All my Relations

A few months ago we finalllly invested in a new TV.

RCA and like everything else these days, it was manufactured in China.

About 6 weeks ago we suddenly noticed, that there was a bug in it.

Yes, literally! In the lower right quadrant of the view field there was a small centipede!


How did it get there?


What was even more disturbing was, that we soon noticed, that it was alive!!!

It mover around. It was obviously “stuck” somewhere at its mid- section, but head and tail crawled here and there as far up down. Right and left as the stuck mid- section allowed. Poor thing. My shamanic prayers always end with “Blessings to all my Relations” – meaning ALL life on Earth and beyond and “let there be no suffering”

So now, here, with the news we nightly also witnessed this poor Shape-Changer’s suffering.

We tried to get it out, but no luck. Kill it? Peter pressed a thumb on it- pushing onto the soft surface screen of the unit. Nothing. Its little antennas continued to move and its many feet moved here and there and tried to get free…..

Days passed. What is it eating, that it i still alive???

Then we went on vacation – for 8 days.

Upon our return – the little Creature was just as alive and strugggglingas before.

I started to get nightmares about being stuck and unable to get out.

Finally last night I sat in front of the TV and “concentrated”.

On the space widening and softening, on becoming “open”

When, after quite a while I opened my eyes again, the Centipede was gone!

I first could not belief that; but on the other hand, shamanizing always brings results. Often the ones we want, when, ifffff our “want” is in unison with Mother Earth.

Then, today around noon I noticed something.

A small movement on the floor 1 1/2 meters away from the TV and towards the sliding door to the deck.

The Centipede!

Peter took a quick picture and then I took him/ her outside, to a half rotten log that was warmed by the sun.

Good luck!

Take care; winter will be here soon.

Centipede 1

free at last!