….. Into the Crystal Cave:

This is a continuation of the previous post:

Next  we get out our little crystal and go on a journey to find out, what we have to learn. Bhola sets the scene by describing a beautiful and majestic Crystal cave…..

Into the Crystal cave:
As per Bhola,s guiding words I am entering a huge Crystal cave. Walls, floor, ceiling everything glistens and shimmers in the light of a candle that I have brought…….
From my left side, out of the crystal rocks the Rhino appears
Huuuuuge, massssssive, heavy!
I kneel before it.
It puts its huuuuuge heavy head on top of mine. I bear the immmmmense weight – for a loooooooooooooooong time……

Then, between the legs of the Rhino a Tigress appears. Soundless She moves towards me, hisses, moves right through me like smoke.
Grandma Ulali Kham!
She manifests in her human form behind me, massaging my aching shoulders.
I quickly turn around to give her a hug, but then I am instructed to keep my head still under the weighty head of the Rhino.
She says, I shall not look for fault or a mistake in myself; there is nothing that I did to bring this on
It is a typical sign of a spiritually mature person to look for fault in oneself first, but spiritually immature people look for fault in others and consider themselves always in the right…..
This, i am transmitted to understand is also another teaching of the Rhino. I am sadly bearing the weight of that teaching….. but understanding it, lifts the weight of and I can now move to embrace Gran, who “has my back”!
She gives me a garland – of Wolf fur and yellow Flowers, hangs it around my neck.
“Do never forget to look at everything and see the Beauty in everything” It is her parting advice as the smoke forms into the Tigress……
Rhino leads me outside the cave into the bright sun light at the banks of a broad river. A Kingfisher comes and sits on my hand. It spreads one wing, so I can take a loooong good look at him!
The call back is being drummed and I have to leave!
Again without having the time to realllly loooook at the Kingfisher.
“You will see me again!” he transmits
As he fades on my hand while the group rustles, I start to cry….
I “wake up” Bhola says something….
Mercifully the group starts drumming……

I try to write notes, but my writing hand does not work…..
….like usual, when a trance journey is aborted


White Throated Kingfisher1 small pic

…..the Kingfisher, as we saw him, just for a second in Chitwan national park… and there was NO time to stop and look…. 😦

This one however is from the net:

spreading his wings