Kathmandu on Full Moon

We are in Kathmandu since a few days now, working with shaman Bhola Banstola and several other shamans. We also did several trance journeys to connect with the Spirits of the land and right away the mighty Rhino “came through” for me as a teacher Spirit of this magnificent place:)
I will write about it , when I get home!

Yesterday we visited the “Monkey Temple Swayambhunath, attended the chanting Bhuddust monks , made offerings of flowers and water to the Earth Goddesses, fed the Monkeys, and watched the Eagles circle overhead.
Today we visited Bhaktapur and its sacred sites.

Happy Full Moon Greetings from Kathmandu!

Ongon Spirit from Mongolia

In the afternoon of December 24th I did a Tarot reading for a close friend. It was quite intense and insightful. After the reading concluded she showed me 2 small bronze statues she had gotten “from Nicholas”and told me to choose one for myself.

Ongon SpiritI was immediately attracted to the first one because it reminded me of all the untold stelae and statues guarding the Scythian Kurgans in my ancestral homeland, Tuva. Not only do we there have Spirits like this in stone, but also smaller, simpler ones made of wood, some for house altars, others to wear, many depicting the living Earth Mother. The way the figurine holds the hands folded over the navel area is very characteristic. The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, like a smiling Kong Fuzi or one of the early emperors, due to its serene facial expressions.


The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, due to its facial expressions.

Ongon -P







I thanked my friend and left my little treasure on the Tarot table in the treatment room.

We went for dinner to town and had a nice evening.

Then late at night I had a strange and very vivid dream:

The little Statue had come to life and was grabbing my ritual drum – the drum forthwith also became really small, so he/ she could play it. Then the Spirit danced around through the treatment room, over the Bear fur and the tables singing loudly and drumming up a storm. It had a rather raspy and hissing voice. Eventually he/she hopped into the mouth of the Bear and went singing and drumming all through his body and came out the “other end”

Waking up from that I was quite impressed!

What Spirit had come into my home?

I also had had the distinct feeling, during the dream, that this was not a strictly female spirit, but rather was 2 spirited.

Subsequently I send my friend a message asking her for more information about the little statue and where it was from.

To my surprise this is the answer to the riddle:

It is an Ongon Amulet from Mongolia and used by shamans to represent their spirit guides: It was acquired from the 3 Worlds site of Nicolas Breeze Wood.

Here is, what he published about it:


Origin: Mongolia, Northern China or Inner Mongolia
Age: unknown – but probably some significant age
Height: 50mm (2.0 inches) approx

Small standing bronze female ongon figure. An ongon is a house made of many different things and in many different forms, for a shamanic spirit to live in. Shamans and none shamans in Siberia have ongons, there will be ongons for the spirit of the house or the forest or the fields, often (but not always) in the form of a person.

Small bronze figures like this are called ‘buudaly,’ and are said to have fallen or been thrown down from the sky. Sometimes they are found in wild places and that is probably where the story of them having come from the sky originates.

Shamans use these small bronzes, especially the ones with suspension holes, to represent their spirit helpers or the ancestors. Often they tie them onto clothes or drums or other objects.

Tonight I will do a shamanic journey to my Ancestor Spirits to find out, if and how I should be working / interacting with this little Spirit Being.

Read the next post, 


to find out, how the story continues 🙂

Alkysch – I Bless you….


Alkysch is a word in our Siberian language and means Sacred Blessings coming from the Heart.

Before taking my finished Medicine Pieces to Markets and shows to sell, I invocate and bless them.

It looks somewhat like this:

Powers of the East,

Powers of New Beginnings!

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Powers of the South

Powers of Growth, of teaching and learning!

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Powers of the West!

Powers Prayers , of introspection and healing!

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Powers of the North

Powers of Dreams, of Visions of the Wisdom and tradition of the Ancestors

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Beloved Earth Mother

from where we all come and to where we all return

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Revered Sky Father

home to the Earth Mother and all her siblings

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Ee’rens of the 6 Sacred Directions

Humöüy Kangji

Great Mystery


Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


I wish to call LIFE into these pieces made by me from Gifts from You!

I am humbly asking for Blessings for good energy and long life

For these tools created in the old Sacred Way!

