Your Questions!??!

Yesterday I got asked , what Fox Medicine is.

This gives me the idea, that there should be a question page here,

for you, for my readers! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I invite you to put your questions here.

I will try my best to answer and sometimes your question may initiate a new blog postย ๐Ÿ™‚

.. and yes, I am working on the fox medicine post!


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  1. I’m very impressed by your blog, and personal shamanic knowledge. i’ve been working on lucid dreams, and also finding guides to help me spiritually, especially in the area of my own soul retrieval. i’ve been praying for an animal guide to help me. the other night i dreamed that i was standing (trapped) on a precipice of a rocky wall inside a volcano…when i spotted an owl flying above me. it was small- almost animated, with little tufts of horns, and it looked at me and beckoned for me to follow it so i flew up to it & to the top of the volcano and out. i lose memory after this, but later in the dream see him standing beside me, but now he’s very large- taller than i am, and he tucks me under his wing so lovingly that i feel like a little girl again. would you say this is a sign that he is (at least one of) my animal spirit guide? i found this site looking up owls as spirit guides in Google. Your work with ancestral reconnection sounds fascinating!- esp. for us in the USA, who have so many different nationalities combined. โค

  2. Hi nikhaeli!
    Nice to meet you!
    What a wonderful and meaningful dream! since you have been asking to meet an Animal spirit to guide you on I feel, that this is a very good beginnin for you.
    Now you can use that Owl as a guide that allows you to be a little girl again, = to be wide open and ready to learn and be “taken under a teacher’s wings”
    for protection and tutoring.
    – And probably also as a guide out of that Volcano, the place of primordeal fiery beginnings – but yet bare of green growth and vegetation up into a more fertile landscape for you Soul to grow in.
    Now it is time to begin the work.
    What does Owl mean to YOU? Not so much, what you read in smart web sites (like this one here ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But to YOU.
    Write that down
    – Try to find a picture of an Owl that looks like the one you “saw”
    – Where and how does it live??
    – What = whom does it eat???
    – What does volcano mean to you?
    – What does it mean to you to be small and “under someone’s wing?
    – These are all questions to explore in your Spirit journal –
    – You BETTER!!!!! have one!??!!
    Blessings on your path!
    Let me know, how it goes!

  3. Actually i don’t keep a journal- i used to, but it felt forced and a waste of time. I remember at least one dream every morning, and meditate on it right away. Usually I’ll remember more pieces of it throughout the day. I was surprised by the owl because I was expecting a turtle- that’s what I’d always kind of thought was my animal totem, but I guess a turtle wouldn’t be much help when I’m trapped in a volcano. lol Maybe we have several totems, or maybe they’re shapeshifting from one form to another?? Your questions and suggestions were very helpful!- it means alot to get input from someone else. My mother used to collect owl figurines, and when my father was dieing of cancer, there was a family of baby hoot owls right outside the window of his bed, which were driving him crazy, because he was in so much pain that even sounds made it worse. I live out in the timber in central IL, and I can hear alot of hoot owls outside at night. The only thing I can relate the volcano to is my nagging fear about the New Madrid faultline, not so much for myself (I feel I’m at peace with my own death) but more for my grandkids. When I’m with the owl later in the dream, we’re talking about something (I can’t remember what) and we’re both up in a tree. The feeling of being under his wing, I relate to my dog Tony, who used to walk me to school when i was little, and then meet me outside the school to walk me home. Aside from that, I don’t feel like I was really under anyone elses’ wing. Well, thanx again for taking the time to read this, and your input! I feel like we’re all evolving so much faster at this time, and for a very important reason. โค

  4. A Medicine journal is actually there for you to document your path of spiritual awakening. so you can recognize recurring themes of dreams, every day problems or when a guide has to show/ teach you the same lesson over and over again because you have not really internalized it. It is also powerful when a few years later you can look back on how far you progressed. It is there for your artwork, your drawings, your poems and it is a place where you keep your personal Medicine stories.

  5. Hi Mi-Shell,

    Love your posts about the owls. I’ve had many encounters with them. I call and they answer! They call me and as I approach them we make eye contact. It’s a wonderful, magical experience. Did I mention I live in Toronto? I’ve seen owls in a local ravine at least 8 times. Last November I saw my first white owl and a large brown owl flew right in front of me. The reason I am mentioning this is that there is no denying I have an owl totem. I meditate with them. The only answer I get from them is “you know”. The truth is I don’t know!!! What more can I do? I’m somewhat of a wounded healer. When I give others healing massages I feel sick afterwards. What can I do? I’m extremely sensitive to sound and pretty much all forms of energy. I’ve read about shielding, but so far it hasn’t worked. I’m really interested in learning more about shamanism, and how to be a shaman/spiritualist. All the courses are expensive. It’s so wonderful for you to allow people to pose questions. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    I was introduced to animal totems by a turtle. To make a long story short, I was sitting by a pond and a turtle showed up and I started talking to it. He stayed with me until someone would approach and he would swim away until they left. He would then return and I realized he was there for me. The turtle had a most beautiful backing. I couldn’t identify it’s speciesโ€ฆ I Googled forever! It’s shell had cryptic markings on it. When I returned to the pond I would call out his name “Gonzales” and he would swim towards me. I was fascinated and the relationship lasted for two years. I haven’t seen him since.
    The next totem I was introduced to was a red-tailed hawk. It was suspended in mid-air about 6 feet in front of me on a hill-top. It stayed for a few minutes. As our eyes met, I was fascinated. Ever since I’ve been seeing many hawks and I notice them looking at me. In my meditations, they give me visions, although they haven’t come to pass. Well, I do have many animals that look deep into my eyes. You asked about owl experiences, so I thought I’d share a little with you.
    This is getting a little lengthy so I’ll stop for now. Any guidance or thoughts would be appreciated. How can I pursue shamanism and still relate to people because I come across somewhat “weird”?
    During the last Spring Equinox I heard screams and I saw three red-tailed hawks circling around the sun. It was beautiful!
    On the hour of Venus Transit, I saw 2 rabbits, followed by anotherโ€ฆ I counted a total of 14 running 4 feet in front of me, happy to see me. It was awesome.
    What does this all mean?


  6. Hi Chi!
    Nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ™‚
    How nice that you manage to have encounters with Owls in Toronto!I assume there is lots of rodent prey for them there and hopefully a few nesting locations too.

    You talk about Owl being your totem. Totem is the wrong word for your spiritual relationship to owls. A Totem is an ancestral family alliance that you are born into.. A correct word to use would be Guide, animal Teacher or even protector or Guardian Spirit. I am just mentioning this in a most loving and respectful teaching manner and I know well, that many none First Nations people make this mistake, due to misleading information in a lot of New Age books.
    Even in Wikipedia again and again several of my First Nations friends are trying to correct this miss-nomer but again and again some New -Ager changes the text back again to his/ her personal liking and views…
    Just recently I posted about all this here on my blog. Have a look:
    Then become a teacher and tell others you meet….
    That would be a wonderful help! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great, that you use Owl in meditation and inner work.
    And the fact, that you also develop a relationship to Rabbits is auspicious.
    Baby and young Rabbits are prey for large Owls.
    How about you and Mice and Skunks?
    Great Horned Owls eat Skunks. They can not smell… luckily! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am a little concerned that you feel unwell, after giving, what you call healing massages.
    That is usually a sign that the person โ€“ aspiring healer is not ready to venture out on their own to work on others, but needs to do a lot more learning, self development and inner growth,before doing so.
    And yes, you are right, these courses you are talking about are expensive and belief me, many people come away from them not being able to do much better or different then you are now. These courses are mostly for commercial interest = businesses….
    I myself have a few students and people on the path that are disillusioned by them and have turned away in disillusionment up to contempt and frustration….
    It is even possible, that one or 2 of them will read this and say / write something about it to you here….

