Midnight Snowshoe Hike

Full Moon night
Clear and crisp, -28 centigrade, no wind.
We are out snow shoeing on the frozen marsh in ~~40 cm = foot and 1/2 of fresh snow.
Early this morning my husband had walked a 9 circuit labyrinth into the fresh powder, but while we were going about our day “someone” came up from the Beaver dam and walked right up to the edge of our labyrinth……
Who was that?

We want to find out. 
Fresh Wolf tracks! 
4 of them. 
For the most part the Wolves walk in each other’s paw prints, just here and there they fan out to check for Rabbits and Mice in the frozen tussocks.
We measure the step sequences and conclude that it must be at least 1 adult male, probably one female and 2 sub adults from this year’s litter.
As I look up towards the Beaver dam, there is movement among the long moon shadows of the Pine Trees. 
A lone Wolf steps out and briskly crosses the frozen pond.
We howl, but get no answer.
On our way back to the house we see the fresh tracks crossing ours just below our living room window……

Eagle Medicine Journal

I just finished this journal/ ring binder

Dedicated to Eagle Medicine.

It was an order by one of the readers here 🙂

It is Rabbit fur,Fox Fur, sued, a bone carving of Eagle, and another one of an Eagle feather down the side. Eagle Medicine JournalThe central Eagle is 625 Silver, Abalone shell , White Mussel shell and Black Coral inlay

The accompanying feathers are Hawk, Heron and Sea Gull, befitting for its future owner that lives near Long Island Sound 🙂

Eagle Medicine Journal 2