I am giving thanks for all the different Gifts from the Wild I was able to use to create these pieces:

Spruce Grouse! I thank you for gifting me your mortal body as material for teaching tools!

Heron! I am thankful that you trusted me with your remains.

Raven! I am sorry, Amarook, the Wolf ate you, and hope you will be smarter, when next you re-emerge from an egg in a Raven’s nest. Death is just a journey through the dark side of the Endless Circle and like all of us, you will be back. For now, I will honor your feathers and use them well.

Hawk! I just found you. You were old and arthritic. You had a good long life. Now you have a little rest and I thank you for your body and your beautiful feathers.

Pheasant! Thank you for these feathers. May they be honored and admired as a part of these Medicine Tools and remind people about taking pride in their own heritage.

Blue Jay!I thank you for these feathers. May you live a long life and enjoy all the Sunflower seeds we put out for you.

Turkey. I am sorry, you ran across the road at the wrong time. I thank you for your feathers. They remind us of your Medicine, to give thanks to Mother Earth for all she provides for all of us.

Great Gray Owl! May you have food always and live a long healthy life! May your descendants be many!

Woodpecker – I still miss you every day.May you rest in peace and be re-born in spring.

Parrot – Philip! May you have food always and live a long healthy life! May you bring joy to your human family!

Deer family, I thank you for the gift of hide and hair. With the pieces of your body used here a part of you will live forever and remind the people of your gentle and none violent ways always.

Moose family: I thank you for the gift of bone and hide. With the pieces of your body used here a part of you will live forever and remind the people of your Medicine of balance between gentleness and strength always.

Fox family: I am so sorry, you, my little brother never got to play in the wild and were born raised and killed for your fur. Now you are free and this piece of your fur brings honor to your kind. Nay you sense the wind, the sun and the rain.

Pine Tree, I thank you for the gift of wood that became part of the handle of these pieces. May your family always have wind and water. May your family grow tall and plentiful.

I am thankful to everyone and every Being that worked on creating the beads I used here.Their labor is respected and reflected in these pieces.

I wish to give thanks to the Mineral family for the materials provided for beads and dyes.

I wish to honor everyone and everything that has found a place within these pieces.

In the Sacred Smoke of Cedar and Juniper I bless these pieces and call them to Life!

(singing the Life giving chant….)

And now it is done.

In Beauty it is finished.

In Beauty and humility they are released into the Great Circle of Life.

May they find an owner who cherishes and uses them in the most respectful way and with the best intentions only. May you all soar in your living Beinghood.

May you go out and be representatives and teachers of the old sacred ways.

May your owners be your partners in walking in Beauty and Balance.


May there be Blessings!

May there be Blessings!

May there be Blessings!


Shyan am’

On a hot day in Huntsville…

As previously mentioned, June 21st is National Aboriginal Day and I was in Huntsville to bring teachings:

It was hot and very windy day. We were on site 2 hours early to set up the teaching area and several teaching stations that explain a little about the differences – and similarities of several First Nations.

To honor the Kanien’keha’:ka, the People of the Flint,(Mohawk) I had brought a Deer skin, as Deer is seen as the leader of the Animals, Maple twigs and Maple sirup as Maple is seen as the leader of the Trees. Strawberries are the leaders of the Food people, being the very first that are ripe up here – but we could not exhibit our delicious Strawberries, because the leader of the Ant People was right there to eat them up/ carry them away.. 😦

For the 3 clans of the People of the Flint I put the Turtle shell for the Turtle Clan, the Wolf foot for the Wolf Clan,and Bear fur for the Bear Clan. You also see my Water Drum, a woven basket with dried Squash and ceremonial heritage Corn and a little bottle of Maple sirup. Then there was the Tobacco pouch the Sachem of the Wolf Clan had given me as a present for a healing I had done for his family and the traditional Healing Rattle, I had received from a lady who’s grandfather was a doctor in the area in the 1920ties and who had received it for helping a Mohawk man,whom he had helped after a bad accident.(Peter now uses this rattle in the longhouse during certain songs and dances 🙂 )

The exhibit to honor the Buffalo Nations out West had the large Buffalo skull I received, honored by Buffalo wool, bead work and f”ed” with Sage and Sweet grass. The panel has traditional buffalo teachings on it as well as the sad history of the Buffalo slaughter of the late 18hundrets….