    The โ€œyou knowโ€ is calling forth your inner knowing and teaching you to strengthen that.
    If you feel like sharing why you feel, that others may see you as โ€œWeirdโ€ = different or have other more private concerns, feel free to contact me and I will try my best to mentor you along.
    For now Blessings to you
    โ€ฆ.and an Owlish hooooot!

  7. PS

    I thought I’d mention it, I wanted to have a bear claw years ago and I found one on the ground in Torontoโ€ฆ I was so thrilled and I thought it was a gift from the Creator. Now I wonder if I should be wearing it as I am not part of the bear clan. It may be a silly question, but I am not sure anymore about the tradition. It never hurts to ask, especially now that I have someone to ask!

  8. What a great find!
    And if you found it, the Great Mystery wants you to have it! So you could wear it or ad it to your personal Medicine pouch/ bundle.
    Blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Mi-Shell,

      Thank you for your input. I take comfort in knowing it’s OK to wear the bear claw pendant.
      Last night, I felt the blessing of the full buck moon and the rabbits were hopping in pairs near me at the same time. Their spirits were so captivatingโ€ฆ it’s like they were saying to me “I know you”.

      Thanks again,


  9. Hi Mi-Shell,

    How are you doing today? I have a dream if you don’t mind interpreting it for me.
    I found a dead hawk (no bigger than a pigeon) lying on the road. In a way I was scared of what it could mean. Then I remembered someone said you can use all the body parts as a gift from the Creator. I put it in a bag and carried it home. All of a sudden it started to move and came back to life. Did I mention before that happened I was flying, delivering something to someone?
    My interpretation is that I have to reconnect with the hawk. I’ve tried before and it didn’t work very well. I guess I have to try again.
    The reason I am asking you is because I know you can see more in a dream than most people. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  10. Hi Chi!
    What an interesting dream! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, you are right, you should reconnect with Hawk Medicine.
    It is East, beginnings and discernment.
    So you were flying โ€“ like Hawks would do = Birds of a feather…
    Delivering ??? a message to yourself?
    For a long time Hawk was dead -on your road (of spiritual learning and growth….)
    But while on a journey to โ€ฆsomewhere โ€“ to yourself?…
    You found Hawk A being you previously had an interest in..
    You were scared, because you KNOW, that THIS has a spiritual significance and you needed to do the right thing.
    Then you were remembering: (re = again member = become a member again = re- assembled your sacred knowledge…) you are now a participant and know, that it is all right to take him, you put him into a bag… Medicine Bag??
    That is, when he came back to life for you as a Guide….
    So you tried before and it did not work very well….
    Hmmmm??? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ?What makes you think it always works like a magic charm for a beginner like you???? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Try and try and try again….
    Practice will improve how well things work…..
    and now you have a reason to try harder! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi Mi-Shell,

    Wow, you dissected my dream so beautifully. I knew you were good, but I’m still impressed. Thanks!

    The medicine bag totally escaped my thought. How perceptive.

    I still remember when I was a two year old I always enjoyed sitting on top of a carved wooden hawk. Now at 48, I still have so much to learn, something I’ve always known.

    I guess I should rephrase the word ‘reconnect’. What I meant is I should tap into more of the hawk’s energy. A few days ago I was meditating and the image of a hawk appeared telling me “don’t worry, everything is taken care of”. Half an hour later, a hawk flew by my window (catching pigeons) and I thought that’s cool. I guess what I am saying is that I have so many spiritual animal helpers and sometimes it’s so hard to focus on one over another. Normally I just remain open for their guidance.

    Here’s a story for you. A couple of days ago I was walking along a trail and I had an image of an owl, it propelled me to look into some tall grass. When I moved the grass apart I found a $20 bill. Wow, that was amazing, I thought. And then looking closer, for the first time I observed the art work by Bill Reid – The Raven and the First Men and The Spirit of Haida Gwaii. I googled them and realized that they represent how I feel – if I’m not misinterpreting the art work. Aren’t we all in the same boat?

    I remember seeing a documentary about Bill Reid long ago, what an amazing man! He experienced being looked down upon before he was famous. His spiritual expression is awesome.

    Thanks for your help,


  12. Submitted on 2012/07/27 at 3:54 pm by Chi

    Hi Mi-Shell,

    Welcome back from Bracebridge and good luck with the show in Baysville tomorrow.

    You are so good with interpreting dreams that I have another one for youโ€ฆ it woke me up from my sleep.

    There were a whole bunch of extremely large spiders in the bathroom. At first I saw a few and then there were more to comeโ€ฆ at least 5 in total. One had a nest with babies in a cocoon on the spiderweb. It was almost like they were having a gathering or something. There was another person inside the bathroom. When I looked at it I decided it was an infestation. I gathered a newspaper, lit it and burned them. I think I killed two spiders and the babies in the nest. There were 3 left and I felt there were more to come. Also, they were very hard to kill and they really wanted to have a nest there. And then I woke up.

    This is so unlike me. I always capture any insects and spiders in my home and gently release them outside. But these were large and I worried about an infestation (in my dream).

    What do you think? I canโ€™t wait to hear your interpretation.


    Hi Again Chi!
    I put your question here, into the question pages.

    for this dream you need to think a little about, what Spiders mean to you – personally. Not what some page on the internet says they are supposed to stand for, but what you PERSONALLY feel about Spiders
    Spiders and their nests and their babies…..
    And what does it mean to you, that you reacted fearful in this dream and killed Beings, that in normal real life you would not kill…..
    I have some thoughts about this dream, but I do nor want to influence you just yet….
    When you thought about it, post here and then we talk some more and i also will tell you, what “fell into my mind, when I read your post…. Blessings!

  13. Hi Mi-Shell!

    First of all, thank you for showing an interest in my dream, although at times I feel I am imposing. But then again, you are so good at it, I am very interested in your interpretation.

    What does a spider meant to me?

    Characteristics – cunning, solitary, could be messy (webs around the walls and ceiling), beneficial for pest control, can be poisonous, territorial, shy, etc.

    A childhood story – a general was defeated at sea and washed onto the shore. He took shelter in a cave and saw a spider weaving a web. As he watched, the strong winds would repeatedly destroy the web. At the end the spider still was able to weave a beautiful web. The general learned from this to never give up. Failure only occurs when you give up.

    Spiritually – four winds, four directions (I’m not 100% sure I know what that means)! It’s about creation, magic.

    Honestly, I often talk to spiders (just between you and me)! The scary part is that they listenโ€ฆ but only the small ones that I hold in my hand and talk to.

    There’s probably more, but that’s what came from the top of my head.

    I feel the dream was about balance. Too much of anything is not good. The spiders did not belong there in the bathroom. Like I said, I’m worried about infestations. I have to control them before it gets out of hand. I’m really not sure what killing them was all about. Perhaps by killing them balance will be restored. Maybe. I really don’t know… and now it’s your turn to interpret my dream.

    I’ll be waitingโ€ฆ. I hope it’s a good omen. Thanks!

  14. Hi again! The last few days I id not have any time to be on the net… toooo many shows, clients and patients…

    Your dream: the bathroom 9is usually a place of privacy. It is also a “watery” place. Anal and sexual emotions, body image and body functions as well as personal hygiene and grooming happen there.
    again and again you mention, that you feared an “infestation” in such a place for personal cleaning habits. I feel the word ‘habits’ is also important here.
    Is it an infestation = negative = pollution = destruction = spinning into a cocoon your habits and thereby hampering you??
    Is the web of the Spiders the web of life and interconnectedness and is it that fact of endless threads going everywhere that you fear could be overwhelming you?
    I have had several people, that had scarrrry Spider web dreams at a time of rapid inner growth and while they became aware of all these multitude of interconnectedness within the web of life. They felt overwhelmed by it all. Interesting to note there is, that the webs of Spiders often are analog to the expanding brain and all its new neural connections that are formed by this rapid spiritual growth. some people feel they are losing control – and also privacy, because in an all interconnected world the sense of “me” and “I” and my private sphere disappear.
    Then again Spiders spinning a cocoon are at times insulating and thereby regulating this growth and give the person some time to incubate and integrate all the new……
    What of these notions rings true to – NOT your intellect and your ego, but your deepest feelings?
    As you wrote yourself – Spiders could be messy….. even poisonous…..

