Flight of Fancy

Reading through the accompanying book of the Mary El Tarot I am again and again confronted with the Kabbalah wisdom, the Tree of Life and its application to the Mayor Arcana of the Tarot.

So much so, in fact, that it tempted me to go beyond the humorous teachings of Lon Milo Duquette’s “Chicken Qabalah” and look deeper.


But with spring here, the craft show season starting soon, all my clients and me teaching Native Studies in schools, I felt, I should consult my Medicine Animals, if that was a worthwhile use of my limited time.

Shamanic journey.

It is full Moon and quite mild for April in Ontario.

I dress warm anyway, put my Reindeer fur onto a blanket on the deck and start drumming.

Right away I am in the Journey cave. The fire is on, but besides me there is nobody there. (that is usually the case, when the journey is about a personal interest and not a client or community issue….)

So I go to the News rock. To check for information. There is a Huuuuuuge hole in it! And I can see blue sky! I stick my head in the hole and see a simple landscape. Short green lawn with Clover flowers and a few Dandelions and clear blue Sky.

Oh, look there! There is Fretty! (he is a rather monochromatic cartoonish looking Siberian Ferret….)

OK there is Fretty!

He is perched atop a purplish pink balloon that is floating through the air trailing a long bow with a sign on it: “Happy…..”

? happy what? Oh! “Happy Hour”.

Fretty does not look happy.

And just as his balloon is about to disappear from my field of view the inevitable happens: He digs his long scratchy claws into the rubber and ”POP” balloon gone!

Unceremoniously Fretty falls to the ground muttering something entirely unfit for repetition.

Somehow he always makes me laugh and that ends the vision.

But over the years I have learned, that this is the intention and that the funny antic contains the information I need.

Here what comes to my analytical tonal mind is “flight of fancy” and whatever you need to make you happy.

So, it is quite OK for me to stick my head into these teachings and broaden my horizon = fly high on a strange balloon, see how another culture tried to explain the mysteries of life and death (and soul flight) as long as I know how and when to come back down to Earth and back to the solid ground of ancestral wisdom.

Picture language:

The Journey Cave has its entrance located in a large rock on our property and otherwise is our headquarter for me and the gang = my group of Medicine Animals and Helper Spirits in the Otherworld

The Fire: If the fire is on, I will find help, information there, if the fire is not on I can either make fire myself or I have to go to another meeting place ……

Newspaper rock:This is a huge gray granite rock wall where all kinds of petroglyphic symbols and drawings appear that give insights to all kinda of questions. I also can leave notes for Spirits and receive notes. The wall looks different every time I look at it. Sometimes it is all Crystal, or Obsidian or a wooden board with a construction plan on it… I never know…..

Fretty is a rather monochromatic cartoonish looking Siberian Ferret that is one of my Guides since age 2 1/2 and I should probably write about how I got him…. or better- how he was put in charge of me….until my Clan guardian from Ada’s = my father’s Clan appeared…..)

Green grass is personal growth – the fact that is short indicates, that I will probably not do this for very long.

Clover is good luck

Dandelions are a “Study flower” to me. When I was at university and also studying with my Inde’ teacher I had the first vision of a huuuuuuuge Dandelion breaking through the pavement right between the buildings of the Maternity clinic and the Psychiatric hospital of the university complex…..

That, my teacher said was me.

Am I reallllly a noxious weed that nobody can keep down or am I the nutritious plant, full of vitamins, that since beginning of humanity was used for food, medicine and healing?

It is this picture language that you learn when you write down your dreams and analyze them and “take notes”

You can not use a book, because the meanings depend on a mixture of your “first knowledge” and your aquiered knowledge as well as symbols that you successfully recognized before as relevant for you.

These will appear again and again….

Your internal picture language !