Everyone in one Box

That is exactly how it felt, when I opened the “Wild Unknown” and flipped through the first few cards of this, my newest Tarot deck. My whole family in in there! My Spiritual family that is.

OK: First up, the Fool, the Chick – obviously me!

Chicken!” It pieped 😉

Well, at least this deck solved the everlasting conundrum of who was first – the Chicken or the Egg!


The very next image confronted me head on with Ee’ren Omsür. The proverbial shaman trickster Spirit of my Ancestor Clans. I have written about Ee’ren Omsür here:

“Spirit of Snow” about Snow Leopards in our Clan


..and you will agree, he makes a great Magician 🙂

Having not seen many cards beforehand, my jaw dropped, when next I was confronted with – my Great Grandmother Ulali – or, to be more precise, her personal Guardian, the Tigress:

Tigers have since the times of old been the powerful Spirit Protectors of the ancestral homeland of my Ada – now called Tuva and the circular Tiger is its main emblem still today. Tiger

In many journeys I have been confronted face on with the Powerful Tigress into which Ulaly at times turns to teach me a hard lesson. Many of these lessons have been about having to overcome paralysing fear and terror and force me into action.

What however I find so very auspicious with the depiction of the High Priestess Tigress in the Wild Unknown is the fact, that she also much reminds me of my other Gran – Eliza, who worked as a Tarot and Crystal Ball reader with several travelling circuses of her time. Also being the one, who was in charge of the health of the Animals the circus featured, she had to deal with sick Tigers, Horses, Brown Bears and Lions and there are stories of her having to pull an abscessed tooth of one of the Tigresses, that was so sick, she refused to nurse her small cubs…..( The story involved ice and copious amounts of hot rum and a large pair of pliers….)

Now here, on the image, the Roman No ll is situated above the head of the Tigress – indicating – for me – both of my Granys…..

Dare I go on to the Empress and the Emperor?

Trees both! What a relief!

The Empress reminds me of the Maple and the here and now: The Maples outside my house in their fiery red Autumn dress and also the fact, that the Maple to the Haudenosaunee is the “leader of the Trees”, providing the sweet Maple syrup in Spring

The Emperor, an enormous Pine, Stands right outside my house, rising 38meters above theNorth West corner, its mighty trunk just 4 inches away from our roof line. I live in its protection, sleep beneath its branches.

The People of the Longhous see the mighty Pine as their Tree of Peace: It was beneath a Pine like this, that the warring chiefs buried all their weapons and covered the hole with a huge rock. It is this pine and the tradition of the Peace it stands for, that the Rohanis, the chiefs, protect with their lives and that is their sacred emblem:

Longhouse emblem

An Eagle alights in the uppermost branches of the Tree of Peace, reminding everyone of the sacred intention of the Creator Spirit, while all the Clan Guardians surround it.

Well, E’eren Karakoruk, the “Black caller” sits on my Pine Tree,outside and here we have the Hierophant of the Wild Unknown. Not only is he in charge of the proper conduct during ordinary daily life, he protects the hearth Fire and also tells/ teaches the legends. He also is the one who knows almost everything that happens in the Middle World and is very good at finding lost things and has “the goods” on anyone that broke a taboo and so drew an illness to him/ herself or loved ones….

To the shaman he is an indispensable informant.

Karakoruk and the Horses

But back to the Lovers – here depicted by 2 Canada Geese. Their Creator – given duty is, to remind us, to never loose our way home, not on the roads of daily life, nor on the roads of Spirit = keeping us from getting lost – in more than one way.

 The next card is all about movement, speed, action and confidence:

The Chariot with the galloping Horse: I see the personification of “Windhorse Energy” Life Energy or Höümoorhüh, as we would call it.

And when I draw the 4 of Cups I can well see, what it looks like, when Windhorse Energy is lacking. When I look at this Horse, I am also reminded of a gray Horse. In Buriatia, Tuva and Mongolia gray Horses are the preferred ones for a ritual sacrifice….. 😦

Well, I could go on and on here; from card to card…..