    • Hi Mi-Shell,

      So happy to hear that you are busy with clients and all, because when I said ‘good luck’ that’s what I meant!

      Wow, you covered my dream from anal to spiritual growth that I was somewhat overwhelmed and had to read it many times trying to understand each possible meaning.

      Honestly, I was expecting you to talk about the four winds and four directions, and maybe letting me know what direction I am on right now. Or that fire might represent a purification or cleansing, or show me how to purify my aura energy field or something.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write back to me with your busy schedule. I really appreciate it.

      Thank you and best wishes.

  15. Hi Mi- Shell
    I have a question, but first, I love your blog. I’m subscribed so usually read your posts in my email but today, I wanted to explore more.

    Anyhow, to be brief, I spent the last year very ill with colon cancer and though I am mending with a good prognosis, I feel very detached overall from my spiritual side. I have had cancer for 10 years though I didn’t know until last year and I would say that it was also about 10 years ago that my spirit began to suffer, i.e. I stopped caring about working on it’s development for no reason at all.

    My question is, how do I overcome this sort of detachment? Where do I begin? How can I tell what is causing the detachment? in reading about shamanism, I know there might be alot of soul retrieval work ahead but I cannot afford to pay for the work though shaman are accessible in my community. What cn I do myself until I can afford help?

    I said I’d be brief;)
    Thanks very much for taking questions.

  16. Dear Linda!
    My heart goes out to you with the very best wishes and Blessings for healing and a quick return to full health.
    I feel , that maybe the Spiritual path you followed about 10 or so years ago does not reallllly feed your soul appropriately!?? Could that be?
    Should you maybe try to go deeper?
    What feeds/ nourishes you spiritually?
    what gets you exited?
    Do the old beliefs hold you down?
    Do you need to cut a few old cords?
    Another question is – of course, ifffff you now, after this illness just need to rest for a while, lay down the dark cloak of fear and despair and envelope yourself into a green scarf of healing and new growth.
    Maybe now is the time to do a little ritual – with a candle and some incense/ smudge to celebrate your recovery from a devastating illness and then re-dedicate yourself to Life, to Joy and to Exploration.
    Then, for a year and a day, do just that: Explore, try things on, for size and feel. Sometimes, after an ordeal we “outgrew” certain ways of being, feeling and thinking and have not yet had the time or awareness to replace them.
    Become you own Spirit detective! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Then, after you did that work, one could look, iffff something still is amiss and consider Soul retrieval…
    Now, before you “go look” for yourself it is too early….
    I Bless you on this Path!
    Please keep in touch and let me know, if you have questiona of just need to share or talk things through….
    Healing and Growth to you!

  17. Hi again
    And thanks very much for your well wishes.

    I think you are right about my spiritual life. Ten years ago I was more into mysticism but the more I explored the more it felt like an intellectual persuit than anything else which is fine of course.

    You’re also correct about ” outgrowing” certain things…I feel like I outgrew my entire life right now but some things are going back to their rightful place while others do need to go.

    You have given me alot to think about I will indeed think more on these things…and will definately let you know. Thanks very much Mi- Shell:)


  18. Hello Dear Mi-Shell,
    I came upon this site accidentally and am so glad I did. Thank you for openly sharing your wisdom and journeys.
    I am currently finding myself in the midst of an intense calling to shamanism – I know it is my essence. I am only thirty years old, but feel an immense power growing inside of me. This journey truly started a long time ago, but it intensified recently to a new level that requires new action on my part. My mothers lineage is from Siberia (where I was born), and I feel a powerful connection to those ancestors, although due to circumstances know nothing about them. I am doing my best to act according to the guidance of my spirit guides, but it is hard at times without a teacher nearby. I am currently in Florida, USA, and soon will return home to northern California.
    Right now I feel that I need a drum. I don’t know how to make one. Is it important that I make the drum I use for healing? If not, who could make it for me?
    I also have several beautiful barred owls in my freezer (collected from road kill), and had a vision of making a medicine collar from their feathers, to use for healing. I want to make sure to do this in an honorable way. Reading your post about the hawk you found was very helpful. but there is still so much I need to know – which materials can I use in the making of such an object? How to properly clean, extract, separate the feathers? What to do with the remains?
    I would appreciate dearly anything you are willing to share about this.

    With my deep gratitude,

    • Hi Inna! Nice to meet you!
      yes, I think it would be very good indeed, if you could make your own drum. I am sure in California there are workshops, where you can do that – and at the same time be in the company of others. A hand made drum always has more special significance, than one that you buy.
      How auspicious, that you have several owls in your freezer! 10 years ago i received an Owl, that another Farmer’s market vendor had in her freezer – for 20 years. I brought it to a taxidermist and now this beautiful Being is in ful flight over my beading table and sometimes I dance with him… I would suggest, you take one to a taxidermist – I paid about $ 300.00 and it was soooo worth it.
      I am sure you read my post about the Owls in my life here in the blog and are informed, that most First Nations people in USA and Canada are a bit fearful of Owls….. so you might not be able to use the feathers for everyone and everything….
      You can use the skull, the talons, the wish bone… feathers on your drum….
      Create an Owl wing fan….
      Soooo many possibilities….
      I wish you all the very Best!
      Blessings! Mi-Shell

  19. Dear Mi-Shel,
    Thank you so much for responding, and so quickly! My heart smiles to know that there are still some wonderful people out there that believe in sharing and teaching others, not only as a form of business…
    What you said helped a great deal – suddenly it is so clear to me – of course I need to make my own drum ๐Ÿ™‚ I also realized I have friends that can help me – I am connected to a multi-tribal Native community in southern California where I have attended sweats and Bear-dances. On the entrance to the land there is a large carved owl, so maybe someone there will be ok with my owl guide.
    I am wondering if you can tell me anything about specifically Siberian Shamanic roots. Is there anything good that I can read? I know all this sacred knowledge is connected, and that the most important thing is intent, respect, patience, protection… But something in me is craving to connect to the specifically Siberian practices of healing.
    with all my appreciation,

  20. Oni, my name is Banguish’in Kwe (Falling Water Women) an Ojibway gal from Ontario, I was hoping with the nearing of Dec 21/13 (Winter Solstice) coming up fairly quickly, that you/others may have some thoughts, ideas, suggestions or feedback on where one might find some specific Native Solstice prayers…I have been on the computer for hours in search of one, and have just been unable to find one? Any thoughts or any others anyone may like to share that they wouldnt mind sharing with me that can be used for our private social Winter Solstice gathering and feast we are planning on having would kindly be appreiated…Megwetch

    • Hi! Nice to meet you!
      I will post a First Nations Winter Solstice Prayer for you here as soon as I get back home.

      =it is on my home poooooter and this is just a scruffy laptop…. It will be in a few days, once I survived the jetlag…..
      Blessings and

  21. Hi Mi-shell! So glad that I stumbled upon your blog, and what a surprise to see that fellow healer that is local to my native area ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wondered if you have any suggestions for guidance opportunities or resources that can be trusted. I realize that intuition plays a key part in adapting and tuning into inner talents, but from someone who has no practical knowledge and relies on subjective experience, I am left with a need for something more tangible.

    Thanks for taking the time to read these questions!

    • Hi Jen!
      Nice to hear from you as well! ๐Ÿ™‚
      You mentioned “local to your native area” Ifff you actually live close enough to me, you could come over for Tea and a good talk and then we could together find out, what the best path is, for you to continue, what to explore and I could help you, make sense of things, so that you find another couple of your own personal puzzle pieces and can integrate into your life. I also teach and have / hold some formal/ informal gatherings of my students and people I mentor….
      In terms of books – there is just only so much, a book can teach you, and bear in mind, all written things, including my blog here will always be “coloured” by the personality and personal views of the writer…. But I hope, you discovered my page “Books” and had a look. If we have to continue this conversation a little more private, I invite you to send me an e-mail or personal mail over Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚
      For now Blessings to you on your path!

