Snake Woman

It was beautiful warm summer weather – just right for a little excursion and a visit with friends.

They live close to a small village in the heart of “Cottage Country “ at the banks of one of the many rivers that flow into Georgian Bay.

We had not been to their home in a while and so it was natural, that, after an introductory stroll through this year’s garden, we should walk down to the river and visit the large boulder, an erratic, left there by the melting glaciers.

It was my husband Peter, who, a few steps away, discovered her.

Water Snake at Annes place

Part of her slender body comfortably tucked under yet another large rock her head appeared into the sunlight. Tongue flicking to catch our scent, she inspected the new arrivals in her territory. She was not afraid at all and soon settled down again, head in the sun,turned towards us.

It felt natural to sit down next to her and include her into our conversation:Her neighbour the Bull Frog

-About the recent spring flood that had covered the very site we were now sitting on

About the large Bull Frog, who lives a bit further down the riverbank …

I am sure, she knows him well. – I am also sure, he is not very fond of her…. 😉

About the environment, sports fishermen and boaters, cottagers and tourists.

All topics that would interest a Snake and we all were certain, she also contributed a remark here and there – although in parseltounge and so inaudible to us.

At some point it was time to leave and soon after we got up, so did she.

Only then we saw, how big Snake Woman was!

Well over 3 feet!

Now in the water 2

My friends go swimming in the river right there at that spot.

No wonder she did not flee. She knows their scent well and also knows that they mean her no harm.