A Guardian Bundle for a new Tipi:

When a new Tipi is erected, it is seen as a new female person and member of the camp circle. It receives many Blessings.
One for each lodge pole, one for the hides of the Animals that gave their lives – or the Plants and minerals, that provided the canvas.
In the olden days Tipis were constructed out of up to 24 Buffalo Cow hides = only female hides were used!
They all were individually blessed and given a protection “dot with ground catlinite or red ocher mixed in Bear grease (Bear= healing power)
When erected, the Tipi also received a special protection/ Guardian Bundle, that was hung onto the mid pole at the back. This “Fetish” was usually conceived of in a shamanic dream by and Elder or medicine Person.

This is the bundle, that the Spirits of the Land instructed me to prepare for this Tipi:

Guardian Bundle

Materials used:
– – Buffalo wool to honour the ancient ways and the Buffalo Nation  as being the ultimate provider and giving their life for the benefit of the Human Beings
– – A Prayer Bundle containing a Buffalo bone, Sage and Cedar
Red trade cloth = Red= Life, East, New Beginnings,
Turquoise: Healing stone, prevention of injury and harm

East, discernment, independence, guardianship, protection Spirit of the Men
Keeper of the Sacred Law of Cause and Effect, protection Spirit of the camp, the Clan, especially, when the men are out -at war or hunting and the women are alone
joy in hard work, harvest of riches, protection for small children, especially when nursing = growth of the family


Tipi Facts:
The origin of the Tipi is the North-Eastern Boreal Forest – among the Cree and Chippewa Nations
Tipis are tilted cones: The Back of the Tipi is steeper than the front, to guard against the prevailing West winds.
The entrance is always East – towards the rising Sun.
So in East winds Tipis are somewhat shaky and may “wander”
At least 12 sometimes up to 24 Cow Buffalo hides were used. NEVER hides from a male Animal.
A Tipi usually belonged to a woman. Her family provided the hides and poles. In some tribes, If she wanted to  divorce her husband, she could just put his belongings outside.
Among some tribes however,it was quite different: The men may trade, exchange or loose one or several of his wives in gambling games and then she would have to move into the Tipi of the winner.  She would have to sleep at the lowest place – near the door, often having her children with her.  So husbands may change but it was important to get along with all the women of the camp, because one never knew, in who’s Tipi one may end up, but the Sisterhood of women stays the same.
Tipi poles each have a spiritual teaching, no matter, who’s Tipi you reside in.
A normal mid 19th Century Tipi made from Buffalo hide may weigh from 90 to 110 pounds,it was  18 to 25 ft in diameter when set up.
When the camp was moving the poles were tied – 5 to 6 on each side onto pack Horses. 2 further poles were lashed together to form a travoi and the 90 pound rolled Tipi skin was hoisted upon it. 2 women had to work together to load a Tipi. A second pack horse with another travoi transported bedding, parflechs and other household items. So the owner of a tipi also needed access to 3 pack horses.

Nowadays most tipis are made of high quality fire resistant canvas and a lot easier to set up.

My next post will be a picture essay of the Tipi raising at a friend’s home.



The Shaman’s Egg

A very special breakfast!

And an activity to honour the Equinox:
Take a fresh, raw egg and shake it vigorously, to mix yoke and white. Then carefully poke 1to 2-mm square size holes into both ends. Blow out the contents of the egg into a container, wash out your egg and dry it.
Now use paints or magic markers of your choice draw upon it – in mysterious stick figure signs and personal symbols or in any other art or collage form
Put on it your Spirit Guides or their symbology and also all the things, you wish for this coming spring. Using a broken match or other small stick and a red thread -red for life,- hang your Spirit egg onto a budding twig or onto another significant spot. It is the egg of what you aspire to grow into this spring.

Shamans Eggs.

Now nothing shall go to waste, right!?
So of to make an omelet! But do it in a sacred manner this time: The egg itself is the egg of the wisdom of the universe all times all life. The ovid mystery!
When you ad salt, ad it, knowing it symbolizes the very Salt of life, gift of the Earth Mother, who is now waking (or presenting the harvest)
When you add pepper, see it as your creative zest, your inner fire. You may want to add Tabasco !! That will ad some Big fire!
And parsley, green, for growth!
A tomato = Nightshade plant for sensual looooove!???
What else…. be inventive and creative!
And when it is ready eat it as a affirmation / meditation, celebration of yourself and all mysteries that are!Be aware as to what all the ingredients symbolize and what they will bring forth in you!
After all: You are what you eat!

A Question To all:

Which animal really and truly in nature hides eggs in spring???????

Wa-gish the Fox!
In spring Wa-gish robs and hides the eggs of ground-nesting birds.
He buries them for the time his own young are being weaned of milk so to have a soft food supply for them.

In pre-christian times the early farmers in Europe at the time of the Equinox ate copious amounts of rabbit meat, convinced it makes them virile and fertile! Then they went onto the fields and had sex
– to stir up the juices of Mother Earth!