  22. I am still interested in medicine pouch…I’ve been going through a lot with my mom passing away in June… To refresh you… my name is Joe Mondeau and please feel free to go to my website at… … hope to hear from you very soon..if you still have it.would like to get it before Christmas…Thank you and many Blessings to you….

    • Hi Joe!
      On the 29th of September I let you know, that the Medicine Pouch you ordered is ready for shipping, provided, it is paid for.
      I will not send anything out, that is not paid for. I was so “unwise” once….
      If you want it, it is $ 130.00 for the pouch, and $ 35.00 shipping for the pouch as well as the claw in a separate parcel. = altogether $ 165.00

      You could phone me and give a Visa or Master Card number or pay via paypal.
      So please let me know, what your decision is.

  23. Mi-Shell when I have journeyed I have not encountered anything that I would consider to be scary. Is this unusual do you think?

    • Hi Sheri!
      Nice to met you here ๐Ÿ™‚
      No, that is not unusual at all. Often, when someone is new to journeying the spirits will only show/ reveal, what a person is capable to understand and handle.Slowly the understanding of the practitioner grows and deepens and he or she also may encounter some more problematic scenes or situations.
      However, what we consider “scary” is usually something, that we do not quite understand, that are strange or foreign to us and therefore elicits fear. When a shamanic practitioner gets more proficient in journeying, they realize, that even the strangest thin in a journey does not cause a reason to elicit fear = our “fight and flight” response.
      later, when a practitioner is well versed in journeying and encounters situations that are scary and the “fight and flight” response wakes up they are experienced enough to not abort the journey but stay in trance when, for example they get eaten by a Tiger, digested, poooooped out the other end and so land in a field of rubble where they find a snarling snake guarding the person;s lost soul part that they journeyed for to bring back……

      • Hello, Mi-Shell. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just heading over to your profile to send you a PM re your comp prize, when I found this amazing blog of yours … and now I find myself completely and utterly distracted ๐Ÿ™‚
        I love reading what you write and what you so generously share with others. Thank you for your generosity in this.

        I’m delighted to see that this blog is still live and you are responding regularly :-). I’ve read your very thorough interpretation of dreams, and am reminded of a dream I had close to a decade ago…one of those which is so vivid it never leaves you… I was hoping you might offer your thoughts…

        In the dream I was sitting in circle of good women… friends in a spiritual development type group… the dream situation very closely approximated actual events in my life at the time.

        Whilst sitting in circle, the women were talking quietly when a movement caught my eye. I saw a small bird flitter across the room. The other woman may have noticed, but went on chatting…

        I became fixated on the bird. I wondered why it kept darting around, without landing, even though it obviously becoming exhausted. Then I saw a cat, and I knew it was quite clearly aiming to have little blue bird for dinner… I could almost hear/feel it licking its lips, and could also feel the absolute panic in the little bird’s heartbeat.

        My hand was in my lap and I consciously held it a little further out in a cupped-but-welcoming posture and willed the little bird to land there so I could keep it safe. “I’ll take care of you”, I promised the little bird psychically.

        For what seemed an interminable length of time, the little bird kept flying around, watching the cat, and I kept willing it to let me help it. When its energy was almost spent, the little bird took one final look at me, as if sizing me up, and gently flew into my hand. I immediately cupped my hand very gently around it, and whispered to it that it would be safe. I could feel its heart pounding, and simply held it where it could rest for a while.

        The women were still in circle, and hadn’t really seen what was happening… and all the while my heart was filled with joy, at the knowledge that the little bird was safe, and also at the knowledge that this tiny creature had placed its faith in me.

        The cat looked at me… I held the bird. The cat looked at me… I held the bird. Finally, with an accusing and disappointed look, the cat simply switched its tail and walked out. The little bird was aware of the cat’s departure. It peered out from the safety of my cupped hand and double-checked it was safe and then it flew away.

        I was so happy with what had happened. I felt truly honoured that the little bird had landed on me. When I had telepathically farewelled the little bird, I looked down at my hand. On the palm of my hand I saw what looked like beautiful azure/chrysocolla blue powdery glitter… When I looked more carefully, I saw that on my palm was a carpet of tiny scales, such as you’d find on a butterfly’s wings. As I’d been stroking the little bird to reassure it, my hand had brushed the scales and these remained with me…

        And… that is the dream…. ๐Ÿ™‚ (now I will send you your PM about your comp prize :-))

      • Hi shewhoflutesincaves!
        What a nice name you chose here!
        – Although I also like the L. one โ™ฅ
        Thanks for your trust and sharing your dream!
        Just reading through it, a few thoughts are forming and I will PM you with them!

  24. Interestingโ€ฆ

    Thank you so much for taking the time to look at that dream for meโ€ฆ there are definitely aspects that I can look at again with new eyes just to try to see things differently, or the same way, whatever eventuatesโ€ฆ

    Many Blessings to you, Mi-Shellโ€ฆ

  25. Oh, and upon further reflection, I realised that I didn’t take myself back a full 10 years to the time that dream was originally dreamed… NOW I feel perfectly content in my own company, or with occasional small groups of dear crafting friends, or large groups of choir-ing friends… Back then, perhaps I did need the approval of others, which the dream may have, as you suspected, referred to… I still feel that the main message was about the bird trusting me, but then i head off in the direction of me being the little bird… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you…

    • YES!! you dreamed it 10 years ago, so it pertains to who you were back then!!
      So what I wrote about it also pertains to “younger You” Now of course you have grown!

  26. Yes, wise Mi-Shell… ๐Ÿ™‚ I THOUGHT I had, but that was me now attempting to take me back there, instead of me then…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have another dream, but it is sooooo long… I wrote a poem about it, it was so vivid, and then showed that poem to a person of some shamanic wisdom, just a week later… he understood it was very deep, but neither of us knew what changes it heralded… amazing!!! Blessings to you, Mi-Shell ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hello to you Mi-Shell. I stumbled across your blog in a search for some other information seeking that now escapes me. I am interested in your blog and your path.

    Some years ago I meditated for hours at times until my life became odd…things like leaving my body and seeking objects that I could not touch. I remember vividly JUMPING out of myself in such a rush of heat and fire that I thought Iโ€™d had a stroke. I am wary of that feeling as it appeared to happen under its own power and was hard for me to return

    I remember gaining insight into things I did not understand at the time and the many deeply coloured and mystical dreams that kept me travelling to places that I do not think exist here. I am a prolific reader and I have since decided that the flights of fancy and creation were just spren of other peoples ideas. Despite rational about the meditation being a pathway I stopped. I have recently after a hiatus of some 6 years began to meditate once again. I am gaining the awareness that I need to go back to those places to find my balance and journey markers.

    I would like to know if you are aware of any groups in our area that explore meditation on deeper levels than most. I have a keen interest in shamanic practices of all types and causes.

    Further to this I would like to speak with you in person at some point in the near future and would like to know if you are doing drum or circle talks that are a drop in style?

    Thank you for all the energy you put into this WordPress speak-easy. I will enjoy exploring it further


  28. Hi Andy!
    good to hear from you!
    i have the feeling, that the “experiences” that you had while meditating were related to rising of the kundalini Energy and also to opening of chakras.
    that in itself would show, that you were on the right path. Sure, these sensations are different for each of us and – often disturbing.
    now, to find ut, where “in our area” you live and where, when we could have a talk, you better send me an e- mail at
    Blessings to you!

