Tarot intensive in the bush

As I already mentioned, my friend Gregory E. had come over for a couple of days and for me this was the occasion to set all the jewelry making as well as my shamanic client list aside for a few days and dive into a “Tarot intensive” with her.

She has the most decks of anyone I know: 1844 and counting!

Yes, imagine THAT!

Her reading style is quite different from mine: She participates in many of the reading circles in our international Tarot forum Aeclectic Tarot and gives carefully thought through readings in written form to its members. I do face to face readings either for my long time clients, people I see from once every few months to maybe once a year, when they come to my home. But I also love to read for “walk in clients” on markets, fairs and street festivals, meaning for people I have never before seen and know nothing about.

Not only did we compare our reading style, we also had a little Mary-EL Tarot intensive.

For hours we looked at individual cards and compared our impressions and feelings about the images.

With the Mary-EL in the Mosquito tent on the upper deck:
So far no Bear in sight….