Ongon Spirit from Mongolia

In the afternoon of December 24th I did a Tarot reading for a close friend. It was quite intense and insightful. After the reading concluded she showed me 2 small bronze statues she had gotten “from Nicholas”and told me to choose one for myself.

Ongon SpiritI was immediately attracted to the first one because it reminded me of all the untold stelae and statues guarding the Scythian Kurgans in my ancestral homeland, Tuva. Not only do we there have Spirits like this in stone, but also smaller, simpler ones made of wood, some for house altars, others to wear, many depicting the living Earth Mother. The way the figurine holds the hands folded over the navel area is very characteristic. The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, like a smiling Kong Fuzi or one of the early emperors, due to its serene facial expressions.


The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, due to its facial expressions.

Ongon -P







I thanked my friend and left my little treasure on the Tarot table in the treatment room.

We went for dinner to town and had a nice evening.

Then late at night I had a strange and very vivid dream:

The little Statue had come to life and was grabbing my ritual drum – the drum forthwith also became really small, so he/ she could play it. Then the Spirit danced around through the treatment room, over the Bear fur and the tables singing loudly and drumming up a storm. It had a rather raspy and hissing voice. Eventually he/she hopped into the mouth of the Bear and went singing and drumming all through his body and came out the “other end”

Waking up from that I was quite impressed!

What Spirit had come into my home?

I also had had the distinct feeling, during the dream, that this was not a strictly female spirit, but rather was 2 spirited.

Subsequently I send my friend a message asking her for more information about the little statue and where it was from.

To my surprise this is the answer to the riddle:

It is an Ongon Amulet from Mongolia and used by shamans to represent their spirit guides: It was acquired from the 3 Worlds site of Nicolas Breeze Wood.

Here is, what he published about it:


Origin: Mongolia, Northern China or Inner Mongolia
Age: unknown – but probably some significant age
Height: 50mm (2.0 inches) approx

Small standing bronze female ongon figure. An ongon is a house made of many different things and in many different forms, for a shamanic spirit to live in. Shamans and none shamans in Siberia have ongons, there will be ongons for the spirit of the house or the forest or the fields, often (but not always) in the form of a person.

Small bronze figures like this are called ‘buudaly,’ and are said to have fallen or been thrown down from the sky. Sometimes they are found in wild places and that is probably where the story of them having come from the sky originates.

Shamans use these small bronzes, especially the ones with suspension holes, to represent their spirit helpers or the ancestors. Often they tie them onto clothes or drums or other objects.

Tonight I will do a shamanic journey to my Ancestor Spirits to find out, if and how I should be working / interacting with this little Spirit Being.

Read the next post,

to find out, how the story continues 🙂