  29. Hi Mi-shell!
    I wrote to you in February 2013 and you advised me to wait a year for some healing. I wanted to touch bases with you because I followed your advise. I didn’t realize it when I enrolled in a shamanic course in February of 2014 until the class began in March but it had been a year. I let things take their natural course and I let myself rest. I wanted to let you know what became of your advise and to thank you;)

  30. Hi Linda! Great to her back from you! sometimes thime is the best healer because the pain and trouble we are going through is “growing pains” and without these tough lessons we would stagnate on our Soul growth path. It is rough, when we are in the midst of such a time, and perspective often only comes after we got to the next level….
    You survived a big ordeal and I hope you are feeling better now, health wise and spiritually. If you want to talk more privately you can “facebook” me a private message or send an e- mail:
    Then we can talk in more detail…..
    Blessings to you and all your loved ones!

  31. Mi-shell, your blog is extremely interesting. I had an experience in which I felt “called” to go into a meditative state and several beings (some animals and some deities from different cultures) flew into (jumped into?) the energy centers in my body. I have never seen such detail. One was an owl that flew into my heart. Later I looked at owl pictures on the internet until I saw markings that matched the owl in my vision/ experience so that I could identify what type it was. I had strange bodily sensations of itching and soreness at the different chakras and spent 24 hrs. visiting the bathroom with an upset stomach. I struggled to get balanced and back to everyday reality. I would like to e-mail you more about this experience and perhaps get some mentoring.

    I am also very curious about your teaching at Pow Wows and participating in longhouse gatherings. How did you become part of one of the First Nations when you are Siberian and Gypsy? That would be an interesting entry to read on your blog.

    • Hi Carrie! Thank you for sharing your profound experiences here! could it maybe bee, that you had an abrupt opening of your 3rd and 4th chakra during this episodes? these events are sometimes going along with “powerful cleansing of the surrounding organs….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      To your question: when we moved here and I started to work in a shamanic way and also teach, word travelled quickly. Before we lived close to Curve lake Res and we had friends there, so we of course stayed in touch and saw each other at the Pow Wows. Then more and more requests for healing sessions came and the word of mouth travelled…. Then I was asked to teach at a Pow Wow, next year I helped organize it, then the Truth and Reconciliation Commission needed knowledgeable volunteers that bring events into communities and I was asked again. I had very stable contacts to the Anishenaabe AND the Mohawk People and that was important. These are completely different cultures and at times due to land disputes “a little at ods” That there are a crazzzzy multitude of christian churches competing for “souls” on the reservations and that there are political fractions makes it “quite a delicate dance” But over the years I learned the steps…..

      When we just moved here, Clan Mothers from Wahta approached me, iffff I would donate some money towards the shamanic education of a wonderful warm and sincere man, that wanted to bring back the Longhouse Traditions to Wahta.I remember it well, as they sat on our dining room table, telling moving stories about a man called”The Peace maker, Handsome Lake, that was the first Mohawk Faithkeeper waaaay back in the olden times, They spoke of a giant Pine Tree beneath which the war hatchets were buried, never to be retrieved and they told of the circle of Roya’ane’ that protect that Tree……
      We did not have much back then, but we gave them all of the money we made on that day at the Market.
      When their trusted candidate was ready to step into the role of Sachem, we were invited to come to the Longhouse…..
      Since then we made friends with many of the “People of the Longhouse, helped out, when a Longouse was build in Wahta and whenever we can. I did several healings, when members were sick and it was well received by the People and by the ancient Haudenosaunee Spirits we called to attend….
      I always point out, that I am NOT Native American, but from Siberia. We also hold sacred the Mother Earth, Father Sky and the 4 directions and many of our legends are similar…..
      I should write a post about that!
      It is also something, I teach in schools: The spiritual meaning of Bear and Wolf and Deer in / for the DIFFERENT Native American Nations, but also the meaning these Animals have for the tribes in Siberia, and for the Vikings and the ancient Celtic tribes in central Europe….. I also explain the metaphors behind the convoluted legends and talk about modern Pan Indianism…….
      I hope, that answers some of your questions.

  32. You should write a post about some of the similarities between Siberian practice and First Nations ceremonies and legends. I would love to read it. I’m sure many others would as well.

  33. Yes!! Right now I am trying to put all the facts and all my feeeeelings about the many Spirit Boats in rock art together and … I am a bit bogged down…. This is a big and emotionally loaded subject for me! Thank you for the encouragement!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Mi-Shell

  34. I hope you do find the energy to describe the similarities between your Siberian ceremonial custom and those of Native American origin. I love treading everything that you post with regards to the wisdom or ceremony of either of these peoples.

    Being quite disassociated from my own ancestry, and being enamoured with many Earth honouring cultures, I find it all truly fascinating. Thank you for all that you do, Mi-Shell (((((((hug)))))))

  35. Hello , I’ve came here while looking for books on shamanism – I love the list you have posted , can’t wait to read them . I wonder how much an average person can learn from shamanism to use it in daily life , just even to improve owns life and to heal . If contact with shamans is necessary how does one go about it ? Thank you in advance:)

    • Hi there!
      Nice to meet you here on the blog!
      When you start to read, to learn about the ways of shamans from different cultures you will grow! You will get sensitised to the Living Earth and all the Beings who exist upon Her. This is the first and very exiting step.
      Ask questions!
      Some things will feel good, true and RIGHT for you, some may not. That is OK.
      Find out your affinity to a specific Animal or Plant.
      Which ones are your favourites right now.
      ask to receive a dream about one of them….. That would then become your “gate keeper, the first one you learn about and then that may open up the way to find your inner Medicine Guide……
      If you seek out a shamanic practitioner that teaches in your area, watch out, that this person is not “running a business” = is into shamanism to make money or gain prestige. True Medicine People teach for free and from the heart.
      Blessings to you!

  36. As you do, Mi-Shell ๐Ÿ™‚ Teach from the heart. I am always so delighted to see yet another sharing from you. You offer your knowledge and experience so generously… I am very grateful that you are in the world to gently share and mentor those who wish to understand and learn more.

    Speaking of understanding… I have a dream, also from long ago, but this one was different… part of it, the eyes, I actually met a week later, and the dream became true… I’d love to share it with you, just to hear your feedback on it… it was very powerful for me and was part of the lead up to quite amazing Life changes for me.

    I still have your email address from a long time ago, and wonder if I can send it to you there, or whether it is best to PM you?

    Thank you, friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Many Blessings.

  37. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a long one… It will take me a while to write it down along with a copy of the poem, but the two go together… thank you for looking at it for me… Of all the ‘real’, lucid dreams I’ve had, this one is the one that came totally alive for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I will send off an email to you soon. Many Blessings, wonderful Mi-Shell ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Please tell me whether it is possible to order just such a bag with you Shaman’s Owl Medicine PouchSnowshoe hare fur, Owl feathers, bone

    Shamanโ€™s Owl Medicine Pouch, Snowshoe Hare fur, Owl feathers, bone
    26 cm X 18 cm?

    • Hi Anna!
      How rewarding to see, that you are interested in my work! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes, I could make such a medicine Pouch for you and send it.
      For the discussion of all the details please e mail me at
      then we can talk about what furs I have right now and sizes and so on….
      Thank you for your trust!

