Divine Abundance

My card today:

I am Divine Abundance!


It is true!

I am divine abundance and I am going to take this abundance to the Gravenhurst Farmers’ Market and set it all up and share it with others.

What a nice plan!

It is dark, rainy, and an icy North wind is blowing, as we set up. We struggggle with the tents and the sidewalls billowing in the gusts and knocking things over.

But 30 years of experience helps and 90 minutes later we are done. It looks soooo nice and promising. All the abundance set up in our tent and also in all the tents of our fellow vendors.

Now we all stand there – and wait. In the cooooold wind.

Peter shows of the few fresh Fiddle Heads he picked this morning.

No customers

Nobody in his or her right mind is venturing out in this weather. The thermometer fell from 12degrees Centigrade at 8.00am to 7 degrees at 10.00am. It should be the other way round!!! It should get warmer!!

It does not. (By nightfall we will have frost)

A few hurried shoppers brace themselves against the wind and walk from tent to tent, checking out all the divine abundance and lucky for us, we have 2 customers. A pair of Tree earrings and a Sterling silver Bear on Deer antler find a home in the hearts of their new owners.

Set tree earrings and pendant, Sterling Silver
hand crafted by us

Sterling Silver Bear on Deer Antler

Other vendors are not so lucky.

The 2 lovely and talented ladies across from us sell nothing.

We all are cooooooold!

I am wearing my winter jacket and have wrapped myself up in a sun-yellow wool blanket. Peter is asleep in our car.

We are all waiting for the time to pass, that 2.00 pm arrives and we can pack up.

At 1.00 it starts to drizzle.

Our neighbor had already taken down his tarps and now all the beautiful abundance on his table was getting wet 😦

 By 1.45 most of us have started packing up, glad, that we have a reason to move around and so – warm up

 At 2.15 all our abundances are packed away again, we are ready to leave, – and the sun comes out……

Better luck next week

Hope to see you all at the Market then!



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