Then the exhibit for the Anishinaabe shows a traditional wabenowin rattle contrasted by a more modern Turtle rattle a pouch and tie with the traditional floral bead work of the Woodland Culture,A white Rabbit fur represents Nanabozho, a messenger of G’tchi Manitou, an intermediary on Earth among different species of beings and an advocate for the Anishinaabe, to whom he imparted the gift of knowledge.

The Turtle – (Snapping Turtle shell) again stands for Earth In the back is one of my handmade Sweet Grass smudging baskets with Sage,(West) Cedar,(North) and home grown Tobacco (East)and a Sweet grass braid (South)

Here on the picture still in the plastic bag is a shell with smudging herbs that was lit for the noon ceremony and onto the little dishes I would put Herbs, that people can use as offerings to put their own Prayers into the Sacred Fire and send them to Creator. We had to keep this covered until the last minute because of the strong wind, that was trying to blow things about….

 I have no pictures of the things being in use, but I am sure you know, that it is strictly against cultural norms to photograph the Prayers and  ceremonies while they are being conducted.

Many Elders also do not allow people to take pictures of any teachings. I however belief, that every little bit helps to bring understanding and tolerance to a broader audience and so am OK with being photographed or filmed while teaching. I however do not like the media interfere with what I do, I do not “pose” for pictures and do not answer questions of the media while teaching. When there is healing rituals or a sharing circle, then I do no allow any media.

We also did set up a teaching area with a Medicine wheel, the big drum and all the hand drums. In the next post there will be a few pics about what went on there….

There was supposed to be another Native Elder from a local community .

He has promised to bring Prayers and teachings, but he did not show up and it was an awkward situation with all the town’s dignitaries and the TV crew waiting and waiting and waiting in the searing 40+ heat….

…..until they decided, that I was on my own for the day…

There were a lot of people in the central plaza and several school classes had come to attend and learn.

So I grabbed my drum, entrusted the Smudge to a knowledgeable Anishinaabe que and  did the ceremony and the following teachings alone.

Clients and Northern Shadows


   Northern Shadows 3 of Swords

I am having a hard time describing the card.

This is tooooooo close!

Right now.

This is, as if S and J are standing before me, right now, holding baby Willow.

See, Willow, Willow was not supposed to be here….

I think???

…………….or maybe she was…. .

Sometimes things go VERY wrong…..

Hydrops fetalis is one of these things.

S found out in week 21 of her pregnancy – and decided against a late abortion.

Willow was born still, but modern medicine knows a lot of tricks and they got the heart going again…. and she went on a ventilator – and she had 9 surgeries to fix/ manage the hydrops and several other problems like a closed left lung, a none functioning stomach and ….. a loooooong list…..

She was at the hospital for all her almost 2 years of “life”, never opening her one good eye, never even crying – never moving even one limb……

Slooooly but surely S and J recognized the “hounds of hell,” that rode over their little family.

The priest who spoke of “god’s mysterious ways” and the holy gift of life, that should not be denied, …. = why the tubes needed to stay in……

Yes, modern medicine tried EVERYTHING.

And S and J and Willow suffered through everything.

Somehow they had heard of scruffy little me and came, wanting to know, if I could help.

Journeying showed, that Willow’s Spirit was not in her body – not since she left the womb.

Willow’s Spirit was back on the Tree of Life, where it belonged….

And no, you do not have to give up being a christian in order to come here and ….

….pray for the unthinkable……

You are her parents and the unthinkable is to allow Willow’s body to return home.

You can safely pray here

to anyone you need to

to find the strength to……… :love:

They cried….

They prayed…..

They found the strength to

turn of the machines and the Spirit of Mercy took her physical form away, back into the loving arms of Umai Ee’ne, the Earth Mother.

The hounds of hell are still riding…

…..jumping across the empty cradle in the baby bedroom,

over J.’s outbursts of anger

and race through the nightmares of S.

When will their hoof beat subside?


Sunday they will come out to my house.

We will sing lullabies to Spirit baby Willow.