  39. Hello Mi-Shell, your Ancestors and the traditions and knowledge they convey upon you are deserving of great respect. May I ask your interpretation of worked ancient stones that lean towards either Totem (clan identification) stones or perhaps Wakan stones? I have examined and found more than 6 of these, 3 in red jasper, one in quartz, one in orthoclase (potassium feldspar) and the best one to modern eyes is in basalt. They are a little bigger than a large man’s thumb with the owl’s petaloid eyes at the top, and the tail generally swooping down to the right. In facing the image of the owl, occasionally with only one eye open ( the left eye), there is a hummingbird down the right side with its head just under the owl’s neck or wing facing right and the long beak of comes around the right side to the back and down. Of the six stones, two of them also have a crow’s head. Could these be clan identity stones or do you think more Wakan (spirit) stones? Also, in looking at the Owl petroglyphs from Tom River, your Great Grandmother Ulali and that image of her is very similar to ancient hummingbird icons I have seen. Could the Shaman and the hummingbird be related in time? Many Thanks to You and your Ancestors, Scott

    • Hi Scott! The stones you are describing sounds amazing! I only know, that people at times also call them “Wotai stones”
      There also is a legend, that some of them were gisard (crop) stones of Thunderbirds and that the Wakinyan spit them out, so that a Medicine Person can find them. They aid in “sitting” = meditation and will speak to the finder = he/ she can see all kinds of different Critter Spirits in them…. “Wakan” is the Lakota word for sacred/ holy and so that means sacred stones. Neither Owl nor Hummingbird are Clan Totem animals in North America, although they are both important Animal Spirits.
      I think there are several South American clans, that have Hummingbird moieties and many Querro and other Peruvian Medicine People have Hummingbird Guides……
      In Siberia we do not have Hummingbirds, but the Owl as a shamanic guide is more important then the Eagleand so are Owl feathers. Owl stays through the winter. Eagles go south and so are not there for the people, other than the Eagles we keep as hunting Birds up to their 12 year of life after which we let them go free to mate and raise young. We only ever gather the “runt of the litter = the 3rd Eaglet, the “spare”, that would be thrown from the nest by its older stronger siblings… That is the one we take, raise and train…..

  40. As everything I find online, I stumbled upon your site as I was looking for information on a bag I found. Looking at your work it may be a medicine bag. I’ve always been in admiration of Shamans as in my younger years I used to heal others with energy. As for the bag, it has some fur on it but I cant identify it, its gray-ish and very soft. It has no markings, only some beads at the end of the cords, turquoise and white. The fur covers the front of it. I wish to know so much more. I will continu to read and search on your site as I find it soooo interesting. I’ve always wanted to know more about all this but the shame of my ancestors was too big. Altho, in summer, many think I am of your culture haha which is the best compliment I ever got. Is there anywhere I can go or see to get more exemples of medicine bags?? Thank you so much for taking the time to read me.

    • Hi Jennifer!
      That bag sounds like a very interesting find! maybe you could share a picture – on a site like “photobucket” from where you could link it to here – Or send it via e- mail to Then hopefully I can help you with identifying the fur.
      Also Never feel shame about your Ancestors!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Never mind what they did or did not do or for what they were stigmatized……
      You live HERE, NOW and you are adapting and learning a new way to be and a new way to think and act! ๐Ÿ™‚
      If you feel you can share about your Ancestors here or via private e-mail please do and I can see, if I can help you find peace with unsolved issues. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Blessings to you!

  41. Mi-Shell, thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge in my question to the Owl and Hummingbird pendants I find here in Minnesota, you have helped me to connect and learn other wonderful insights and thoughts concerning the Original Pioneers of Turtle Island. To follow up on the pendants, in case it helps anyone learn, it is looking as if they are part of the Mississippian culture, and appear to possibly denote a specific worker status or station in the manufacturing of trade items in large communities. Others are finding them from Wisconsin to Ohio and the stones have common elements of artistic zoomorphic points of reference to where they can blindly and accurately be described point for point without one person having ever seen the other’s pendant. It is a very cool line of research, another which reinforces that your forefathers were of a culture far superior and much more advanced than modern academia can digest. If the Original Settlers of Turtle Island had had a natural immunity and an ear for culture based deception, I believe Egyptian and European culture would pale in comparison to the amazement found in today’s historical record. We shall continue to learn thanks in part to you Mi-Shell, and Thank You for all your help given to me personally, and, I can not express the gratitude felt concerning all the time and energy you give in all that you do, it is with a great respect that gratitude is conveyed. Scott

    • Oh! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hi again, Scott!
      I am glad, that what I wrote makes sense to you!
      It sounds so very interesting, that the Earth Mother now releases these auspicious pendant stones to be found in your area! We have several books on the Mississippian culture and years ago, when travelling through the area, we visited several preserved sites. Reading your notes made me pull out the books again and wonder, what new insights have been found in the meantime….
      Take care!

  42. What a wonderful ongoing series of questions and responses, Mi-Shell and everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    Scott, your stones sound absolutely amazing… ๐Ÿ™‚ I find stone friends often, but even though they do offer up stories through curious and beautiful markings, I’ve yet to be gifted an animal stone… I think I need to stop actively seeking and simply accept with joy and gratitude if/when some such stone does make its way to me. And, I am completely in agreement with you re Mi-Shell’s heartfelt sharing. We are blessed to be in the company of a true teacher and Medicine Woman.

    I love your sharing of the story behind gisard stones of the Thunderbirds, Mi-Shell, and of how the Wakinyan spit them out, so that a Medicine Person can find them. I think I have been gifted a Wakan Stone, once, which is very dear to me and has become part of my Medicine Bundle. My husband and I were on the Rim of the Grand Canyon… we’d taken in the awe-inspiring grandeur of the topography, and the beauty of the colours, so we chose to walk off into the forest on the other side of the road, searching for an Indian Village ruins. I had been moved by the beauty of the Canyon, but what happened at the site of the ruins was unexpected. There were just some stones of the ground in an organised shape… the remnant of a room here, an adjoining room… My heart just disappeared into that pattern on the ground… I looked, and tried to understand what each room had been for… who had been there… what had happened… At a particular point, it felt like I was trying to remember, rather than understand, and tears welled up in me and my heart was overwhelmed with a deep melancholy, bitter sweet… I had to retreat into the lightly wooded forest, and sat down on the dry, bare earth. A tiny purple flower was right beside me, and I felt comfort in its presence. And then I stood, and moved around a bit, but felt compelled to go and sit on a nearby rock, and while I sat there, my eye caught sight of a tiny stone (made of the local rock, but with a little bubble-shaped crystal of quartz emerging from it). The stone was a perfect heart shape, and i felt like I’d been recognised, and given a blessing and a hug. I love that little stone ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the question of Medicine Pouches, Mi-Shell, have any of yours ever made it through Australian Customs?

    Blessings to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

    And thank you again, wonderful Mi-Shell ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxxxx

    • Oh:) another nice stone story!
      Medicine pouches:
      I do have several people in Australia,that are interested but sending something over there is tricky, because of the feathers and the fur and the Aussy laws against importing any Animal parts.

  43. I would like to use the picture of crowded Kathmandu in my book about my work in Nepal for the last 30 years with the Nepal Youth Foundation. Do I have permission to use it? Olga Murray

    • Hi Olga!
      Yes, sure! But please give credit for the picture to my husband, Peter Jessen. The picture was taken in October 2013
      Good luck with the book!
      Let us know, when it comes out, so we can get a copy!
      Mi-Shell Jessen

  44. Mi-Shell, if you would be so kind as to let me pass a word to Shewhoflutesincaves, I believe you are right, do not actively look, just go out to a natural area with stones, sit down, eat a sandwich, and while relaxing and enjoying the wind, let your eyes wander around taking a moment or two to look at each stone’s shape, color, size, etc without picking anything up, or trying to be specific about anything, and when you are done with your sandwich, find a stone in whatever shape that the mind finds as the most curious. I would not even check it out to see if it is the one. Clean it when you get home and set it where you can see it at various times of the day. It may take a few days, but the stone will show you it curiosity….and your heart will leap the first time, and every time it happens. It is very cool and usually happens after you forget to look for it. Mi-Shell, if I overstepped here, no qualms if you do not let this post. Enjoy the day all! Scott

  45. Oops, my bad… I’m more used to forums where it is a free-for-all, so I didn’t even think of asking before I posted … My humble apologies.

