In and around Kathmandu:

street view

The roads are…. no roads at all! Just an assemblage of pot holes

Gravel , dust, garbage everywhere, stray Dogs, some sacred cows, thousands of scooters, motor bikes and cars  of any imaginable kind, from dilapidated and falling apart conkers to slick and dirty Mercedes limousines.

Everything crawls along at about 5 km/h an hour. – From pot hole to pot hole.

Busy streets

No traffic lights.

Sometimes a Cop, looking more like a robber with his black face mask on….

Honk, if you want to pass.

Everyone else is honking as well and so it is a chaotic “Honk-Out”

Snarrrrled lumps of electric wires just above your head…..

Some sparking and crackling.

The spirits of power outages.

Everyone rushing every way

With every imaginable kind of cargo on the back or balanced on a bike….

The odd Monkey

_DSC5312 (1072 x 712)

Crows and Sparrows diving down for dis guarded morsels.

A poor dead Rat…..

Everyone skilfully steps around it……




Poverty looks the same everywhere in the world….

So does trying to eak out a living despite of it…

_DSC4245 (1072 x 712)

There are a 1000 pictures of it on the net….

…I will add a few:

the main River is garbaged out

Cow eating garbage

Waiting for tourists

weird tractor car


There is also Beauty in the chaos!

Lots of it, in fact!:)


Flutes, anyone?

Just play the tune…

…..and the city will dance…..

Flutes anyone