Bad Boy


2 years ago Windwalker’s daughter proudly paraded by our house showing off her 3 tiny cubs, black fur balls stumbling behind their first outing to the blueberry patches in the back of our property. Now – 2 years later, these 3 tiny fur balls are all strapping sub-adult Bears and their mother has decided, it is time for them to get going on their own and chased them away. So, where is a young homeless Bear to go?


Looking for an easy meal……

I am trying to be a nice Bear


…. That hummingbird feeder over at Mi-Shell’s sure smells sweet……

…. and there are a few bird feeders with Sunflower seeds!

…. and – let’s steal the Raccoon food!

The culprit

You never know, maybe Peter forgot to lock the sliding door of the upper deck and I could get into the living room – and the kitchen! :)…….

push up

Smear dirty sandy paw prints all over the glass and poooooooop onto the deck, so they sure know, I have arrived…..”

Bear smear on sliding door upstairs 2

What? You are yelling at me?


I am soooooooooooo hungry and there is NOTHING to eat anywhere yet!”

Why are you yelling at me



Can I have just a teensy weensy little bit of Coon food?

Then I will go away!

I promise!”

dressing down




Well, I did NOT promise not to come back a few days later…….


….. and rip down the line with the hummingbird feeder and scratch a few decorative grooves onto the wall of the workshop and then curl up and go to sleep in the corner of the upper deck.

When Mi-Shell late at night came out to drum in the moonlight, she first thought I was a black blanket someone forgot and sat down on the chair next to me!

I gave her quite a scare!”


I swear I would have sung with her – for her friend Leslee, who is very sick and for the little Coon babies in the hollow Maple next to the house…….”


Smart Bear