    Thank you, Mi-Shell, for your generosity not only in sharing of knowledge but also in sharing the space ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

    Hello Scott, thank you for your response ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve done much of what you’ve suggested on my wanderings ๐Ÿ™‚ I often sit on a river bank after a flood, or at the shoreline of my favourite beaches… Sometimes I actively and purposefully search, and there are beautiful stones, but I do feel that if it is a truly sacred stone that I’m seeking, I more often do the glazed over unfocused eye resting over the riverbank thing, trusting that Spirit will assist. But the way you explain studying the stone after taking it home, in all lights at all times of day until it reveals itself, that’s lovely! I will do my best to remember that process. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, Mi-Shell, thank you for your reply re the Medicine pouches. I understand completely why our Customs people don’t let feathers and things through, because it has served to keep various diseases out of the country, but I love your pouches… I’m very excited that I’m heading into the heart of this continent soon to sing with several dozen people, and I keep getting a feeling that something beautiful will accompany me home. If it is simply a new friendship, that will be delicious and wonderful, too, but I’m feeling as though some Medicine item wants to meet me in the Desert. ๐Ÿ™‚ If such a thing happens, I can feel a pouch of my own making coming on ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Mi-Shell you do beautiful work, I have to ask? Is the pictured lovely Raven Fan for sale, I’ve been searching high and low for as nice one as that, as my animal spirits are of Raven and Wolf.

    • Hi Richard! Yes, the Raven Fan was for sale and has long since moved to its new owner. Currently I have quite a few Raven feathers to make another one for you, as well as several Hawk wings, that I will be making into fans. Where do you live?
      It is difficult, to send artwork like this across borders, that is, why I ask….
      Blessings to you!

  47. Hi Mi-Shell,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for the information you have provided. I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on blessing drums. I recently bought a Remo drum (I have always been interested in Shamanism but lately it has grown stronger). I would like to do a blessing before I start using it.

    Any information provided would be appreciated.

    Much love and blessings,

    • Hi Sharmila!
      Yes, the Blessing of a new drum is a very beautiful ceremony ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course it is dome differently in different cultures. Most honour the “birthing of the drum” as a living Being right after it is finished and when the skin is still wet and then again, BEFORE it is ever played for the first time.
      If you have a Remo drum its components are synthetic, so it is important to address and honour the Ancients = the Plants and Beings that lived aeons ago, then deep in the Earth became oil, that was then used to create the materials for the drum.
      So maybe use some fresh plants, natural Plant oils and maybe find a small fossil as a guardian rock that is tied into the cordage……
      Smudge the drum with dried Plants and resins and offer it a chant……
      Use your intuition…..

      • Hi Mi-Shell!

        Thank you for your response. I know this is a bit late but I only just read your message. I did bless it my smudging so thank you.

        Much love and blessings to you.


  48. hi, just wonder if you have any reference for the fox is seen as the guard of the eastern door in Siberia?? I’m current’y doing some research on foxes in the arctic region. Thank you!

    • Hi Xuelei!
      My first and most sincere and important reference are my father and my aunties, who in turn learned from their mother, Anjani who in turn was instructed by her mother, Ulali and to some extend her brothers and all the other Clan members.
      Now: Not everyone in Siberia has the very same belief system, lore, legends and traditions. I have NO idea, how the Evenks or the Shor or the Udega see Fox and would have to look in the files of Russian anthropologists. If you speak Russian and read Cyrillic, that is easily done. Then of course, The White = Arctic Fox may very well be seen differently than the Red Fox. Red Foxes prey on Arctic Foxes…..
      Good luck on your research and let us know here, what you find out!
      ๐Ÿ™‚ Mi-Shell

  49. Hi…I don’t even know how to ask what I need to ask, and I don’t know much about Shamans or have had any experience in regards to this sort of spiritual healing, but I am looking to heal. I’m looking for someone to help me heal, so I guess my question is how I can get in touch with you and ask a private question. Would you let me know please? Thank you.

  50. Blessing Mi-Shell what a wonderful site I have a question on drying bird wings I have never done it before and found a beautiful kookaburra on side of the rd and I took his stunning wings and then buried him with honour and thanks . I have made a mix of salt and borax 50/50 with herbs and submerged most of the wings under it, tip feathers sticking out was told to leave it for 3-4 weeks ,its in a box outside (we are in winter at the moment) Im worried that the mix may damage the feathers.could you please advise me best way I could do in this climate Im also not in my own home at the moment so I only have a balcony .
    I did read your section on the wings but Im not fully understanding how they are drying
    much love

    • Sweet Blessings to you, Genevieve!
      I am not sooooo very sure, that the borax thing was the right thing to do – but I am VERY interesting as to how you are making out with that. Here is a whooooool loooooong post with how I dry and prepare wild Bird Feathers and wings in order to make smudge fans and other Medicine Pieces:
      Good luck and PLEASE, let us all know, how you are getting along, from your experience others readers of this blog can learn!

  51. thankYOU so much will keep you updated. thanks for the post ๐Ÿ™‚ do you think the borax may damage the beautiful wing feathers ?

  52. Hello Mi-Shell,

    My name is Alice. I am in Tasmania, Australia. At midwinter I found a black swan ( deep intuitiion, grace, majesty dreaming) by the roadside and have successfully dried both the feet and the wings ( in a fanned position). They are quite large wings and I have been wondering how to craft them. I am a sacred bodywork practitioner and when I saw your mention of smudging your clients with a wing wand I felt a “yes” in me to that. I was wondering could you please direct me to resources on how to make/ attatch a wooden handle, and any other ideas you have for large wings.

    Blessings to you,

    • Hi Alice,
      Hte best way to apply a handle to such a wing is either to find or craft a suitable branch , drill a hole/slit into the top and glue the wing into that with a two component glue.
      You could also try and find in a garden store/ dollar store a piece of bambus that you cut to size and due to be hollow and saw a suitable slit into the top.
      Another weird idea what some of my students had done is take the inner most cardboard part of a roll of ceran wrap and use that instead of bambus or a branch, you may have to add some fillers into the cardboard tube but you can also take a small container with beads and use the handle as a rattle as well.
      I hope that gives you enough crazy ideas to start with that project.
      Of course dressing up the handle , making it pretty or even put one foot of the bird at the other end is up to you.
      Blessings Mi-Shell

  53. Ultra Strong female Bear Spirit with me since 1992 spring. Really hard to handle at times. Need a tip or two to focus this tremendous bear energy for creating good in Cosmos. Painting bears helps me. Feeling other deep powerful energies obtained since my youth are clashing heavily with bear. Would deer clothing help, sage, please help an Ambassador to complete his diplomatic Cosmic assignment. My Great Celtic Ancestors, my Native American Friends, and my Guides are at my side with full and complete Protection given by the grace of my Great Creator. Thank you with great many blessings of peace, joy, love and hope.

  54. Hello there, I am writing to ask if your Merlin Wing Smudging fan is for sale? If it is, can you tell me how much you would like for it? It looks very special.

    • Hi there! Yes, it would be for sale = $ 120.00 Canadian plus shipping.
      Where do you live?
      I am asking, because I can not ship any Bird feathers outside of Canada.
      They would end in customs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Thank you for your interest. You can also reach me via message on facebook
      or on e- mail =

  55. Hello Mi-Shell. I am so soo happy I found your website, its brilliant, you are wonderful. I have been in search for a shaman healer and I live in proximity to Southern Ontario:) Do you ever …. have people come see you?

  56. Hi THere, I actually Got a Nepali Drum the same style as yours. It was given to me as a present and I feel so connected to it. It is definitely an authentic hand made drum with beater to accompany it. By what I know from the person it was given to me from the story of the drum (can’t remeber the exact words) but they said it was “retired” and was given to be shared and find a new owner to relive again. In my quest to know more about my drum I ran into your site and am really enjoying reading it! This blog posting was my first introduction into your site… I continue to deepen my relationship with my drum and want to thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    I do have a question. I was wondering if you knew anything about the drum having something in it that allows it to rattle if it’s shaken. It is just like a single marble sound inside. Do you happen to know what that could be or how it is used during drumming? I’ve had my drum for a while and I love the beauty and the energy of the drum. It has such a beautiful sound. Though the mystery of the rattle is a little puzzling though I know it’s my perfect drum for me. Can you offer any guidance on the use of the “rattle” function?


