Splitting the blog! :)

Most of my Shamanic Drum readers are interested in my life and work as a shaman and over the last few months I have received “mutterings”, that they are not subscribing, in order, to not get all my Tarot related posts.

Lately this has kept me from posting about my workings with my “Deck of the Month threads on Aeclectic Tarot” and my working with certain other decks. :(

On the other side of the spectrum, I have a quite a few readers and Tarot clients that are only interested in my writings about the cards, Tarot, Oracle and also other divination systems but they do not much care for me describing in detail, how I “wave around this or that Owl feather to get rid of…. “

You get the drift. …. 

This now has prompted me to separate the 2 areas of  interest into 2 blogs.

Welcome to

The Voice Within the Cards :)



For right now I started writing down the stories and allegories pertaining to the Soprafino Tarot, which I consider our family heritage deck, since it was the one, my maternal Gran read with from the mid 1890ties onward….

Eventually the Voice Within the Cards  will also have archives for the Greenwood cards and texts and all the other things Tarot, that interest me.

I would love it, if some of you sign up to follow  or at least bookmark my newest baby!

Thank you all!

And with these words it is official:  🙂

This blog is mainly about my life and daily work as a shaman, healer and teacher and about how that translates into living in Central Canada in 2013 and beyond.