How to define shamanism???
I am sure that there are a gazzzzudle of wise, learned professors out there that know absolutely EVERYTHING about that!!!
Only they themselves never had a vision or better said, went into full theta  trance – other than maybe aided by some drugs……..
Well No drugs for me!

All I need is my drum….
A shaman is a person that can go into trance at will, spontaneously and —

– OK, sometimes also goes into trance spontaneously when not called for…… been there, or …..????
What the person then “sees” perceives he, she uses for the good of the community.

Some “see” and talk to Spirits in human, animal or any form in between. There are no rules. Trance has no rules other than that it is universal and found in all cultures.
Usually shamans are not the ones to make rules anyway. They have a bone-crushing vision, that may inspire them to create a NEW ritual , something that revitalizes the community. These rituals may or may not become permanent fixtures after that.
A medicine Bundle may be created after such a vision.

And eventually the community may end up electing a bundle priest, that takes care of the rituals and tabooooos related to that bundle / commemorating the vision…. Now thous guys are the ones we have to looook towards when searching for the roots of dogma, taboo enforcement and rigid moral and behavior codes!! Because out of these THEY receive their power (with a small p!!! ) and their prestige….
OK they also embody the Traditions; good and bad……
The culture’s shamans however are meanwhile busssssssy with the next Powerful vision and the one after that…..
We have no time and room for rigidity; we are treading new ground, keeping the culture vibrant and alive, not a relict, fit for a museum. There you have the exact cutting edge between visionary shamanism and tutelary = learnabel/ apprentice based priesthood.

Shamans the world over were the first artist, drawing their visions onto rocks, trees, into the back of Mother Earth to bring them into tangible reality.
And that is what we still do.
In art, in dance, in chants, in rituals, given to us by Spirit.
And sometimes we write about just how that feels like on an international web site like this one to share with  😉

—> the community!!! = You all!

…….Iffff we are not sitting in endless Pow Wow board meetings -that is…..  😦



Ice Age anyone?

The Tarot of the Origins

will be my deck for this week. I am currently reading 2 books about Ice age art and life ways as well as what ethnologist are finding out about belief systems and spirituality at the dawn of civilization. culture and spirituality. The images of the Tarot of the Origins go very well with this theme and my thoughts about creating some jewelry out of the Mammoth tusk pieces we still have from a dig east of Dawson City in the Yukon.

Daily draw:

card 12 of the suite of emotions:

Animal of Soul


What a card to start my week.

The huuuuuuge head of a woolly Rhino dominates the center, just waaaay back in the upper part of the image a human hunter with shield and spear is visible.

It feels as if the Animal is stomping away from him, whirling up dust and dirt and whatever else is in its way…

What, if the beast decides to turn around and face its puny little opponent?

With this HORN !!!!!!is the hunter alone, or are his pals nearby? Can you / can I imagine going after some foe like this – in an attempt to get dinner?

Because eat them we did! In the middle Paleolithic =“30 000years ago, Rhinos made up about 16% of what our Ancestors ate. Later, in the Magdalenian, the time of the beautiful cave paintings, it was less than 1%.

Would we women have joined the hunt?

Me with 56-certainly not, I would be ancient oooold and probably back at camp, taking care of the kids, that for sure were kept out of nose- width of this Rhino.

Well, there is another card with a Rhino in this deck: Death

Here the sandy brown Rhino has speared a puny little human onto its huuuuuuge horn, lifting him into the blood red sky.

A powerful vision of how a warrior or hunter meets the Ancestor Spirits!

Since Rhinos were more and more rare in the landscape, what would our Ancestors have thought about them?

What shamanistic Powers would they have attributed to them?

What myth?

What stories of the hunt would have been told?

Who saw the last Rhino on the steppes of central Europe?

Were there any over here in North America?

Who will see the very last wild Rhino in modern day Africa?

Could we save it from extinction?

For today?

The stern warning is: Do not engage what you may not be able to escape from.

I hope, that does not pertain to the Tarot of the Origins


Mother Earth the Turtle

Healing Earth Tarot
7 of Shields
The blue waves of the sea surround a spooked wheel with the Great Turtle and her eggs in its Center.
For me this card encompasses a whole world view:
Mother Earth the Turtle
floating within the blue blanket of Father Sky.

