In Flight

over Uzbekistan

Desert below

Ripples of ridges, beige, brown, endless…

like an ancient lake bed.

The death bed of an ocean.

Mountains to the south-west!

Then again lakes, like teardrop shaped pock marks in the beige brown matrix.

Swallowed up by the vapour stream of jet exhaust

Flying into the setting sun – flying with it – hour for hour…

Delhi, Lahore, Peshawar, Samarkand, high desert

Turbulence, clouds and haze…

The plane turns, just a little…

It changes the view into a permanent rainbow!

Water vapour and jet fuel in the evening sun:)


Then a mighty river! The Amu Darya!

Roads, then a large town: Nukus.

The mighty snaking River is being swallowed by the rainbow.

Then the plane turns again, just a tiny fraction of a degree….

Sandy brown scragggggly mountains,

ridges rippling into the distance

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ somewhat like this…..

Falling into the Caspian Sea

Blue stretches below

the plane bows down, Russian air space demands it.

From 12.500 m to 11277m

from 800km/h ground speed down to 778km/h

Grosnjy, here we come!

Mother Russia is coy!

Hiding beneath a blanket of clouds.

Up here – turbulences dipped in sunset gold!

Gold dripping into grey

then into darkness

just wing tip lights blinking

distance to London: 4000km >> distance to Delhi: 2742km

Time for dinner and a movie…….


026 himalaya

Kathmandu airport is – rickety…. Bumpy gravelly access pothole affair for a main road and parking, but it works like any modern airport does. It had been raining for days and there had been no flights to the other villages and towns, because of no visibility. – and that during the Dashain festival, when everyone has to go home to their families to receive Blessings from the parents…..
there also were no sight seeing flights to the mountains….
BUT: Today the weather was perfect and EVERYONE wanted to fly!
Us too. And soon we were sitting, 40 passengers in a small Yeti airline prop plane and off into the blue sky to see the magnificent Himalayas lined up north of Kathmandu.
Everest was dressed up in a wispy thin pinkish cloud, like a coy girl.
I can only put a few of our pictures. It is too majestic to describe!


045 himalaya

067 mt. everest

Sacred Sites – Nazca

Recently a wonderful present arrived in my home:

The Sacred sites Tarot

 There are quite a few cards that – better than any other image – for me personally embody and enliven the concept of certain RWS meanings.

Let me try to explain what I mean on the example of the 8 of Wands:

The Condor soaring high over the mysterious Nazca lines:

Yes! It clearly shows the meaning of having to rise high above a creative project, situation and get a Bird’s eye view of the situation / the project.

Only from up here we can see the whole “landscape as it now presents itself.

All its hills and valleys, all the extend of the labyrinthine path below/ the convoluted winding intertwined interconnected ways of a situation / problem……


The Condor looks with detachment down upon the creation of humans.

= We are looking at it from the vantage point of a different species. 

We are getting the detached perspective of a Being outside of the situation.

Like a counselor sees a marriage and all its problems with a more detached overview.

Like I “see” through the eyes of one of my Owls and then can point out things previously unnoticed and also ways out of the labyrinth of problems…..

Out of the desert-like, energy draining trackway the person is stuck in and running through again and again over towards the nourishing waters of new fertility / ideas, behavior and release……

What better metaphor for the 8 of Wands than the Condor speedily flying over it all and seeing it all… 🙂

 That is something I always said about the Nazca lines:

They are labyrints, to be walked in a sacred manner. Each step each drop of sweat a gift to the Spirits.

The Animal geoglyphs  are just that = labyrinths.

NOT maizes, where you get lost.

 These geoglyphs  portray the sacred worldview of the people that created them: Learn from the Hummingbird – Chilpalmilto the Fighting Jewel! For some South American tribal people he stands for the 2 chambers of the human heart: Love and Hate – Compassion and Fight…

Learn from the Monkey and his roundabout circular round and round again sooo human -like tail spinning spiral. Learn about his ways while you walk this gigantic labyrinth in the heat and dry air – or the freezing night up on the plateau – and see what you learn about the human condition.

The human- like Owl Man/ Being is also often called the “astronaut figure” . Here it  is drawn up the hill however – not so much labyrinth but steeeeeep climb leading – where?

Straight into the head, where our ideas come from – and all our machinations and ruminations.

Into the head and around – but NOT into the eyes!!= towards sacred vision.


Were the eye circles sacred altars once?

I would check that – go there, just touch the Earth…..

It would “speak”

Was it the Owl that was to see while soaring over the labyrinths at night?

Were there offerings left for her? – For the Rodent prey of the Owl People that is?

Corn and Grains that brought rodents out of their burrows?

So Owl man could feed?

Or were there offerings of putrid meat – of the recently dead, that were left for Condors to come from far and wide – to strip the bones bare?

To take them up to their nests up high in the mountains?

The Condor: Was the Condor their Messenger to the Great Mystery?  Condors are highly revered all over ancient and modern South America.  The Condor alone could see the whole picture – the whole mystery…..

Some people said the geoglyphs are to be seen by the stars! ??

?– At night, in the dark?

The Star People might be too high up above to see it….

I am coming back to the Condor – who flies in the rising heat of the morning Sun…..

and the Owl – Messenger of the darkness of mind and shadow, through which we often stumble…..