Go ask the Shrew

about what’s bothering you

She’ll dive into a hole

to go, ask the Mole

that’s blind but can see

the world’s mystery


He’ll speak to the Shrew

who’ll write it to you

with tracks in the snow

so you see and know


Have a gift for the Shrew

for working with you

Short Tailed Shrew 5.3.2013

Short Tailed Shrew

The plight of the Deer Clan

Today a situation has come up, that yet again  puts a part of the previously posted journey “The Grievances of the Clan Guardians ” from September back into sharp focus:

Hunting season is upon us – and yet again the Grievances of the Deer Clan, so eloquently voiced, are laying before me in form of several garbage bags -dumped into the bushes- filled with ripped Deer hides, hoofs and tails and the Animal’s heads sadly looking at me out of broken eyes.

I am upset, finding these on she side of rarely traveled concession roads and – in the dump at the cross-roads. It is not the hunting – giving up their lives that I or the Clan Guardian of the Deer object to – it is the mindless, honor-less discarding of the hides and the“not honoring of the Spirit of the Animal” that is so very evident in this kind of sportsmanship. To me, this is yet another sad evidence of the Broken Hoop in modern society.

The situation is even sadder, because I know these Animals – personally.

The Dow and her now almost grown Fawn used to come out every evening to graze on the clearing besides the small road, where I found them – less than a kilometer away from our land.

Here they were- in better times full of precious Life

Yes, I meanwhile found the gentleman called D. 

He works for a wildlife butcher and would be sooooo very glad, if he could give away free into good hands a huuuuge amount of raw Deer hides to anyone who is willing to take one, tan it him/herself, bring it to a taxidermist to do the work ( cost about $ 250.00) – or at least put down Tobacco and Sage as gifts for the Spirits.

I have put aside money from the donations basket on our family altar ( where patients and clients put something for us to use) and I will tan and cure at least 2 hides.

Is there anyone here, who would join me and also take a hide?

Please contact me!

Thank you for listening.


Alkysch – I Bless you….


Alkysch is a word in our Siberian language and means Sacred Blessings coming from the Heart.

Before taking my finished Medicine Pieces to Markets and shows to sell, I invocate and bless them.

It looks somewhat like this:

Powers of the East,

Powers of New Beginnings!

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Powers of the South

Powers of Growth, of teaching and learning!

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Powers of the West!

Powers Prayers , of introspection and healing!

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Powers of the North

Powers of Dreams, of Visions of the Wisdom and tradition of the Ancestors

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Beloved Earth Mother

from where we all come and to where we all return

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Revered Sky Father

home to the Earth Mother and all her siblings

Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


Ee’rens of the 6 Sacred Directions

Humöüy Kangji

Great Mystery


Hear my voice,

hear my song,

hear my prayer!


I wish to call LIFE into these pieces made by me from Gifts from You!

I am humbly asking for Blessings for good energy and long life

For these tools created in the old Sacred Way!

I am giving thanks for all the different Gifts from the Wild I was able to use to create these pieces:

Spruce Grouse! I thank you for gifting me your mortal body as material for teaching tools!

Heron! I am thankful that you trusted me with your remains.

Raven! I am sorry, Amarook, the Wolf ate you, and hope you will be smarter, when next you re-emerge from an egg in a Raven’s nest. Death is just a journey through the dark side of the Endless Circle and like all of us, you will be back. For now, I will honor your feathers and use them well.

Hawk! I just found you. You were old and arthritic. You had a good long life. Now you have a little rest and I thank you for your body and your beautiful feathers.

Pheasant! Thank you for these feathers. May they be honored and admired as a part of these Medicine Tools and remind people about taking pride in their own heritage.

Blue Jay!I thank you for these feathers. May you live a long life and enjoy all the Sunflower seeds we put out for you.

Turkey. I am sorry, you ran across the road at the wrong time. I thank you for your feathers. They remind us of your Medicine, to give thanks to Mother Earth for all she provides for all of us.

Great Gray Owl! May you have food always and live a long healthy life! May your descendants be many!

Woodpecker – I still miss you every day.May you rest in peace and be re-born in spring.

Parrot – Philip! May you have food always and live a long healthy life! May you bring joy to your human family!

Deer family, I thank you for the gift of hide and hair. With the pieces of your body used here a part of you will live forever and remind the people of your gentle and none violent ways always.

Moose family: I thank you for the gift of bone and hide. With the pieces of your body used here a part of you will live forever and remind the people of your Medicine of balance between gentleness and strength always.

Fox family: I am so sorry, you, my little brother never got to play in the wild and were born raised and killed for your fur. Now you are free and this piece of your fur brings honor to your kind. Nay you sense the wind, the sun and the rain.

