Summer Solstice / National Aboriginal Day Prayer:


Today on the longest day of the yearly cycle we have gathered here to honor Grandfather Sun and to give thanks for all the lush abundance in our lives, that the Creator, the Sacred Mystery provides for us all.



And so we turn our thoughts towards the Medicine Powers of East,

and send our greetings and our gratitude towards the place where Grandfather Sun is rising every morning, blessing us with the light and warmth that fills our hearts and minds,

that makes the Eagle soar and that gives strength and energy to our Brothers and Sisters the Plants: the food Plants, healing Plants the Trees and the Flowers that speak to our open hearts.

May Grandfather Sun fill us with energy, enthusiasm and joy, confidence and creativity

Today and always.

Let us now turn towards the Powers of the South, the direction of Summer, heat and growth and our daily work and responsibilities .

May the Creator extend loving protection over all of us, our families and loved ones, our homes and our communities.

May we have patience and kindness in our hearts, when teaching the children.

May we be filled with and respect for all living beings

Let us also send greetings and gratitude towards our Brothers and Sisters the Animals, the 4 Legged, the Winged ones, the Shape Changers and the Swimmers, from whom we can learn the wisdom of living on this land in Beauty and in Balance.

Today and always.

Let us now turn towards the West, the direction of the setting Sun, that teaches us to slow down, from our daily work and turn inwards. Let us send greetings and prayers for good health and healing to everyone who is sick today and so can not be here. Let us send greetings and prayers of solace to everyone who lost a loved one. Let us help everyone who is lost and in distress or confused. May the Evening Sun lend us the insight to recognize our own weak spots and give us the strength to walk towards the greater good of peace and healing.

Today and always.


Let us now turn towards the North, the place of night, quiet, dreams, memory and visions.

Let as sing our songs of greeting and gratitude that affirm our culture and who we are.

Today, on National Aboriginal Day, let us offer Sweet grass, Sage and Tobacco to honor the Ancestors, who walked upon this land, since the time of Beginnings.

May our words and deeds plant the teachings of the Ancestors deep into the hearts of our children and grandchildren.

The vision of the First Nations is one, that honors the past and the sacrifices made, but it looks forward, towards a vibrant and productive future.

Today and always

Let us now send Greetings and heartfelt gratitude towards the Earth Mother for all she provides for us and all our Relations, the Animals, Plants, Birds.

Let us give thanks for the growing harvest, now in our fields and gardens.

Let us pledge to keep clean the waters, lakes, streams and rivers, as water is the life blood of our Mother the Earth.

Let us be respectful of the land, of forests, meadows, sea shores and mountains down to the very last  rock and stone , for these are her bones and her wisdom resides in them.

Let us honor the Fire, that first arouse from the depths of her belly.

All that is upon the Earth is of the Earth and the Earth is our only home.

Today and in the future.

Let us now pay our respects to Father Sky stretched out high above us and send greetings and gratitude in the form of sacred smoke of Sage and Tobacco up into his blue blanket.

For Grandfather Sun, for Grandmother Moon and for all the Stars, the Brothers and Sisters of Mother Earth.

When we look up towards Father Sky, let us remember, how small we are, and let us be filled with thankfulness and humility.

Today and always.

Great Spirit,

Our Creator,



Gichi Manitou,

Wakan Tanka,


Lord God,


Great Mystery!

You with so many name but one all encompassing energy.

You who is everywhere and within everything and everyone.

Today on the Summer Solstice, On National Aboriginal Day

We ask for Blessings

Please bless us and our loved ones

Please bless all our relations

Please bless the Earth Mother

Please bless everyone alive upon her and within the blanket of Sky father.

Shi Meegweetch



Thank you

Then I can teach you!

  • Friend!
  • First you have to change!
  • From being a “Homo Sapiens” – – Homo = male + sapiens  = Knower  
  • to a “Huma Emotensia”!!!!
  • Huma – – from Uma, the Earth Goddess = female
  • Human- – – humane
  • Emotensia – – from emotions, feeeeelings!!! able to allow feelings, a feeling one
  • emotensia – – moat = deep, dark, moist, ripe,
  • emotensia – – ensis = menses – bringing forth, flowing from
  • emotensia – – mensa = smart, puzzle solving
  • emotensia – – aaaaah! = female, open,  awakening, recognizing
  • Friend!
  • become that first!
  • Then, when you are a Huma Emotensia
  • then I can teach you
  • more
  • of the mysteries of Shaman-Innen, of Woman Shamans!
  • Woman shamans work from innen = inside the womb!
  • inside the Self
  • from the inside out
  • from the hollow bone
  • conduit of Energy, of aaaaah!
  • Can you be- – hollow inside?
  • = NO
  •  EGO?
  • Let go?
  • Inner glow!
  • that does show,
  • without you claiming so?

Mi-Shell 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                        artwork: Mara Friedman