Invitation to the Trip of a Lifetime! :)

It is now – what – 3 ½ years ago, that P. came to me as a client. She was” battling”a lot of “issues” and over the years we worked on many of them. Some got solved, some changed….

Today, she is quite healthy and is enjoying life to the fullest.

Over these years our relationship changed from shaman- client to becoming friends.I still do “work” for her and her family, but we also often “hang out” and have fun.

P. now also follows shamanism focusing on her Ancestors and also totally turned her life around and adopted a new, more spiritual lifestyle.

She travels a lot = a LOT!!!!!                                                      To Egypt and down the Nile in a boat and see all the pyramids – with Nicky Skully –and the creator of the Anubis oracle cards…To Dubay to the Medan races, where the family’s horse was invited by the Sheik, – and won nothing of the 12 million $ prize…

she also loves to visit other well known shamanic teachers and take their seminars, then shares what the experience gifted her. 🙂

So back in late January she had just returned from a short trip – I forgot to where and we were at her house for dinner.  While the servants were bringing in a delicious desert of exotic fruit dipped in chocolate, P. causally mentioned, that she wants to go to Nepal:

A shamanic practitioner from Maine is organizing a 10 day tour to Nepal, visiting the sites, working with the shamanic teachers Bhola Banstola, Aama Bombo and several others.

She showed us the advertisement for this workshop.

It is in October,” she said.You guys are done with all your shows by then, right??”

Yes”, Peter said – “for about a month – until…”

Good,” P. said, “Because you are going too”

 We were speechless!!!!!bugeyed

Yes, she said, “We are all going to do this” – pointing at the flier, “and Sam wants to fly around Mount Everest!

And pointing at me: ”And you and Peter can pick another little adventure, for a few days, what you would like to do”  My fork dropped to the floor and for the rest o the evening I starred at the flier before me and – stared some more, while Sam and P. discussed the idea of going to see the Dalai Lama on the same trip – or maybe later or… …..??!!??

Peter said nothing.

I had hawked that flier in such a way, that P.’s PA = personal assistant was to print me my very own copy to take home….

I was speechless, and stayed so ! 🙂


At some point, a few months ago I must have mentioned, that I have not had a holiday in years. The last time I went “away” was when my sister died and I had to take care of her estate – back in 2009 – But that was a rather sad affair, not a vacation.

So P. decided, that I should have a little vacation and some fun!

I am flabbbbbberghastered, but ready!


Here we come!