…Mother Earth the Turtle appears  as the Hermit. Hermit

The 7 of Swords – the Fox, Ee’ren Dilgi the spy…. sooooo reminds me of Ada, my father…..Dilgi

Read world lore about Fox here:





I will now give a quick look at the Court cards, who present themselves as Animal families:

The Pentacle courts are shown as Deer.

I just recently wrote about Deer – here:


the Deer Family

The Cups are all Swans – and for a person from Siberia all the lore and legends of the Swan Maidens, Daughters of Umai Ee’ne flood into my mind…

The Swan Court

The Wand Court is represented by Snakes, bringing us the Power of the imagination and a person’s creativity to transform adversity and grow out of limitations as well as the venom, that may be a part of the cure.

The Snake court

Last is the suit of Swords,who’s Courts feature 4 different Owls. Combining wisdom and vision into other realms with needle sharp talons for executing change, they are a personal favourite of mine.

Read here, why:


Owls for my Heart


Oh yes, in case you wondered; I painted the cards 🙂

Inspirations and Transformations

Inspirations and Transformations

Watching the Ravens overhead, becoming familiar with the individual Birds, that live on our land, starting to recognize them, does not only lead over into writing blog posts and poems about them, it also calls forth designs – to be realized if Sterling silver, brass, copper and gemstones or drawn onto leather and canvas. It feeds the curiosity of the artist of just how to portray the Spirit of Karakoruk – and how it would be different compared to Bran, the Gaelic Raven….

Put the 2 next to each other to have a conversation!

What would they say?

Would they talk about the Wolf packs that keep them in food?

Wolves and Ravens hunt together, did you know?

Ravens often see an Animal, injured or exhausted and their cawing alerts the Wolves…

 Also many a Raven flew over the Wolf lair, alerting them, fluttering low, then off in the direction the prospective prey is located…..

And the Wolves knew, to follow.

Ravens then will dine on the plentiful leftovers of Wolf kills.

But stealing a Wolf its food – well, THAT is quite a different matter.

Then a Raven just might be added to the Wolf menu……

The local wildlife sanctuary has several Wolves, that due to injuries or attempted domestication can not be released back into the wild. They live out their lives in the spacious wooded enclosures in the back of Aspen Valley, getting fed twice a week with meat from local farms.

Ravens are wherever Wolves are and so too at the sanctuary. The swoop down into the enclosures to snatch a morsel – but watch out, Wolves can jump and then teeth close around wings – and end of story….

Or maybe not……

T. from the sanctuary, saw what happened to the Raven and went back into the enclosure, luring Amarook into the other corner with another nice piece of meat.

But it was too late for the Raven…. but not too late for its feathers.

I got a phone call. And 2 hours later this Raven was on its way to a new life – with me – and with you.

First there is the Spirit Release ceremony, when he got smudged and I sing to his soul, to honor it and let it float up, into the Trees, into the realm of Kakagee, the – we would say E’eren – or Manitou of all the Ravens here….

  Usually it is an emotional farewell, but after the tears have dried, I am ready to take the wings, whole, spread them out to cure and then dry. The claws will receive the same treatment.

The head will go into an Ant pile for about a week or 10 days – securely fastened inside a live Mouse trap, so that Brother Fox and sister Coon will not steal my prize….

All the feathers will be taken, cleaned and preserved. Then the body of poor unlucky Raven will be deposited, where Brother Fox knows to look…..

A few months later I will go to work.

The wing will become a Raven fan, with a Deer antler handle, Wolf fur and a Sterling silver Wolf inserted – or should Peter rather cut out a Raven?

The finished item will be smudged and invocated on the next Full Moon.

In honor of Raven, in honor of Wolf and in honor of the person, who will one day own and use this powerful Medicine Tool.


 Ravens in Love

is a poem about Ravens in German language. 😦

It is for Elisabeth, my mother in law

and for my German friends and students 🙂








Die Raben sind im Eierwahn!

wie Düsenjäger sausen sie heran

ja, wie die schwarzen Phantom – Flieger

oder sind’s des Odin’s wilde Krieger?