She is seen with her 7 eggs, symbolizing the future of us all, hinting at the next 7 generations following ours, the people, for whom we need to steward and protect our living Mother, so in turn She will continue to nurture and feed all of her living children residing on her broad back.
All the creation myth of the First Nations, in which Mother Earth the Turtle feature prominently float through my mind.

Here is one, often told in our Longhouse:

The Earth on Turtle’s Back
Long time ago, before the Earth was here, all was water. Many creatures lived in the water, swimming about. Far above the clouds, there was, however, a land where lived a powerful chief. His wife was going to have a baby. In that Sky land was a great tree with four large roots, stretching out to each of the four sacred directions, and bearing many kinds of fruits and flowers.

One night the chief’s wife dreamed that the great tree had been uprooted. The chief perceived that this was a dream of great power, and thus must be fulfilled. With great effort, the tree was uprooted, leaving a large hole in the sky. The chief’s wife leaned to look through the hole, but lost her balance and fell.

Grasping at the tree as she fell, she only managed to hold onto a handful of seeds. The water creatures below saw her falling. They realized that she was not a water creature and tried desperately to think of a way to help her.

“I have heard,” said one, “that there is earth far below the waters. Perhaps we should try to get some for her to stand upon.”

One by one the animals tried to dive down far enough to retrieve land, but one by one they failed. Finally, brave little muskrat tried one last time. Deeper and deeper she dove until her little lungs almost burst. Suddenly she found a bit of land. Scooping it up, she frantically swam to the surface. But alas, where to put the land?

The Turtle said, “Put it on my back. I will hold up the Land and the Sky Woman.” And so they did. Sky woman landed safely on Turtle’s back and was very thankful. She cast the seeds about.

The Land on the Turtle’s back became ever so beautiful. The tiny piece of Earth on the turtle’s back began to grow.

It grew and grew and grew until it formed an island in the water. The island grew larger and larger, but still the turtle bore the weight of the Earth on his back. A huge island sat in the middle of the water, and today that island is known as North America or  “Turtle Island.

But not only the Native Americans have stories about the Great Turtle, the Chinese do too and so do tribal people in Africa and Australia.
Turtle is universal.
Turtle provides grounding for all our high flying ideas, asking questions of sustainability and consideration for all life on this small and so very fragile planet.
It asks each and every one of us to do their part, not only lip service and – maybe a little recycling…..

Mother Earth the Turtle is a recurring subject in my art.
Again and again She appears,
As bone carving on a Medicine pouch,
As petroglyph drawing on a drum.
As a pendant or pin in the jewelry I make my living with…..
Each and every time I draw Her, carve Her, cut Her shape out of Sterling silver or any other metal, I am speaking her message – and the message of all my Relations.
Inspired by this card, I will today, yet again create a Turtle, draw a Turtle, speak of Turtles……

Will you hear me?

What is your Credo?

What is your Credo?

This morning I took a step back and thought:
” Why am I doing this?

What is “in it “ for me?”
Of course, it is FUN!!!!
I loooove to do this….
It is – like teaching, just doing it together with friends. And then it “clicked” in my Bird brain:

It is my credo, that I am following, when I am doing this!
And: My credo is still “right on”.
That however I find very important!
See, I also have this journal, for small daily entries of what is going on and “every day life” that my husband and me fill out every day.
> The Sacred journey – Daily journal for your Soul< ,
In the front of it however it asks the user to write:
My Credo:
My Heart calling:
My path of service:
Building my Circle:
My Giveaway to others and myself:
along with
Goals for the coming year specified in to
-Spiritual, relationships, finances, health, personal growth, creative expressions, travel and play and several other headings….

But it all starts with your credo as the foundation , the basis upon which your life stands….
For the last 11 years my credo has not changed and it is good to feel it freshly affirmed.
My Credo has 3 parts:

I am a part of the Universe and the Universe is a part of me.
We are all part of this living Universe.
Everything is alive!
Everything has a story…..

I am standing beneath a Teaching Tree
who’s vast branches stretch towards the Light
I can not see the outer parts of these branches,
because the Tree is forever growing.
So am I.

My life fulfilling truth
is a philosophy,
for which many others have no frame of reference.
By walking my path
I can change that.

…………………………… ……………………………………….
What is your credo?