Palaeolithic Hunter’s Knife

DSCN7096 (371 x 720)We now know, what the flint blades, that our early Ancestors used for hunting and in other daily activities did look like. During long hours the carefully collected flint was finely napped into shape and finished with a razor sharp tip.

flint napping


When I was able to trade such a blade, created by a fellow artist,that specializes in flint napping, I could not resist, combining it with a smooth goat horn and some bits and pieces of fur and leather to create this replica of a knife used in hunting, skinning of hides portioning meat and in “Hunting Magic”

This actually is the term many archaeologist and anthropologists used to describe the many and varied pictographs and petroglyphs they encountered in paleolithic and also neolithic sites. I feel, that the user of the knife honoured his/ her personal Spirit guide/ Guardian as well as the Animals, that were the desired, but also revered and respected prey.



The Materials I used for my replica:


Goat Horn – May the descendants of the Goat, who’s horn I used live and prosper

Pig leather – Can YOU imagine, to go after a Wild Boar with just such a knife?

Deer leather,… or run down a fleeing Deer in dense under-brush…?

Fox Fur – ….get bitten by a cornered Fox?

Mink fur – You would catch this one in a sling……

bone, stone, antler and wooden beads,

hand carved Spirit Bird,

Raven feather