Pine Tree, I thank you for the gift of wood that became part of the handle of these pieces. May your family always have wind and water. May your family grow tall and plentiful.

I am thankful to everyone and every Being that worked on creating the beads I used here.Their labor is respected and reflected in these pieces.

I wish to give thanks to the Mineral family for the materials provided for beads and dyes.

I wish to honor everyone and everything that has found a place within these pieces.

In the Sacred Smoke of Cedar and Juniper I bless these pieces and call them to Life!

(singing the Life giving chant….)

And now it is done.

In Beauty it is finished.

In Beauty and humility they are released into the Great Circle of Life.

May they find an owner who cherishes and uses them in the most respectful way and with the best intentions only. May you all soar in your living Beinghood.

May you go out and be representatives and teachers of the old sacred ways.

May your owners be your partners in walking in Beauty and Balance.


May there be Blessings!

May there be Blessings!

May there be Blessings!


Shyan am’

On Beltane

On Beltane

Sky Father is weeping

soft cold tears

that nourish the Earth Mother

during her labor pains

Birthing new greens

birthing new growth

birthing new life

to walk and dance upon her.

Like the Moose

dancing on gangly legs

across a landscape of tussocks

soggy with the juices

from the belly of the Mother

They fill their bellies

 with the leaves of water lilies

She birthed


for them……..

We saw them while having breakfast, slowly wading through the wetlands across from the house.
All pictures by Peter J. with Nikon D500 with tele lense 70/300 from living room window

Strange encounter on the road

WHAT are YOU guys doing HERE???

Yesterday early evening I was on my way into town for our weekly drum circle.

We live quite a ways out in “the bush” on a narrow winding country road.

It is Bear and Moose and Wolf country out here.

It was a few years back, that we began to see wild Turkeys by the road again. They were reintroduced by the MNR = Ministry of Natural Resources as a species that used to be indigenous to Southern Ontario. Now however, with us having warmer climates with milder winters they- and many other species of Wildlife moved north and in recent years we have seen a proliferation of Wild Turkeys, but also rather exotic migrants like Opossums – not to speak about all the new arrivals in the Snake and Insect department….

So here I was, tufffffing down the windy road, hopping in and our of potholes when just over the next bump in the road I see a large Bird standing in the middle of the “pavement” and 2 more appeared out of the bush.

Wild Turkeys” I thought .

Well, strange thing, they have on their head – strange plumage too: Blue white and gray….

One more dip in the road and I would be right upon them.

Turkeys usually run- or fly of and one has to be careful, that they do not fly into the windshield.

Wuump – over the next bump I come and RIGHT before me the road is blocked. 2 Huuuuuuge Birds, caleidoscopic colored tail feathers spread wide, are blocking the road of, side to side. And not only that, they shake these wide rusteling colorful feather wheels at me as if to scare the car away.

Well, the car is not scarred , but me!?????????

I have hit the break and come to a full stop.

Car-wise and mind-wise too.

These are NO Turkeys!!!!!!!!

These are Peakocks!!!!!!!!!

WHAT are they doing here???????

This is Ontario! – Or did I miss a turn somewhere??

They are not budging either and now I recognize the 3 other Birds I first saw from a distance as Peahens, with the little crown of feathers on their heads. They are of to the side in the bushes.

I wish I had a camera. Nobody will believe that.

I honk the horn. The first Bird folds his feathers and struts of, the other one follows.

Where are they going?


Oh yes, what is the Fox thinking about this?

I will probably see him tomorrow, when he comes to see me for a consultation to find out ifff he has hallucinations….. 😉

The Fox and me

need therapy:

There’s something really strange we see:

It’s colorful and big and and loud

and shakes his bum feathers around.

We both wonder, can we cope?

Do we need pills, did we eat dope?

Should we ignore it’s strutting gate ?

– or but it on our dinner plate?

Meditating in Red and Black

Mary El and Meditation.

So here I sit, in the afternoon sun, the MaryEl deck in its beautiful red and black box on a small table close to me, my tea cup, now empty.

Time for some I ammeditations:

…..deeeeeep breath….

I am the Sun.

I an the Wind.

I am Spring Peeper.

I am I am “Chippe”, the Chipmunk.

(I am her for a looooong time.)

I am Redwinged Blackbird.



I know, that, when he calls, he spreads one of his wings to display his red and yellow wing bars, trying to attract a mate….

I know he does that about 5 times a minute in regular intervals.

Great to adjust my breathing to his calls:

he calls- I breath in….

.and out slowly

he calls – I breath

This goes on for a few minutes.