Jetzt ist für uns die Winterwelt

ein riesengroßes Zirkuszelt:

Die Raben sind Luftakrobaten

vom Fenster sehen wir ihre Taten.

Hoch über’m Eise, statt zusammenzuprallen

im Liebesrausch , verhaken sie ihre Krallen

und dann kopfüber und kopfunter

geht’s den ganzen Creek hinunter.

Wild wird gegluckst, gekrächzt, geflattert

und einen Partner sich ergattert.

Dann runter geht’s , auf’s blanke Eis

dort hüpft und krächzt man laut im Kreis.

Der Rivale wird ganz ungeniert

mit Flügel-Prügel attackiert.

Statt majestätisch davonzugleiten

sind die Damen auch am Streiten!

Man krächzt sich widerwärtig an

verteidigt seinen Rabenmann,

benutzt den Schnabel wie ‘nen Hammer

zack – noch mehr Geschrei und Rabenjammer.

Siegreich das Paar in der Luft sich tummelt

– jetzt wird keine Zeit mehr verbummelt

denn nur einen Zweck erfüllt die Trickerei

– Im März im Nest ein Rabenei!

Und während es noch pfeift und schneit

sind fünf Baby – Krächzes unter Pappa’s Kleid.

Liebevoll bringt dann die Rabenmutter

unseren Müll – und Aas als Rabenfutter.

Werden dann Ende April die Lüfte linder

sind sie voll wilder Rabenkinder……





Ravens on my Mind

Healing Earth Tarot: 

9 of Wands:

That sounds about right – for today – considering that in the RWS system often this card would

show a person carrying 9 wands up a steep hill……

My card however is different and yet – fitting: Raven and 9 burning wands.

We have wonderful cold and sunny weather and so we are off into the bush, getting wands out. Loooooong wands!!
Biiiiiig wands, heavy too, publicly they are called logs – for the fire on the card in front of me.
Peter will cut them, with the chain saw and it is my job to load them onto the toboggan (hand drawn sled) and pull them out of the bush -without falling over my snowshoes. Each of them will weigh at least as much as me and I will often have 2 of them on my toboggan…..
Wandering wands wandering into our hearth fire- ultimately – next winter…..
Raven in the center of the card.
Raven overhead!
Caaaaawing at us and all the noise we make, but also swooping down to get a closer look. I caw up, he caws down; we get each other.
Kakagee, Cree Guardian of West
Bran, Gaelic guide of the Morrigan
Tupulo Gaukuuk, who flies high along the West Coast of Canada
Kutkinako, who gluckses wisdom to shaman’s ears in Yakutia
Ee’ren Karakoruk= the “Black Caller” in my language – making a rukus = loud noises, while teaching us how to fish and how to make fire…..
The rukus today however is about Sex.
Raven Sex, that is….
…..going on just about now.
Tomorrow we expect high winds, blowing away our nice weather, bringing rain

(–onto my nice fast snowshoe trails, making them sloooow and sluggish, requiring heavy pulling…)

But before the rain comes, Raven and Lady Raven will dance on the wind, lock talons, tumble, gift each other small twigs caaaaw a rukus of love into the storm and then start their nest on on the windswept pines across Kawpakwakog river.

Tomorrow, I will sit next to my hearth fire and think about the stories of Raven.
RAVEN, the Spirit
How RAVENS keep save the city of London….
Of RAVEN stealing the first fire
of RAVEN opening the Clam Shell to let out the first Haida People, Of Raven stealing the sun from a nasty old chief and singing all his nice white feathers black
Of RAVEN, helping to find the Eight’s Star Sister, the one that moved from Siberia to North America and stayed there- according to the stories of my ancestors…….
Of E’eren Karakoruk, who’s black feathers we Khams wear and who dances in the Sun’s Fire with us….

And while pulling my sled
a poem in my mind I met:


Raven, fly higher
It’s you, I admire
Go up to the sun
Flash wing and you’r gone!