    • Inside the drum is a small crystal that is to b understood as the heart of the drum. It moving around makes the drum alive in the eyes of the Nepali is not supposed to be used as a rattle, that would be abuse of the drum’s heart.
      Blessings to you!

  57. Mi-Shell, Hello. We met at the Owl Talk presented in Allegheny State Park on the most wondrous 14th of October, 2017. Your owl shirt, at first drew me in. Your owl pin and earrings told the same consistent story. What followed was my intrigue and my line of questioning as to who you were, as I knew we were to meet. I do not believe in coincidences when it comes to a higher order of all that is good. Your life is fascinating to me as your pages unfold. I am now a committed follower of your blog. Coincidently, this stage of my life has found me to begin writing a nonfiction of biographies of women I know who have won my admiration, respect, who are strong and inspirational, and who continue to overcome adversities. It is not for me to say if I am worthy to tell your story, though I am compelled. I will become a learned student however, not so much of shamanism, of which I have had an interest since first reading about the practice as a young lad, nor of psychology, though all of my electives throughout a business degree were just that, but as a student wanting to know the teacher before me (for which a Masters of Science of Leadership did little to prepare me). I ask myself, who is this genuine, competent, confident, richly diverse, beautiful person, and is this just a chance meeting, or something more? I look forward to whatever unfolds.

    • Hi Gary! Thank you for your lovely words and for our interesting conversation during the Owl Talk.
      after 45 days “down south” we are now back home in the snow and cold…..
      You can connect with me here on the blog, but also via e-mail =
      We do check e-mail several times a day, but otherwise are not tooo much into social media – other than my facebook page…..
      Blessings to you!

  58. Mi-Shell, it has been awhile since we spoke of our introduction to one another, more fortuitous for me I suppose, at Allegheny State Park for the owl discussion put on by the NYS Parks Department employees. We have since spoke of the beaver as well. I may have mentioned a newer project I currently have underway as well? It will be a non-fiction book of biographical sketches of successful, inspiring women who have overcome adversities. Each chapter will be introducing a new person of interest. To better cast a wider net for diversity’s sake, I would love to have a discussion with you to see of your interest. I believe Mi-Shell that many today lack empowerment, lack a true sense of self esteem and following their compass, and lack the knowledge of a rich history into their ancestry that helps one to center one’s self. You possess all of that and more. You are a magnificent human being, and have a compelling story that I am hoping you could learn to trust me to be the conduit of your story. Women of all ages are expected to be the audience as I hope to publish the finished work. Please let me know of any interest. Currently, I have nine great women from different walks of life who have embraced this exciting project. I can be reached at Peace and thank you for your consideration. – Gary Willert

  59. Dear Mi-Shell

    05 January 2019 –

    After a long โ€œillnessโ€ – from the end of August 2018 to January 2019.

    I felt disjointed and uprooted to the Gaia & the Universe : I thought I was going mad.

    Symptoms :
    It started off with severe leg cramps in the evening & night time. I didnโ€™t sleep for six weeks . . .

    And then moved it to my belly and with weakness of my legs. I could barely walk up to the stairs . . .

    And I lost my appetite for food. I grew constipated for weeks. I couldnโ€™t chew my food because of the gag reflex and lost about 18 pounds . . .

    And then to treat my back I bought a heat pad to ease pain back cramps. I drowsed off and then I awoken to discover 2nd degree + burns to my lower belly . . .

    (I sought out a doctor but he told upon testing my blood & other tests there was nothing wrong with me. Except for the obvious thing of my burns . . .)


    Then, the end of December, I had vivid dream of a deer – a doe – of was licking from end to end. It felt blessed good and the pain subsided for my burns and the muscle cramps and slept at last . . .

    The deer vision stayed with my day & night.
    And I started to healing . . .


    Then I had a second dream of the woman deer.

    Was I by a wilderness river and the deer was with me. I rested my right hand on deerโ€™s shoulder for balance and in left hand was a wooden staff. We walked for long time.

    Then we turned off to a uphill creek. We went a ways. Then a waterfall blocked the way because of the rock face but there was a cave behind the waterfall and we went through the waterfall and proceeded to walk the cave.

    We went this way for a long time but the cave was timeless. A sort of light was present like a dim moonlight . . . the โ€œcreekโ€ was our guide.

    Then a much bigger cavern & a pool & a beach of grey sand. We stopped there but the cave was ongoing . . .

    I met my the dead Father on the beach. I kissed him on the forehead and told him to I was alright and him loved. Then I told him to sleep for the ages instead of lying awake . . .

    Then I met my the dead Mother. I rested my Mother on my chest and hugged Mother. No words were necessary for my mutual love . . . she always told me that Motherโ€™s recarnation would be a Raven in the Grand Canyon . . . and that she could always find on air of the Grand Canyon.

    The woman deer was with at my side. And the deer spoke – I heard the words in inside but not โ€œspokenโ€ –

    โ€œ You are Red Deer lineage from my Mother. I will always be at your side.โ€


    Then we retraced our steps and came into daylight & the river.

    – End of the Story –


    I am 68 years of age and of North European although I grew up to North America.

    I believe is shamanistic but I – not confused – seeking guidance . . .

    Perhaps you can help me.


    • Dear John!
      That sure were very Powerful and healing dreams!
      I agree, they are shamanic in nature, also leading you to know your Animal Guardian, probably revealing to you your ancient Clan lineage with the Red Deer clans of Europe.
      It would be nice, if you could, in honour of the Red Deer Spirit, that helped you and thereby revealed herself to you, have a little feast- just simple, for family and or trusted friends,put out some hay for the Deer where you live right now – in the woods or pasture or…. They are the physical representations of the Spirit . You also could make a visit to a local zoo/ Animal park and give a donation for their Deer – — alllll the way to adopting one of these animals, take care of its upkeep – iffff such a program is available. You could of course also do some clean-up or help out at the local forest…. Just a few crazzzzzzy suggestions….. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I do hope you are feeling better now, physically. what you are describing here, the symptoms you had, sound quite like “restless leg syndrome and or another Calcium deficiency. Nasty about these is, that they often are all well and OK in the first half of the day and rear their ugly head in the late afternoon with pain and cramps and….. That also is, that the blood tests may not reveal them, as in the morning they blood Ca is OK but drops sharply, when in later afternoon in a human Being the natural cortisol level is dropping – and the pain comes out.
      Many of my clients had these symptoms, because they are on Proton Pump Inhibitors due to acid reflux.
      for all it’s worth, you could maybe check into that.
      If you want to continue to talk, we could do this here or – more private for you – via my e-mail =
      I am very honoured, that you trusted me with your story and will gladly help / discuss this further.
      Free, of course! โ™ฅ
      Blessings to you! Mi-Shell

  60. Hello,
    I hope all is well with you. Thank you for sharing your life and passions and purpose with us all. It is a beautiful contribution.
    I am posting in regards to preserving bird wings. I have two wings I wish to preserve. I had had them frozen as it was too hot here in Cali to put them out in my garage during summer. Then the holidaze came and went and I need to get these complete to honor my word. Its cold enough now so I can get to work. I have read many different things online, borax, salt, submerging in salt water and vinegar…. I was wondering what you used in the method you have in your article? I have a styrofoam box similar to yours but was’t sure what you used on the wings, or if you used anything other than time.
    Thank you so much for your generous support.

    • Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Great to hear, that there is another person saving beautiful wings.
      first I put them into the freezer, to kill anything that is in there… Then I dip the bone/ fleshy tips into some borax – maybe 15 min…. and let that dry. do not use salt, as that will always attract moisture and also salt loving creatures…..
      Then I stretch them out on Styrofoam, using needles/ safety pins etc.
      Then it is a waiting game for at least 2-3 months in dry conditions to let them dry out and stiffen completely. Then I dip the bony tip- cut point in resin and hardener, so that no bugs can get into it. when that is dry I fashion a handle.
      Good luck with it all!
      Blessings to you and your work!

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