I sense, he changed locations, from the large Birck over to the Maple right next to the house

he calls – I breath

He is even closer now! On the railing of the deck?

He calls – I breath


I slowly open my eyes


He is RIGHT next to me, sitting on the rim of my tea mug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He calls, displaying his right wing – to the red and black box below him. His “rival” which even has small yellow dots in the center ….

He calls – I do no dare to breath!!!

but I HAVE to

!!! meditation STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He calls again spreading his wing –I breath, my chest moves.

 BRRRRRrrrrrrrr ………..









……he is gone…..

I breath……!


In honor of Mr. Pecke:


In honor of Mr. Pecke:

I hear her screams: “Kawiiit, kawiiit!!

Where are you?

She flies up and down the clearing around our house, then back into the woods towards the nesting cavity high up in a dead Maple Tree. “Kawiit!! kawiiit! wiiietttkekekeke!”

Minutes later she is back, for a second lands on the Onion bag filled with fat that hangs from a line suspended between 2 Trees. She does not feed, but yet again flies of: “Kawiiit!!?? kawiit!! kawiiit???”

I would love to be able to tell her, what happened; where he is; and that he will not come back.

Not because he went of with the other female Hairy Woodpecker, her nemesis and the mate of his arch rival.


He is dead.

Yesterday evening yet again the 2 males were sparring, fighting for the territory around the house, the place where it is save from Hawks, Weasels and other dangers and where the feeders are still hanging.

They yet again chased each other from Tree to Tree, round and round the trunk, round and round again , then to the next Tree and round and round the trunk again, screaming obscenities at each other.

The have been keeping this up for over a month now. Chasing each other across the clearing and around the house. They were well matched, both in their prime and both knowing the lay of the land well, having been born here and grown up here.

Yesterday evening however it was windy. And as yet again they chased each other. He miss-calculated and in an instant it was over. Instead turning in the usual west wind to zoom around the house the unusual north wind got him and he crashed into the window of the living room. We run downstairs onto the deck, picked him up gently. Normally Woodpeckers are strong and quickly recover from mishaps like this, but not this time. Sadly his head flopped to the side, as Peter held him. His neck was broken. He was already far gone.

We were upset and in instant mourning.


What to do now? Put him under a Tree?

Within the hour one of our pregnant Raccoon ladies would rip him apart.

We simply were not ready for that.

Nasty scavenger that I am I also have to here honestly admit, that I thought about his beautiful feathers.

But I was not ready to take them.

Not right then anyway.

We gently laid him down – out of more harm’s way – as if that was even possible.


This morning I sang to him and played my dan moy for him.

I had a long serious talk with his Spirit.

Should I clip of his entire wings, dry them and make small smudge fans from them? That would be nice – BUT Honestly, I already have a set of Hairy woodpecker wings waiting for such a treatment. We had found this one last year on South portage Road on our way to visit a friend….

Should I take just the feathers and make small simple feather earrings for this summer? Would he like that?

The money out of that could become a special fund for Woodpecker treats like sued and nuts…..

Yes, that was more to his liking.

A little while later I took his sad remains out towards the nesting Tree and put it into the loving arms of our Earth Mother.

May he return!

As a little hatchling.

In a warm and save nest

In a Tree close to here.

May he be well.

May his forlorn mate be well.

May she find a new mate…

Next spring……..


May all be well…..

In Beauty and in Balance















Inspirations and Transformations

Inspirations and Transformations

Watching the Ravens overhead, becoming familiar with the individual Birds, that live on our land, starting to recognize them, does not only lead over into writing blog posts and poems about them, it also calls forth designs – to be realized if Sterling silver, brass, copper and gemstones or drawn onto leather and canvas. It feeds the curiosity of the artist of just how to portray the Spirit of Karakoruk – and how it would be different compared to Bran, the Gaelic Raven….

Put the 2 next to each other to have a conversation!

What would they say?

Would they talk about the Wolf packs that keep them in food?

Wolves and Ravens hunt together, did you know?

Ravens often see an Animal, injured or exhausted and their cawing alerts the Wolves…

 Also many a Raven flew over the Wolf lair, alerting them, fluttering low, then off in the direction the prospective prey is located…..

And the Wolves knew, to follow.

Ravens then will dine on the plentiful leftovers of Wolf kills.

But stealing a Wolf its food – well, THAT is quite a different matter.

Then a Raven just might be added to the Wolf menu……

The local wildlife sanctuary has several Wolves, that due to injuries or attempted domestication can not be released back into the wild. They live out their lives in the spacious wooded enclosures in the back of Aspen Valley, getting fed twice a week with meat from local farms.

