Meditating in Red and Black

Mary El and Meditation.

So here I sit, in the afternoon sun, the MaryEl deck in its beautiful red and black box on a small table close to me, my tea cup, now empty.

Time for some I ammeditations:

…..deeeeeep breath….

I am the Sun.

I an the Wind.

I am Spring Peeper.

I am I am “Chippe”, the Chipmunk.

(I am her for a looooong time.)

I am Redwinged Blackbird.



I know, that, when he calls, he spreads one of his wings to display his red and yellow wing bars, trying to attract a mate….

I know he does that about 5 times a minute in regular intervals.

Great to adjust my breathing to his calls:

he calls- I breath in….

.and out slowly

he calls – I breath

This goes on for a few minutes.

I sense, he changed locations, from the large Birck over to the Maple right next to the house

he calls – I breath

He is even closer now! On the railing of the deck?

He calls – I breath


I slowly open my eyes


He is RIGHT next to me, sitting on the rim of my tea mug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He calls, displaying his right wing – to the red and black box below him. His “rival” which even has small yellow dots in the center ….

He calls – I do no dare to breath!!!

but I HAVE to

!!! meditation STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He calls again spreading his wing –I breath, my chest moves.

 BRRRRRrrrrrrrr ………..









……he is gone…..

I breath……!