A Turkey Wing Dance Fan

Well, what can I say: It is just before our sale’s season at the Gravenhurst Farmer’s Market starts and I am busy getting ready for the summer. I prefer to make shamanic art pieces in the time between New Moon and Full Moon and am trying to have at least one each month, but this time of year several are coming into Beinghood, because often July and August are soooo busy that I do not have time – And then there are the specific orders from customers I have to fill at that time….

Anyway, today I finished this one:

 Turkey Wing fan

A Turkey Wing dance- or smudging fan 🙂

I took it to the recent Longhouse gathering and it was much admired. 🙂

This Bird was killed on the road to our house.

Turkey stands for giving thanks to our Earth Mother for all the abundance she provides for us and all our relations = all living Beings on her broad back. Since i was working on this fan in spring, when all the profusion of colours and bird sounds erupted all around me, I decided to make this fan joyous and colourful with dress feathers of many different Birds

Truth be told – I also had to cover up a few tooth marks from Wa-guish the Fox 😉

So naturally I added some F0x fur.

The leather is Moose and from its bone is the carving of the Turtle.

This fan is HUUUUGE! 70 cm long, not counting the “tail feathers”