The christian church tried hard to eradicate this custom.
Finally in the year 751 Pope Zechariahs officially prohibited rabbit meat.
But who is to know, what is in the stew over the stove??????
So subsequently all meat was outlawed.
That was the real reason for Lent.
Only later did the church claim to emulate the 40 days of fasting in the desert.

Another custom of early Europe was to throw eggs at each other for fertility and good luck!
And that is what I should be dooooooing right now!

Happy Spring Equinox!!!


Medicine Eggs1



How to define shamanism???
I am sure that there are a gazzzzudle of wise, learned professors out there that know absolutely EVERYTHING about that!!!
Only they themselves never had a vision or better said, went into full theta  trance – other than maybe aided by some drugs……..
Well No drugs for me!

All I need is my drum….
A shaman is a person that can go into trance at will, spontaneously and —

– OK, sometimes also goes into trance spontaneously when not called for…… been there, or …..????
What the person then “sees” perceives he, she uses for the good of the community.

Some “see” and talk to Spirits in human, animal or any form in between. There are no rules. Trance has no rules other than that it is universal and found in all cultures.
Usually shamans are not the ones to make rules anyway. They have a bone-crushing vision, that may inspire them to create a NEW ritual , something that revitalizes the community. These rituals may or may not become permanent fixtures after that.
A medicine Bundle may be created after such a vision.

And eventually the community may end up electing a bundle priest, that takes care of the rituals and tabooooos related to that bundle / commemorating the vision…. Now thous guys are the ones we have to looook towards when searching for the roots of dogma, taboo enforcement and rigid moral and behavior codes!! Because out of these THEY receive their power (with a small p!!! ) and their prestige….
OK they also embody the Traditions; good and bad……
The culture’s shamans however are meanwhile busssssssy with the next Powerful vision and the one after that…..
We have no time and room for rigidity; we are treading new ground, keeping the culture vibrant and alive, not a relict, fit for a museum. There you have the exact cutting edge between visionary shamanism and tutelary = learnabel/ apprentice based priesthood.

Shamans the world over were the first artist, drawing their visions onto rocks, trees, into the back of Mother Earth to bring them into tangible reality.
And that is what we still do.
In art, in dance, in chants, in rituals, given to us by Spirit.
And sometimes we write about just how that feels like on an international web site like this one to share with  😉

—> the community!!! = You all!

…….Iffff we are not sitting in endless Pow Wow board meetings -that is…..  😦



Inspirations and Transformations

Inspirations and Transformations

Watching the Ravens overhead, becoming familiar with the individual Birds, that live on our land, starting to recognize them, does not only lead over into writing blog posts and poems about them, it also calls forth designs – to be realized if Sterling silver, brass, copper and gemstones or drawn onto leather and canvas. It feeds the curiosity of the artist of just how to portray the Spirit of Karakoruk – and how it would be different compared to Bran, the Gaelic Raven….

Put the 2 next to each other to have a conversation!

What would they say?

Would they talk about the Wolf packs that keep them in food?

Wolves and Ravens hunt together, did you know?

Ravens often see an Animal, injured or exhausted and their cawing alerts the Wolves…

 Also many a Raven flew over the Wolf lair, alerting them, fluttering low, then off in the direction the prospective prey is located…..

And the Wolves knew, to follow.

Ravens then will dine on the plentiful leftovers of Wolf kills.

But stealing a Wolf its food – well, THAT is quite a different matter.

Then a Raven just might be added to the Wolf menu……

The local wildlife sanctuary has several Wolves, that due to injuries or attempted domestication can not be released back into the wild. They live out their lives in the spacious wooded enclosures in the back of Aspen Valley, getting fed twice a week with meat from local farms.

Ravens are wherever Wolves are and so too at the sanctuary. The swoop down into the enclosures to snatch a morsel – but watch out, Wolves can jump and then teeth close around wings – and end of story….

Or maybe not……

T. from the sanctuary, saw what happened to the Raven and went back into the enclosure, luring Amarook into the other corner with another nice piece of meat.

But it was too late for the Raven…. but not too late for its feathers.

I got a phone call. And 2 hours later this Raven was on its way to a new life – with me – and with you.

First there is the Spirit Release ceremony, when he got smudged and I sing to his soul, to honor it and let it float up, into the Trees, into the realm of Kakagee, the – we would say E’eren – or Manitou of all the Ravens here….

  Usually it is an emotional farewell, but after the tears have dried, I am ready to take the wings, whole, spread them out to cure and then dry. The claws will receive the same treatment.

The head will go into an Ant pile for about a week or 10 days – securely fastened inside a live Mouse trap, so that Brother Fox and sister Coon will not steal my prize….

All the feathers will be taken, cleaned and preserved. Then the body of poor unlucky Raven will be deposited, where Brother Fox knows to look…..

A few months later I will go to work.

The wing will become a Raven fan, with a Deer antler handle, Wolf fur and a Sterling silver Wolf inserted – or should Peter rather cut out a Raven?

The finished item will be smudged and invocated on the next Full Moon.

In honor of Raven, in honor of Wolf and in honor of the person, who will one day own and use this powerful Medicine Tool.