Ravens are wherever Wolves are and so too at the sanctuary. The swoop down into the enclosures to snatch a morsel – but watch out, Wolves can jump and then teeth close around wings – and end of story….

Or maybe not……

T. from the sanctuary, saw what happened to the Raven and went back into the enclosure, luring Amarook into the other corner with another nice piece of meat.

But it was too late for the Raven…. but not too late for its feathers.

I got a phone call. And 2 hours later this Raven was on its way to a new life – with me – and with you.

First there is the Spirit Release ceremony, when he got smudged and I sing to his soul, to honor it and let it float up, into the Trees, into the realm of Kakagee, the – we would say E’eren – or Manitou of all the Ravens here….

  Usually it is an emotional farewell, but after the tears have dried, I am ready to take the wings, whole, spread them out to cure and then dry. The claws will receive the same treatment.

The head will go into an Ant pile for about a week or 10 days – securely fastened inside a live Mouse trap, so that Brother Fox and sister Coon will not steal my prize….

All the feathers will be taken, cleaned and preserved. Then the body of poor unlucky Raven will be deposited, where Brother Fox knows to look…..

A few months later I will go to work.

The wing will become a Raven fan, with a Deer antler handle, Wolf fur and a Sterling silver Wolf inserted – or should Peter rather cut out a Raven?

The finished item will be smudged and invocated on the next Full Moon.

In honor of Raven, in honor of Wolf and in honor of the person, who will one day own and use this powerful Medicine Tool.

Spirit of Snow

Spirit Of Snow

E’eren Omsür  is THE  Irvis  Spirit for all the Khams of our lineage and also many other families that have, or still are bringing forth the Khams = shamans in Tuva, Kazahkstan and other countries of the high Sayan and Altai mountains.

He is keeping all the Medicine People on their toes, testing them and – also teaching them.

In my trance journeys I met Him in the most surprising and most unusual circumstances and on more than one occasion had to prove myself and my worthiness to Him.

His physical representation is the Snow Leopard, who only lives in the highest mountain ranges.

It is the stories of the Old Ones that tell of Khams going up into these most remote places, bringing an offering to Him – most often a living Goat or Sheep or Reindeer calf and sitting there- waiting for him to appear. To be a Kham of the very highest rank, you have to feed Him and then snatch a whisker from his face, while he feeds – without him feeding on you….

Try that!!

But what iffff he does not come?

You can not leave!!!

Once there, you meet him or you die trying.

No use going back home and telling big tales – or writing big posts in the internet.

If it is not true- He will “get you”.

To die trying however, is honourable and many an old shaman has “gone to see Him” and everyone knew full well, he or she would go “meet the Ancestors” high up in the mountains.

Well, I am not quite ready for that – yet. 🙂

My Sister’s Tail:

My sister Mausi was Ada’s daughter from his first marriage – to a Jewish lady.

Mausi always kept quiet about her heritage and just who her parents were. That is understandable – she was born in 1926 and being Jewish AND Siberian indigenous could easily get you killed during WWII. After the war Mausi lived in the German harbour town of Hamburg, passing as a white “Hanseat”and dealing in diamonds and antique jewellery, which she bought and sold on auctions on behalf of wealthy clients. Her customers would not ever have trusted her or bought from a Jewess or other none Arian person…..

When I grew up and openly professed what I was, Mausi wanted NOTHING to do with me. Any association with me could easily blow her whole made up life story into thin air… ( Not that I would have done that to her, but…. 😦 )

But privately, and in secrecy Mausy also could not quite escape the powerful pull of the E’erens and Ancestor Spirits. When they called her home in 2009 I found many bits and pieces of shamanic practice in her home: Items of everyday living in Siberia like paintings, sculptures, a balalaika and so on, but also a brassier and “Artish”= smudging herbs, several Owl figurines and Owl mementos and last but very remarkable, several Leopard figurines and pictures of her in the ~ 1960ties wearing a Leopard coat. She was then very much drawn to Leopards because of the oh so elusive E’eren Omsür!

At some point 30 years later she sold her coat.  But she kept the belt, made up of 2 Leopard’s tails sown together.

She not just kept it somewhere where you would keep a loooong forgotten belt, no, she kept it in her safety deposit box in the bank along with the last of her very valuable antique diamond jewellery! Where she KNEW only I could find it – after her passing…..

When I was home in Canada I did a trance journey

to find E’eren Omsür and show Him the tails.

He was VERY pleased.

Since then He has “come in” quite often – to lowly little me!!!!?? accompanies me on journeys of a personal nature  and even at times on behalf of my students.