with herbs to the Medicine man/ woman.
For the Anishinaabe People Bear (Maqua) strands in the North of the Medicine Wheel, while most other tribes see the Bear in the West as a healer, having the Power to heal with herbs. (Herbalist)
The Mohawk People have a story, how Bear brought the Powers of healing to the Clan Mother of the Bear Clan People.
The Petroglyph design on the back of the pouch is Misquade i’ she = Mother Earth the Turtle upon which we all live from Petroglyph Provincial Park and Shoz Lisquoi, the Inde’ Bear with the lightning bolt for healing.

Other materials:

Deer leather: To honor Wa-Washkesh-shi, the Deer, seen to be standing in the dawn of Morning and promoting none-violent means to reach a goal as well as female sensuality. Deer is also here to balance the Powers of Bear, as it creates the balance between predator and prey.

Turquoise: This Stone Sisters is sacred to most First Nations People upon Turtle Island, standing for prevention of injuries and harm, for the Winter Solstice and the returning of the light. It also is seen as a gem for healing especially for the Apache= Inde’ and Navajo People.

Turquoise is just as revered in Siberia. There standing for the protective powers of Sky Father and his emissaries.

The Feathers I used:
Pheasant – pride in one’s own heritage
Ruffed Grouse – drumming and chanting
Heron – order and patience, the pragmatist, leader of the Medicine Circle
Robin – Joy of Morning
Evening Gross beak = sense of family, responsibility

Mallard – family values


Just in case, you were wondering; yes, this pouch is for sale.

It is a 12 hour work and I would need

$Can 110.00 for it….