The Wheel of Time

On more than one occasion the cards prompted me to get out old diaries and pictures and reminisce.

X = Wheel of Fortune is certainly one of them.

It actually shows 2 things from 2 very different sites and cultures in Central America:

1. The enigmatic Aztec Sun calendar from the valley of the Mexica and the terrifying Chac Mool sacrificial altar from Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula

It is always quite intimidating to stand before the Reloj de Montezuma = Montezuma’s watch, as the inhabitants of Mexico City jokingly call the 24 ton colossal and envision its significance as a wheel of their worldview and sense of the cosmos, time and space.

The center face is that of Tonatihu, the Aztec sun god with his tongue that doubles as a knife that slices time and flesh and lets blood and life flow freely through Nāhui Olin, the Nahuatl name for the Era of the Quaking Sun, our times right now.

The stone also has the symbols of previous Eons, the wheels of the days of the Aztec month, the symbols of the 4 cardinal directions and the feathered Serpents that in the end devour everything, the night symbolized by Xiuhtecutly, the fiery god of the Sunset and the day itself, symbolized yet again by the Sun god Tonatihu.

In the worldview of the Aztecs everyone and everything must perish and the only choice man has is, to decide when and how. Suicide and becoming a sacrifice were the most honored ways, while dying of illness and old age were frowned upon and in some traditional circles of the Mexica of today still are.

This general world view was widespread in pre-contact Mesoamerica and signs and symbols of it are found in all the cultures. Of which the Aztecs were just the last and probably the best known today.

2. The place for a sacrifice would undoubtedly be the altar of Chac Mool in the temple complex of Chichen Itza of the earlier and unrelated Maya culture. Here in the jungle of the Yucatan peninsula the priest would place offerings including the still quivering hearts of a sacrificial victims onto the tablet on the lap of the stone Spirit in order to beseech the gods to bring rain, fertility for the crops and protection from enemies.

I well remember splendid Full Moon nights spent on the Pyramid of Kukulkan, (the Feathered Serpent) and looking across to the Chac Mool on top of the Temple of the Warriors watching the eery shadows dance to the sounds of the jungle like a thousand Spirits in for a visit from Forever….

Mystique at sunset

Sadly nowadays the site is closed up and guarded and visits like these are a thing of the past. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I am not quite sure why these 2 relicts are shown on the same card.

Did the artist not know they are from different cultures?

Is it just for effect?

But then it is not one Sacred Site anymore…….but feels more like modern pop culture…. 😦

I guess most people would not know…

I like the Sun stone as a symbol for the Wheel of fortune.

We all will be eaten by time….

And the Chac Mool – is still waiting for a true sacrifice – like the ones of time past – and not the Bananas and Pepsi bottles today’s tourist put on top of his plate to snap a picture….

picture from google images

Sacred Sites – Nazca

Recently a wonderful present arrived in my home:

The Sacred sites Tarot

 There are quite a few cards that – better than any other image – for me personally embody and enliven the concept of certain RWS meanings.

Let me try to explain what I mean on the example of the 8 of Wands:

The Condor soaring high over the mysterious Nazca lines:

Yes! It clearly shows the meaning of having to rise high above a creative project, situation and get a Bird’s eye view of the situation / the project.

Only from up here we can see the whole “landscape as it now presents itself.

All its hills and valleys, all the extend of the labyrinthine path below/ the convoluted winding intertwined interconnected ways of a situation / problem……


The Condor looks with detachment down upon the creation of humans.

= We are looking at it from the vantage point of a different species. 

We are getting the detached perspective of a Being outside of the situation.

Like a counselor sees a marriage and all its problems with a more detached overview.

Like I “see” through the eyes of one of my Owls and then can point out things previously unnoticed and also ways out of the labyrinth of problems…..

Out of the desert-like, energy draining trackway the person is stuck in and running through again and again over towards the nourishing waters of new fertility / ideas, behavior and release……

What better metaphor for the 8 of Wands than the Condor speedily flying over it all and seeing it all… 🙂

 That is something I always said about the Nazca lines:

They are labyrints, to be walked in a sacred manner. Each step each drop of sweat a gift to the Spirits.

The Animal geoglyphs  are just that = labyrinths.

NOT maizes, where you get lost.

 These geoglyphs  portray the sacred worldview of the people that created them: Learn from the Hummingbird – Chilpalmilto the Fighting Jewel! For some South American tribal people he stands for the 2 chambers of the human heart: Love and Hate – Compassion and Fight…

Learn from the Monkey and his roundabout circular round and round again sooo human -like tail spinning spiral. Learn about his ways while you walk this gigantic labyrinth in the heat and dry air – or the freezing night up on the plateau – and see what you learn about the human condition.

The human- like Owl Man/ Being is also often called the “astronaut figure” . Here it  is drawn up the hill however – not so much labyrinth but steeeeeep climb leading – where?

Straight into the head, where our ideas come from – and all our machinations and ruminations.

Into the head and around – but NOT into the eyes!!= towards sacred vision.


Were the eye circles sacred altars once?

I would check that – go there, just touch the Earth…..

It would “speak”

Was it the Owl that was to see while soaring over the labyrinths at night?

Were there offerings left for her? – For the Rodent prey of the Owl People that is?

Corn and Grains that brought rodents out of their burrows?

So Owl man could feed?

Or were there offerings of putrid meat – of the recently dead, that were left for Condors to come from far and wide – to strip the bones bare?

To take them up to their nests up high in the mountains?

The Condor: Was the Condor their Messenger to the Great Mystery?  Condors are highly revered all over ancient and modern South America.  The Condor alone could see the whole picture – the whole mystery…..

Some people said the geoglyphs are to be seen by the stars! ??

?– At night, in the dark?

The Star People might be too high up above to see it….

I am coming back to the Condor – who flies in the rising heat of the morning Sun…..

and the Owl – Messenger of the darkness of mind and shadow, through which we often stumble…..